Tuesday, December 23, 2014


This is one of a new dessert place at PIK, this is Milkbar which is  located on the 2nd floor of The Playroom. Maybe some of you already know about this gelato, because you can also find this in Senopati area (South Jakarta), precisely in Three Buns Burgers & Cocktails.

And this is part of Milkbar, maybe this place can be fairly small, not too spacious.  However, this place is very bright because it's surrounded by huge windows. So, this place is perfect for you to relax for a moment with your friends and take pictures!

Heyho! Look at the picture above! A lot of gelato flavours at Milkbar. Hmm, did you know if they will give you 'a little surprise' every week? Yeah, they have Flavours of The Week! So, you don't know what their new flavour will be served in every week. Oh ya, my favourite gelato are Beer, Cookies & Cream and Kinder Bueno. You gotta hooked! 

And today is my second visit here with my ex-office mate. So, I tried to order Oreo (because Oreo is my favourite cookies ever, haha!). Surely, it's really good but maybe it would be better if they put oreo crumbles in this gelato.

Salted Caramel, Oreo, Cookies & Cream

At last, this is what we choose for! Salted Caramel, Oreo and Cookies & Cream. Yeah, is one scoop ever enough? Haha.


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Ruko Cordoba Blok F No. 1-3 (on top of Sate Khas Senayan)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
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