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Hello! This time I was invited again by Zomato to attend and join the event of Zomato Foodie Meet Up. And this time held at Spanky's Ribs and Martinis, Kemang. Its location adjacent to the Dim Sum Inc., so easy to find.

Anyway, Spanky's concept is an American BBQ, which was inspired by the 1920's to 40's children's TV series "Our Gang" and "Little Rascals". Interior artwork is full of fun photos, quotes and the stars from the bygone era.

Spanky's interior almost full of white, wood and cheerful, and also with touch(es) of red and gray with a casual dining feel, feels so warm and friendly. Spanky's also welcomes families, couples and friends for having lunch and dinner.

And today's event is very special, why? Because at this time, the foodies had the opportunity directly to learn how to make cocktails and of course the enthusiasm is very high from the foodie. And let's make some cocktails and cocktails before going to the main menu.

Lychee Martinis and Bitter Tiramisu Martini

Lychee Martinis (IDR 95.000) is a classic delicious lychee martini done in Spanky's way, so refreshing and and the drink is very suitable for beautiful women, haha! And the next, Bitter Tiramisu Martini (IDR 110.000) such a Martini of the month, especially in November. For me, it's quite nice for its taste because consist of infused herbs, campari bitter, coffee liqueur, myers white rum layered melted baileys tiramisu.

Pina Colada, Tequila Sunrise and Virgin Mojito

Pina Colada (IDR 85.000), Tequila Sunrise (IDR 85.000) and Virgin Mojito (IDR 45.000) just another cocktails from Spanky's! Anyway, all were made by the foodie!

SPANKY'S Caesar Salad

SPANKY'S Caesar Salad (IDR 60.000) looks like a caesar salad as usual, but this time added with bacon. Caesar Salad generally contains of crusty bread, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and grated cheese.

Miso Orange Salad

Miso Orange Salad, one of the newest salad menu and If I'm not mistaken, this menu isn't included in the list of their menu. It's also a refreshing salad, served with orange and chicken breast then doused with miso dressing sauce.

Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers

Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers (IDR 69.000) filled with a creamy cheese mixture and wrapped in bacon, also served with home-made french fries. Okay, I really in love with that bacon, haha! But don't worry, this isn't spicy at all! Anyway, you should eat it while it still warm.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings (IDR 55.000), spicy buffalo served with blue cheese sauce. For me it's quiet good but I felt a lil bit sour for its marinade but the meat is juicy enough! :)

Maple Miso Glazed Salmon

Maple Miso Glazed Salmon (IDR 119.000) served with baby bok choi and shiitake mushrooms. If I may say, this is my favorite menu for today! The salmon was cooked perfectly, soft and juicy. And I also love with its marinade and sauce :)

Crispy Roasted Pork Belly

Crispy Roasted Pork Belly (IDR 90.000) served with mashed potatoes, caramelized apple cabbage and rosemary mushrooms. This is one of the special menu from Spanky's and you should have this in your lunch/dinner, haha! The pork is so crisssppppp, makes me drool!

SPANK Me Sandwich!

SPANK Me Sandwich! (IDR 79.000), a Spanky's Signature Hawaiian Kalua pulled pork and also served with BBQ sauce and potato wedges. Anyway, this menu is also served with pulled chicken (just choose your favourite one, but I vote for pork!). But the meat was a little saltiness. 

Spicy Ginger Miso Chicken

Here's the last main course, Spicy Ginger Miso Chicken (IDR 85.000), a pan fried chicken thighs with white rice and bok choi. Hmm, for you who don't like spicy, don't be afraid! It's not as spicy as the food's name and as I know, this is one of the newest menu here. But I didn't really like the sauce, because it's too ginger.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie as the dessert from Spankys! Yeah, it's lime, haha! Oh surely, I can't eat much because felt too sour and my eyes feel so flickers when eating this cake, HAHA! *grin*

And overall, the menu are quite good, but there are some things that need a little attention, especially in terms of spice(s) in cooking, because some of the menu feel too salty or too sour.


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