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Letter D. Cuisine & Bar is one of the newest restaurant around South Jakarta. Perhaps this is pretty f*cking crazy in nowadays, with a variety of restaurants, cafes and other emerging in Jakarta. And this is one of them, which is developed by one of the well known chef in Masterchef Indonesia TV Show, surely he's Chef Degan Septoadji who is very humble and friendly.

Just information, this restaurant softly opened for public on January 9th, 2015 - I know about this restaurant by following their instagram. And out of our curiosity, we decided to stop by here. Hehe.

The place is also easy to find, located opposite the Hospitalis Resto & Bar. In addition, you also will see the logo  "Letter D. Cuisine & Bar" which is quite large on the white wall in front of the restaurant.

Okay, now  it's time to see inside around this place. The room is dominated by wood and the floor with a classic pattern. And for those of you who like to photograph the food, you will really like this place, because it's surrounded by large windows so that you can get natural light.

And for you who love the nature and surrounding atmosphere or you who smoke, don't worry because they also provide outdoor area (hmm, it is not wide enough anyway).

Oh ya, they have two levels, there is a bar in the upper level that still open until midnight, suitable for you who like to drink and relax with friends. Hmm, downstairs is more suited for relaxing with a rather quiet atmosphere, suitable also for relaxing with family.

And before entering the main menu, we can see a row full of cakes there. Yes, you can enjoy the cake(s) that you like or can ask for help from the waitress there. Anyway, they're so friendly!

Spaghetti Con Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino

Here we started with Spaghetti Con Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino (IDR 80.000), look alike an usual Aglio Olio, served with garlic, olive oil, chilli, parsley and basil. Anyway, you can also add Prawns (IDR 20.000) as you toppings. And you will smell the scent of garlic when presented, but the taste of food is also no doubt! :)

Talay Pao

Talay Pao (IDR 140.000), a pan-seared assorted seafood, garlic, chilli, coriander, fish sauce, lime, asparagus and green beans. Anyway, it's one of Thailand's food, looks very colourful and fresh on the plate. All served with perfect seasoning and a little bit spicy, but I like it! Oh ya, it also served with hot steamed rice.

Hot Coffee Latte

Hot Coffee Latte. Yeah, there will never a wrong time to enjoy the coffee! So, after we've finished our lunch, we tried for a cup of coffee. And it turns out, this coffee is served by Tanamera, one of coffee and coffee brands that were hits in nowadays.

Chef Degan and me

And finally, we were lucky enough on that day! When we want to move home, suddenly summoned by one of the waiters there and he said "Chef Degan has come, you can meet him!"

And our small talk was held for a moment, then Chef Degan was telling the concept of the restaurant, with the theme  of "Back to Basic". What is meant by him is food processed using the old way (not instant) it would be more good and palatable. The he applied his concept here.

Nice to meet him and happy reading guys! :)


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