Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Welcome to another newest dessert place at PIK! Surely, it's Northpole Cafe (still in line with Shirokuma) and you'll find or see a picture of three husky. Anyway, this is my last post for the great 2014! So, enjoy to read this, dessert lovers!

It's time to explore the inside, the place is quite cute and comfortable. Then you will see a painting on the wall (left side) which tells about the Northpole Cafe and three husky friends.

And when you entered this room, you'll find this Flavours Menu in frame! So, this could allow you to choose the flavor as you want, because the place is quite crowded by visitors.

Mozzarella Chicken Ball

And before having some sweet, we ordered something salty, Mozzarella Chicken Ball (IDR 32.000). Perhaps that is often found Mozzarella Sticks, but this time presented slightly different form, but still tasty and crunchy.


Ferrero (IDR 42.500) is one of waffle favourite menu when you're here. It's a waffle with cornflakes, vanilla ice cream, chocolate and crushed Ferrero Rocher. Yeah, I'm hooked with it! Give a try for this one!

Smoky Pan

Smoky Pan (IDR 68.000) which is served with 6 flavours of gelato, sorbet and ice cream in a smoky pan with whipped cream and fruity pebbles on the side. A MUST TO TRY!

Smoky Pan

And this one is the iconic and instagenic menu from Northpole Cafe! Anyway, you can eat it for two! :)

Chick AffogaTea

Chick AffogaTea (IDR 35.000), such a cute one! Which is usually presented it is Affogato and this time they presented something unique, when espresso replaced with Thai Tea then served with vanilla ice cream. Cuteness overload!

And in addition to a focus on dessert, this place also serves several types of coffee, tea and other drinks which are really  refreshing. Don't worry for you coffee lovers, you can also relax here!


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Ruko Crown Golf Blok A 57
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Opening Hours : 11.00 - 22.00 (everyday)

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Hello foodies! I just wanna share with you about the newest cafe & restaurant at Grand Indonesia (East Mall), it's Union Deli which is also famous for the most delicious Red Velvet Cake. And this time, they opened their second branch, Union Deli which focused with a wide variety of cakes, breads and other foods. And here, you can also find a new menu that I think is very and really damn good! So, here we go!

And before start with their cake, please take a little journey and look at their interior which is dedicated to the Brasserie dining area with its iconic white tiles and wood paneling, vintage photos and open windows. But, this place isn't so spacious like their first branch, at Plaza Senayan. Oh ya, in here you won't find the bar too! :)

Red Velvet Pie

Red Velvet Pie (IDR 50.000) is the newest menu from Union Deli. Yeah, it's a home-made pie! Surely, it's really good, damn good! Love its crumble and crunchiness, A-MUST-TO-ORDER!

Mint Chocolate Pie

Mint Chocolate Pie (IDR 75.000), another newest menu! But I didn't like it, because I'm on a big fan of chocolate and its mint flavour is too strong for me. So, it was ordered by Eddy, haha.

Original Pretzel

And the last is for Pretzel (IDR 20.000) as my favourite one! So, I tried to order the original pretzel. Its size is bigger than Auntie Anne's, but in here topped with sesame seeds. Me likey!

So, it's our quick visit here! And, we didn't order the other menu such their sandwiches, main course, desserts, etc because we've lunch before visiting here at another newest restaurant at Grand Indonesia (will be blogged soon, stay tune!). And surely, we'll back here again!


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Central Department Store, Ground Floor
Grand Indonesia, East Mall
Phone : (021) 2358 0476
Website :

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


This is one of a new dessert place at PIK, this is Milkbar which is  located on the 2nd floor of The Playroom. Maybe some of you already know about this gelato, because you can also find this in Senopati area (South Jakarta), precisely in Three Buns Burgers & Cocktails.

And this is part of Milkbar, maybe this place can be fairly small, not too spacious.  However, this place is very bright because it's surrounded by huge windows. So, this place is perfect for you to relax for a moment with your friends and take pictures!

Heyho! Look at the picture above! A lot of gelato flavours at Milkbar. Hmm, did you know if they will give you 'a little surprise' every week? Yeah, they have Flavours of The Week! So, you don't know what their new flavour will be served in every week. Oh ya, my favourite gelato are Beer, Cookies & Cream and Kinder Bueno. You gotta hooked! 

And today is my second visit here with my ex-office mate. So, I tried to order Oreo (because Oreo is my favourite cookies ever, haha!). Surely, it's really good but maybe it would be better if they put oreo crumbles in this gelato.

Salted Caramel, Oreo, Cookies & Cream

At last, this is what we choose for! Salted Caramel, Oreo and Cookies & Cream. Yeah, is one scoop ever enough? Haha.


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Ruko Cordoba Blok F No. 1-3 (on top of Sate Khas Senayan)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Instagram : the_milkbar

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Another restaurant is coming to Gading Serpong! Yeah, it's the famous one, B'Steak Grill and Pancake. This restaurant was established June 11, 2014 and it became the third branch as well as the central kitchen for three other outlets.

Anyway, this is the largest branch from the other their branch! And this place has a modern minimalist concept and also have some facilities, such as 2 VIP Room and 1 Function Hall. Surely, it's perfect for family time! :)

And let's go to the inside, here's the room and interior of the newest outlet. However, they used wood as the dominant elements and it feels more spacious, and coupled with the large windows which is give a modern impression in this place. In addition, you also can  find an outdoor area, with a garden and a small pond. The place is very comfortable and suitable for families.

Swiss Mushroom Chicken

Now, we started with Swiss Mushroom Chicken (IDR 41.500), crispy chicken topped with melted cheese and also served with french fries and sautéed vegetables and mushroom sauce. I'm not a typical who love mushrooms, so I ate it without the sauce, haha. But still good for me!

Dory Teriyaki Steak

Dory Teriyaki Steak (IDR 44.500), it's my first time to order this dish. And what? The result is really awesome! The dory is so soft and smooth, yeah no fishy at all! Then the perfectness is when you pour the teriyaki sauce on it.

Manhattan Fish and Chips

Manhattan Fish and Chips (IDR 48.500), it's my favourite menu from here! I really in love with fish (hmm, and never forget for pork, haha!). Anyway, this portion isn't big enough haha. But I love their sauce and their crispy fried fish.

But suddenly, I looked a standing banner about Bintang Radler, yeah it's a newest flavour beer and remind me of its freshness taste, so I ordered it for two! Oh ya, it doesn't make you drunk, because of very low alcohol content. 

And anyway, on this time, Bintang launched a new variant, Bintang Radler with lighter taste characteristic but still refreshing.  Through these drinks, people can enjoy a beer at lunch or dinner or other casual event. So, I grab it for two, because one isn't enough! Cheers! :)

Banana Rumba Pancake

Banana Rumba Pancake (IDR 31.500), this is become my favorite dessert after enjoying two bottles of beer! Haha. Its pancake so soft and topped with banana, sugar powder, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream! WHOOP!


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Ruko Golden 8 Blok F No. 3 (near with Pahoa School)
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Gading Serpong
Phone : (021) 2941 9075
Opening Hours : 10.00 - 22.00 (Sun-Thurs) & 10.00 - midnight (Fri-Sat)
Website :

Wednesday, December 17, 2014



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Saturday, December 13, 2014


HEYHO! Born-Ga is now open at PIK and not such a familiar name to be heard. Surely, it's a Korean BBQ joint originated from Korea which has some branches in town. And what you think about Born-Ga? IMHO, Born-Ga is one of a medium-up level for Korean restaurant, so it's a bit pricey for their foods.

And so sorry, I can't take some photos of their interior and ambience, because they were so crowded during the weekends. And in fact, me and my friends had to wait in a queue to enjoy the food here. Haha. But, let's enjoy the night!

Here's Banchan as starter! Anyway, their banchan wasn't as much as the other Korean restaurant, idk why. But they look fresh as always :)

Jap Chae

Jap Chae (IDR 110.000), stir-fried beef and vegetables with glass noodles. This dish is quite good and tasty, and glass noodles feels supple and soft. Me likey!


Tteokgalbi (IDR 160.000), kneaded short rib finely chopped short rib meat is marinated in the sweet soy sauce then baked in the oven. The extra tender meat makes this a popular menu for everyone, especially for kids and for older adults. I thought a pan wasn't enough, too good to be true, haha!


Move to the main dish! Samgyeopsal (IDR 100.000 / 180gr / serving), it should be called as Grilled Pork Belly! It looks red and fresh slices of pork, and it's already marinated with their special spices. Umm!


And it's time to grill it all! In addition, we also grill some onions and garlic which said is useful for preventing cholesterol because pork contains quite high of cholesterol.


It's done! Looks very greasy and tempting. You won't let it be a cold food, because it certainly will make you drool! HAHA. I can't resist for this kind of food! :)

Woo Samgyup

What's for the next? Yeah, Woo Samgyup (IDR 190.000 / 150gr / serving), it's the best and famous menu from Bornga, such the pioneer of this! Served in thinly sliced beef brisket dressed with Born-Ga's special sauce. It looks so tempting! And let's grill agaaaiiiin!

Woo Samgyup

Woo Samgyup

And it's almost done! Just get fast to take it then dip it into their sauce. Surely, this beef was really soft, juicy and hmmm, never goes wrong with pork! HAHA

And then, you'll find this vegetables on your table! And I wanna give you a little tips! Firstly, open your left hand and take a slice of lettuce or another vegetables, then put it on your hand. Next, pick your favourite meat and dip it into the sauce, then put it on the lettuce. And the last, just rolling up your meet with various vegetables (and this is one of them, haha) and let's take a bite! HAP HAP!


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Ruko Crown Golf Blok D53-55 (located before Sumoboo) 
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Phone : (021) 2923 7515
Opening Hours: 12.00 - 14.30 and 17.00 - 21.30

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Hello Foodies! This time, I found again such a fairly new restaurant in South Jakarta (precisely in Gandaria City Mall). Perhaps this restaurant is less known by you. And because of it, this time we'll try to taste their menu and the foods. So, are you curious about it? Here you go!

Shaboo9 is a Korean Fushion Shabu-Shabu restaurant, which it's homemade recipe originated from "Choi Gane Bossot meuun Kalguksu Shabu-Shabu" located in Abgujong dong and Daechi dong, Seoul, South Korea. Choi Gane is well-known among Gingham people especially famous Korean talents and singers because it's taste of refined authentic Korean Style Shabu-Shabu adding healthy ingredients to our food to create better tasted-well being food to the customers.

This outlet represent Choi's fourth outlet after 2 outlets in Seoul, South Korea and one in Kebayoran Baru, Indonesia which was previously known as "Okane".

And when you enter this restaurant, you'll immediately feel comfortable when being here, probably due to their interior more dominant with wood. And in addition, Korean atmosphere can also be felt with patterned wood carvings, which you can see when entering this room.

And it's time to walk around into another room and you'll find this room doesn't look too bright (dim) maybe you can feel more comfortable here. Hehe. Moreover, in this room there is also a big enough and funny painting, it's also a simple minimalist and elegant wood dining room interior.

Bassak Bulgogi

Then it's time for having lunch and started with Bassak Bulgogi (IDR 109.000), a hotplate wagyu beef chunks and topped with sesame seeds. Anyway, I really love it but would be better if eaten while it still warm. One portion isn't enough! Haha.


Dakgangchong (IDR 79.000), fried chicken cooked with sweet and spicy sauce. I like it! The meat is soft and juicy, but it's too spicy for me (and again, I didn't like something spicy, haha)

Spicy Dopoki (IDR 119.000), such a Korean traditional rice cake and fish cake in spicy sauce then served with deep fried squid. And on this menu, you can also add some extra toppings, such as : Fried Enoki, Fried Dumpling, Seaweed Rolls and Fried Squid. Add it as you like as your taste! FYI, it's spicy enough so I can't eat much, haha! 

Shaboo9 Special Set

And here's Shaboo9 Special Set (IDR 318.000/set) which is consist of assorted vegetables and mushrooms, guksu noodles, special fried rice and mixed fish balls. And also you've a choice of Australian Wagyu Beef (140gr), Dori Fish (200gr) or King Prawns (4pcs). And today, we choose for Australian Wagyu Beef! Anyway, this is one of their signature dishes!

And this is one part of Shaboo9 Special Set menu. Firstly, I was confused, what is this? But after some times, the waiter asked if "Has it been allowed to be cooked?" And we also allow him to cook it, but still didn't know if it will be a very tasty fried rice! HAHA

And behold! This is a special fried rice from Shaboo9. Honestly, this is very good and I really like this, I'm hooked! Such there are no words that can describe how awesome this fried rice! But indeed, the portions are very small! However, if any portion of this menu, I will pay for it with worth. HAHA!

The next is Guksu, very well-known as noodle dishes in Korean cuisine. It looks green but idk for sure why it looks green. Hahaa. I also forgot to ask them! *grin*

Tadaaa! This happens when everything is mixed and cooked! HAHA. And in here, they give you  two options of broth/soup : Original or Tom Yum (spicy). And the photo above is a Shaboo9 Special Set with original broth. The taste is light, smooth and not too strong for its spices.

And the next is we used to the other broth, they called it as Tom Yum (spicy) broth. Well, this broth is more savory and suitable served with its vegetables, fish balls and more. And basically, this broth is not spicy as I imagined. You should try this one! :)

Merry Berry Pingsu

The last is for Merry Berry Pingsu (IDR 79.000), it's a Korean Ice Dessert! And why is called Merry Berry? Because it looks red, which is consist of some types of berries and also dragon fruits. This may seem difficult to eat, but don't hesitate to ask for a bowl! Because it's easier for you to eat it, pour it all in a bowl, then stir it and it's ready to eat! HAHA.


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Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria City Mall, UG Floor M-U38
South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 2923 6776 / 7260 999
Instagram : shaboo.nine