Monday, January 5, 2015


Hoaaa! Maybe this sounds and looks pretty crazy, lots of restaurants and dessert place popping in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Honestly, I wasn't able to follow this 'incredible development', haha. GOSH! And this time, I found a new place again, it's WOOYOO ICE CREAM, which is located inline with ATEK.

WOOYOO Ice Cream is a dessert place that carries most of the ingredients directly from Korea. And just for your information, Wooyoo means milk in Korean. Moreover, now they only provide one flavor which is made from 100% pure milk, so creamy and milky but not too sweet.

And this is a quite bright place, quite spacious (because it has a fairly high ceiling) and other than that, this place also use wood element and black color that gives a distinct impression. Very suitable for relaxing in a moment with friends or family.

A simple-giant menu that you can find when you're around the cashier and sometimes too confuse to choose a flavour that you wanna order, haha! *so classic but true!*

Honey Chips

Honey Chips (IDR 38.000), this is a dessert that are hype in nowadays, namely using the honey comb. But IMHO, the honey comb is too small honey for one serving of ice cream and this menu is also too plain. What do you think?

Pop! Monster

Pop! Monster (IDR 35.000), when salty meet sweet and when popcorn meet ice cream! It's such a cute one and so catchy, but I think it's too plain, idk why. Hmm.

Gold Digger

Gold Digger (IDR 35.000) as my favourite one! Because of topped with crushed almond then I can find some gold when I dig deeper and deeper, yeah it's not gold in real but you'll find cornflakes there! HAHA *grin* One cup isn't enough for me! :)

Salty Choco

Salty Choco (IDR 35.000) served with 'can be said as cereals' and crunchy in every grain, then top with salty chocolate sauce, yumm!


Misugaru (IDR 35.000) for the last cup! Yeah, Korean cereals that made from korean rice, some kinds of nut, etc and served with their original soft ice cream. You should try this one!

Look at the glass cabinets there! There are several types of snacks that can accompany you while eating ice cream. Just take one or two of it! :)


Woohoo! Let's try with Schneeballen (IDR 30.000) or snowball in English, is a pastry made from shortcrust pastry especially popular in German. Its name derives from its round, ball-like shape with a diameter of about eight to ten centimeters. (Sorry, I use the chocolate flavour for a whole schneeballen, because I forgot to take a picture of the matcha)

And because it's too big to be eaten directly and as for how to eat it :
1. Wrap the schneeballen with paper cake
2. Hit and smash it with a wooden hammer that has been provided until it slightly crushed
3. Open the paper cake and it's ready to be eaten


And tadaa, it's the result! Looks so messy but the taste is good! Anyway, we tried for matcha flavours. Umm!

Mochi Cheese and Mochi Mochi

Then, we also tried to eat the other snacks : Mochi Cheese (IDR 13.000) and Mochi Mochi (IDR 10.000). The snack is shaped and looks like bread in general, but when you ate it, this bread was chewy, because of it, they called mochi. And here, you can also find some other flavors.

And at the last, the owner gave me a bottle of InnerB Eat Beauty Drinks! He said, this is a bottle of collagen drinks which can make your skin look plump and glowing, a must for healthy skin and hair. Don't be surprised, if the Korean looks pretty ones. HAHA! Anyway, it's for ladies only!

Overall, they served everything in a perfect way. But I also think that they should develop for another ice cream flavor. Because if the only available in one flavor, people would easily get bored.


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Ruko Cordoba Blok D No. 3
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
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  1. eh yg salty chocolate tu mestinya ada serealnya ya shel? ya ampun kok punyaku waktu itu ga ada serealnya jadi keliatannya menyedihkan gitu kayak es krim putih pake saos coklat doang hahaha

    1. Hi Vina,
      Hmm, waktu aku kesana sih aku dikasihnya begitu sm si ownernya. Harusnya sih sama ya, kl cm saos coklat gitu, polos bgt dong hahaha. Kamu gak tanya ke pelayannya? hehe

    2. Engga tanya soalnya aku ga tauu haha kirain emang kayak gitu doang :p