Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hello foodies! I just wanna share with you about the newest cafe & restaurant at Grand Indonesia (East Mall), it's Union Deli which is also famous for the most delicious Red Velvet Cake. And this time, they opened their second branch, Union Deli which focused with a wide variety of cakes, breads and other foods. And here, you can also find a new menu that I think is very and really damn good! So, here we go!

And before start with their cake, please take a little journey and look at their interior which is dedicated to the Brasserie dining area with its iconic white tiles and wood paneling, vintage photos and open windows. But, this place isn't so spacious like their first branch, at Plaza Senayan. Oh ya, in here you won't find the bar too! :)

Red Velvet Pie

Red Velvet Pie (IDR 50.000) is the newest menu from Union Deli. Yeah, it's a home-made pie! Surely, it's really good, damn good! Love its crumble and crunchiness, A-MUST-TO-ORDER!

Mint Chocolate Pie

Mint Chocolate Pie (IDR 75.000), another newest menu! But I didn't like it, because I'm on a big fan of chocolate and its mint flavour is too strong for me. So, it was ordered by Eddy, haha.

Original Pretzel

And the last is for Pretzel (IDR 20.000) as my favourite one! So, I tried to order the original pretzel. Its size is bigger than Auntie Anne's, but in here topped with sesame seeds. Me likey!

So, it's our quick visit here! And, we didn't order the other menu such their sandwiches, main course, desserts, etc because we've lunch before visiting here at another newest restaurant at Grand Indonesia (will be blogged soon, stay tune!). And surely, we'll back here again!


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Central Department Store, Ground Floor
Grand Indonesia, East Mall
Phone : (021) 2358 0476
Website :

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