Tuesday, January 20, 2015


When walking around at South Jakarta, precisely at Kemang, I found a hidden gem! Yeah it's around Benda Street (near with Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace). Because Kemang always become one of my favorite area to find some restaurants, cafes or dining places. And today, I find for Baconerie Kitchen & Bakery. Anyway, this place isn't too spacious but still comfort to be here.

HAHA! It's so funny and a little surprising, because when entering this room, you will see a painting of a pig with the words "Praise the Lord and Bacon by Thy Name!" HAHA. A little bit crazy yet creative! But, now let's enjoy some porks here!

Candied Bacon

Candied Bacon (IDR 50.000) is one of the most favourite Starter Menu. It's consist of 4 slices of oven crisped brown sugared bacon. Omegas, one portion is not enough!

Baconerie Burger

Baconerie Burger (IDR 80.000) is freshly grounded in-house 50/50 bacon and beef hamburger patty, bacon, special sauce and served with toasted brioche buns and side salad. Really good! And a portion is quiet enough for one person.

Baconerie Burger

Anyway, and this kind of menu, you can ask for additional extra cheese (IDR 25.000) or butter basted egg (IDR 15.000). Looks so tempting with melted cheese! HAHA. Hmm, I also love their buns because its softness :)

Mushroom Burger

Mushroom Burger (IDR 90.000), consist of freshly ground in-house 50/50 bacon and beef hamburger patty, demi-glace, shiokoji marinated mushrooms, melted cheese, mayo then served with toasted brioche buns and side salad. Hmm, yumm!

Mushroom Burger

Look closer, closer and more closer! The patty still pink and juicy! If you're a mushroom lovers, you should order and try this one, haha.

And here's the reason why your burger still pink on the inside! Read that little paper for knowing more :)


For a refresher, we tried for Citrusade (IDR 35.000), a sparkling lemonade. I think you can imagine how its taste, hehe :)

Overall, I really enjoy for having some 'snacks' here and I'll be back here again for that pork! *grin*


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The Grove Kemang
Jl. Benda Raya 1C, Kemang
Phone : (021) 7883 8291
Operating Hours : 07.00 - 19.00 (Tue - Sun)

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