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HEYHO! Born-Ga is now open at PIK and not such a familiar name to be heard. Surely, it's a Korean BBQ joint originated from Korea which has some branches in town. And what you think about Born-Ga? IMHO, Born-Ga is one of a medium-up level for Korean restaurant, so it's a bit pricey for their foods.

And so sorry, I can't take some photos of their interior and ambience, because they were so crowded during the weekends. And in fact, me and my friends had to wait in a queue to enjoy the food here. Haha. But, let's enjoy the night!

Here's Banchan as starter! Anyway, their banchan wasn't as much as the other Korean restaurant, idk why. But they look fresh as always :)

Jap Chae

Jap Chae (IDR 110.000), stir-fried beef and vegetables with glass noodles. This dish is quite good and tasty, and glass noodles feels supple and soft. Me likey!


Tteokgalbi (IDR 160.000), kneaded short rib finely chopped short rib meat is marinated in the sweet soy sauce then baked in the oven. The extra tender meat makes this a popular menu for everyone, especially for kids and for older adults. I thought a pan wasn't enough, too good to be true, haha!


Move to the main dish! Samgyeopsal (IDR 100.000 / 180gr / serving), it should be called as Grilled Pork Belly! It looks red and fresh slices of pork, and it's already marinated with their special spices. Umm!


And it's time to grill it all! In addition, we also grill some onions and garlic which said is useful for preventing cholesterol because pork contains quite high of cholesterol.


It's done! Looks very greasy and tempting. You won't let it be a cold food, because it certainly will make you drool! HAHA. I can't resist for this kind of food! :)

Woo Samgyup

What's for the next? Yeah, Woo Samgyup (IDR 190.000 / 150gr / serving), it's the best and famous menu from Bornga, such the pioneer of this! Served in thinly sliced beef brisket dressed with Born-Ga's special sauce. It looks so tempting! And let's grill agaaaiiiin!

Woo Samgyup

Woo Samgyup

And it's almost done! Just get fast to take it then dip it into their sauce. Surely, this beef was really soft, juicy and hmmm, never goes wrong with pork! HAHA

And then, you'll find this vegetables on your table! And I wanna give you a little tips! Firstly, open your left hand and take a slice of lettuce or another vegetables, then put it on your hand. Next, pick your favourite meat and dip it into the sauce, then put it on the lettuce. And the last, just rolling up your meet with various vegetables (and this is one of them, haha) and let's take a bite! HAP HAP!


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Ruko Crown Golf Blok D53-55 (located before Sumoboo) 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Phone : (021) 2923 7515
Opening Hours: 12.00 - 14.30 and 17.00 - 21.30

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