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Hello guys! Hmm, around two weeks ago, I was playing around Bintaro area. However, because I was hungry, I stopped by at Sate Khas Senayan which located close to Sector 7 (inline with Mini Stop/Optik Melawai/Monami Bakery). And it turns out, they also have a breakfast menu that can be eaten quickly and practically.

This may be an image that you can see when entering this restaurant. This image is very common for Sate Khas Senayan, maybe this is one characteristic of this restaurant, by using elements of Indonesian culture.

This was the situation when I visited this restaurant during the lunch time. The restaurant is full of visitors, because this restaurant is quite strategic and surrounded by several offices. So, some of them will get lunch here with their friends/partners.

This restaurant also provides an outdoor area, this may be referred also as a smoking area or for those of you who want to relax and be close to nature, hehe.

The photo above is also an outdoor area, which is located  nearer to the entrance. And here, they're using elements of classic wood impressed.

And when you enter this restaurant, you will find several large jars containing assorted crackers and a variety of snacks. Choose what you like! :)

And I also found a promo here! Buy 2 Get 1 every purchase  of Nasi Jenggo / Nasi Kucing. Pretty well! :)

And besides that, it turns out that they also have other interesting promos. It's enough to make me confused when want to order some foods here. HAHA!


Hmm, okay, now I started with Risoles (IDR 22.000) which is quite good and tasty. It's still warm inside, so lovely 'starter' haha! Oh ya, this is also quite filling!

Nasi Kucing

And I tried for Nasi Kucing (IDR 16.000), consist of sliced omelet, dried beef (such as shredded) and sliced potatoes balado. This is also served with spicy chili grind.

Nasi Jenggo

Next, Nasi Jenggo (IDR 18.000), consist of omelet slices, shredded chicken, fried anchovies and chilli. Anyway, I prefer to Nasi Jenggo than Nasi Kucing, idk why. Hehe.

Teh Poci

And here I also found  Tea Pot / Teh Poci (IDR 21.000), a tea brewed in a teapot, made of clay. This drink is also served with rock sugar and drink while still warm.

Nasi Goreng Kambing

Nasi Goreng Kambing (IDR 45.000), this isn't included in the breakfast menu. And because it looks so tempting, I finally ordered this, haha. When it served, immediately smell the fragrance and it also served with 2 skewers of goat meat.

Nasi Goreng Kambing

Oh yaa, if you don't like spicy, don't forget to tell the waiter there, because basically this fried rice is served with slices of spicy chili. Huh hah! :(

Oxtail Soup

Oxtail Soup (IDR 79.000), one menu that included in the breakfast menu. This portion seems big enough to serve as breakfast, haha. Hmm, but you can share with your friends if this portion was quite large for yourself.

Oxtail Soup

Look closer! The oxtail soup served with very tender meat and the broth is so tasty. In addition, the soup is also served with some slices of tomatoes and leeks, which adds fragrance of soup itself.

Avocado Juice

And lastly, I tasted for Avocado Juice (IDR 26.000), which is usually served with milk chocolate, but this time a little bit different. Avocado juice is served with a little of coffee and awesomely, it tastes good, I like it!

Anyway, for your information! The breakfast menu only available in several Sate Khas Senayan outlet, such as fX Sudirman, Citywalk Sudirman and Bintaro Sector 7 (near with Mini Stop) and starting at 08.00 until 10.30. So, be hurry and don't miss your breakfast!


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