Friday, January 16, 2015


Hello, North Jakarta! This time I tried to explore the north, around Kelapa Gading area which is said there's a seafood restaurant that is being 'excited and famous' in nowadays. Its name is Cranky Crab, which is located not far from Kelapa Gading Mall and also one building with Happy Puppy and Samudera Rasa.

And this is the atmosphere inside! This place is not quite spacious but decorated in blue, red and white as their trademark color, with the icon of Mr. Crab and his beer! Haha. And now, it's time to enjoy and order some menu!

Medium Crab with Asian Addict Sauce

Medium Crab with Asian Addict Sauce (IDR 220.000), just tried the medium size! Hmm, I'm a little bit disappointed because it seems less fresh crab served and also less savory for its sauce. Oh ya, in here, the crab is served per portion not per kg.

Mussels with Black Pepper Sauce

Mussels with Black Pepper Sauce (IDR 38.000), one of my menu that I've ordered and and I was quite impressed by their mussels because presented with a fairly large size and fresh. And for the sauce is quite good, but the texture is a bit like mud.

Gyu Tan Don with Egg (additional)

Gyu Tan Don (IDR 58.000) as Mr. Cranky Special Dishes! Anyway, you can also add egg (IDR 10.000) by asking to the waiters. Hmm, so one of the reason I came here was to taste their Guy Tan Don, because my friend said this is the closest one to Menya, Melbourne. And surely, I’ve never been go to Melbourne before to taste and enjoy the original Gyu Tan Don from Menya, maybe sometimes! HAHA. Oh ya, they served in a little bit oily and and fairly thick slices of it.

Green Fairy Flying Beer

Green Fairy (IDR 39.000) as Cranky Flying Beer! Yeah, it's the uniqueness from here! The beer was served upside down and combined with kiwi mocktails, such a good combination of so, sour and freshness! Love it :)

Anyway, they also have a bar to serve you some cocktails or mocktails. Just choose your favourite! Save water and drink beer! HAHA.


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Jl. Boulevard Raya QF 1 No. 1
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
Phone : (021) 29704981 ext. 177

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