Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Welcome to another newest dessert place at PIK! Surely, it's Northpole Cafe (still in line with Shirokuma) and you'll find or see a picture of three husky. Anyway, this is my last post for the great 2014! So, enjoy to read this, dessert lovers!

It's time to explore the inside, the place is quite cute and comfortable. Then you will see a painting on the wall (left side) which tells about the Northpole Cafe and three husky friends.

And when you entered this room, you'll find this Flavours Menu in frame! So, this could allow you to choose the flavor as you want, because the place is quite crowded by visitors.

Mozzarella Chicken Ball

And before having some sweet, we ordered something salty, Mozzarella Chicken Ball (IDR 32.000). Perhaps that is often found Mozzarella Sticks, but this time presented slightly different form, but still tasty and crunchy.


Ferrero (IDR 42.500) is one of waffle favourite menu when you're here. It's a waffle with cornflakes, vanilla ice cream, chocolate and crushed Ferrero Rocher. Yeah, I'm hooked with it! Give a try for this one!

Smoky Pan

Smoky Pan (IDR 68.000) which is served with 6 flavours of gelato, sorbet and ice cream in a smoky pan with whipped cream and fruity pebbles on the side. A MUST TO TRY!

Smoky Pan

And this one is the iconic and instagenic menu from Northpole Cafe! Anyway, you can eat it for two! :)

Chick AffogaTea

Chick AffogaTea (IDR 35.000), such a cute one! Which is usually presented it is Affogato and this time they presented something unique, when espresso replaced with Thai Tea then served with vanilla ice cream. Cuteness overload!

And in addition to a focus on dessert, this place also serves several types of coffee, tea and other drinks which are really  refreshing. Don't worry for you coffee lovers, you can also relax here!


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Ruko Crown Golf Blok A 57
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Opening Hours : 11.00 - 22.00 (everyday)

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