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Year of Horse (Chinee Zodiac) will soon come to an end and we begin to start with the Year of Goat in the 2015's. And that time, we were invited to try and taste their Set Menu which will be served during the Chinese New Year by Pearl Chinese Restaurant, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta.

Maybe usually at the time of Chinese New Year's Eve or at the time of the Chinese New Year, Chinese people usually hold a gathering and eating together with a large family. And now, I would like to share with you to celebrate dinner together with your families.

In here, authentic dishes are prepared by their master chef using traditional Cantonese methods and served in a contemporary setting with scenic Jakarta city views.

And before we start the dinner gathering event, we're allowed to look some hampers and Chinese Cakes (nian gao) shaped like Koi fish, specially made by this restaurant. And can also have order(s) and booked your favourite one!

Chinese Cake or more well-known as "Kue Keranjang/Dodol Cina", this is one of the typical cake or required in the Lunar New Year celebration. However, usually in some hotels, this Chinese Cake is presented in the form of Koi fish (which is said to bring luck and fortunes) :
1. Nian Gao Gold Traditional Fish Large (IDR 418.000)
2. Nian Gao Gold Coconut Fish Large (IDR 418.000)
3. Gold Bar (IDR 418.000)

1. Nian Gao Traditional Twin Small (DR 318.000)
2. Nian Gao Traditional Fish Large (IDR 358.000)
3. Nian Gao Coconut Fish Large (IDR 358.000)
4. Nian Gao Coconut Twin Small (IDR 318.000)

Other than that, this restaurant also provide hampers for Lunar New Year edition with some categories. For more details, please call the JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta directly (the phone number listed at the end of this post).

Chef Jhon Chu

This time, we felt very special because all of today's menu prepared by Chef John Chu, an Executive Chinese Chef at Pearl Restaurant. And before we started our dinner, he tells about the traditions of the Chinese when the Lunar New Year is coming, yeah it's Yee Sang, as one of the traditions from generation to generation.

Happiness Salmon Fish "Yee Sang"

Yee Sang is served as an appetizer to bring good luck for the New Year and is usually eaten on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year. Let's toss these Yee Sang for prosperity by welcoming the Lunar New Year! (age-old tradition in Chinese families).

Happiness Salmon Fish "Yee Sang"

Ingredients of Yee Sang include of thinly sliced fresh raw salmon (symbolises ‘an abundance of wealth and long life’), shredded white radish, shredded carrots, red pepper (capsicum), ginger, lime tree leaves, Chinese parsley, ground peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, Chinese shrimp crackers and five-spices powder.

Happiness Salmon Fish "Yee Sang"

And these Yee Sang are already complete with all of the ingredients and sauces. And Yee Sang are ready to be mixed and raised together.

Happiness Salmon Fish "Yee Sang"

In a tradition known as "lo hei" (Cantonese), families or friends gather around the table and toss the shredded ingredients into the air with chopsticks while saying auspicious wishes out loud to start of a prosperous New Year. It is believed that the higher you toss, the greater will be your fortunes! :)

Happiness Salmon Fish "Yee Sang"

See! Yee Sang looks very messy after we're mixing together. Although messy, we can feel the unity in this Lunar Day! And this is the time to taste and enjoy all the food that will be prepared by Chef Jhon Chu.

And on January 22, 2015 - We were given the opportunity to taste the first preview of "Wealth Set Menu", which is a set menu to welcome the Lunar New Year in 2015. So, here's the set menu! :)

Happiness Salmon Fish "Yee Sang"

Happiness Salmon Fish "Yee Sang", this is served as our appetizer. The menu is very refreshing, all flavours mixed perfectly. If I may say, this is the first time I tasted one of the traditions of the Chinese menu.

Braised Dry Scallop Soup with Swim Bladder and Crab Meat

And then we've a soup, maybe it looks alike an Asparagus Soup but it isn't! It is Braised Dry Scallop Soup with Swim Bladder and Crab Meat. I love the texture of swim bladder, more chewy jelly-like. Hehe.

Steamed Sea-Bass Fillet with Garlic and Superior Soy Sauce

Hmm, we also have fish! Say yes for Steamed Sea-Bass Fillet with Garlic and Superior Soy Sauce. Omagaah! This is so PERFECT, no words can describe! The fish was cooked perfectly, really smooth and its broth really good. MY FAVE!

Wok-Fried King Prawn with Ginger Spicy Sauce

Next, looks so tempting! It's time for Wok-Fried King Prawn with Ginger Spicy Sauce. In here, everything was really good! Don't worry, it's not too spicy - you can handle it! :)

Roasted Duck and Chicken Hongkong Style and Prawn Crackers

Then, the fifth course is calling! Presented to you, Roasted Duck and Chicken Hongkong Style and Prawn Crackers. I also love this menu, especially its crisp skin and was permeated with a good marinade. Maybe 3 slices aren't enough for me. Haha.

Braised Dried Oyster with "Fa Cai", "Taukan", mushroom and vegetable

And finally, we've something green and healthy! Hmm, it's Braised Dried Oyster with "Fa Cai" (also known as faat choy, black moss or hair weed), "Taukan" (wet bean curd sheets), mushroom and vegetables.

Fried Rice with Assorted Waxed Meat Wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Then something unique is presented to us! Fried Rice with Assorted Waxed Meat Wrapped in Lotus Leaf. may glance looks similar to rice dumplings, but its taste somewhat similar to the rice dumplings and you'll find some pieces of meat in it, quite tasty and delicious!

Assiette of Chinese Pastries

And before having the last, we tried to enjoy Assiette of Chinese Pastries, consist of nian gao with coconut, strawberry, chocolate and lotus paste pancake. Anyway, the yellow one is jelly and a greeting from Pearl Restaurant to their guest.

Rainbow Rice Dumpling with Ginger Soup

And finally the set menu is closed with Rainbow Rice Dumpling with Ginger Soup!

Alright, that's the latest set menu from Pearl Chinese Restaurant, JW Marriott Jakarta to welcome the Chinese New Year 2015. May this year filled of success, happiness and prosperity!


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