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Such as those being discussed in nowadays, Shirayuki Japanese Desserts and Bistro. Perhaps you would be quite easy to find this place, just in line with a Fresh Market PIK. And if you remember, once this was Kabocha, you got it? Hehe.

And I came here to share with you about the hippest place! Or maybe, some of you already know about it through instagram, because a lot people comes here for the snowman!

Look at...!! This place is so crowded by visitors. Oh why? Because this is one of the newest dessert place at Pantai Indah Kapuk and in here where they can find something funny but iconic, haha! And frankly, they're willing to queue in long line enough! And now, it's the time to take a food journey!


Let's start with Kushikatsu Set B (IDR 41.000) consist of prawn, chicken, spicy lotus root, spicy shiitake chicken and sweet potato, also served with their special dipping sauce. Anyway, did you know what's kushikatsu? It's a Japanese style of skewered, deep fried kebab. Kush refers to skewers or kebab whilst cats refers to a deep-fried cutlet of meat or seasonal vegetables.

Bolognese Gratin

Bolognese Gratin (IDR 38.000), such an usual presentation which is consist of baked cheese with tomato sauce and served with minced beef and chicken. This is my favourite one, looks so simple but tasty!

Cabe Ijo Bianco

Cabe Ijo Bianco (IDR 41.000) as one of the recommendation main course from Shirayuki. What do you think when Italian meets Indonesia? You might feel a little weird, I guess. But for you who really like and enjoy spiciness, you should try this, an ultimate interpretation of modern Indonesian-style spaghetti.

Crab Spaghetti in Tomato Cream Sauce

Whoaaaa, crabby! Yeah, it's Crab Spaghetti in Tomato Cream Sauce (IDR 65.000), looks so pretty enough when you found a crab as the topping! But in that time, I can't taste its crab because it's not mine but I love their sauce, a little too sweet and slightly sour. And the spaghetti is cooked perfectly! Nice one for you to try!

Omuspa with Chicken Topping

Omuspa with Chicken Topping (IDR 43.000), just another unique main course here, when spaghetti wrapped with omelette and cooked in tomato sauce. I thought, the sauce used here is similar to the Spaghetti Crab's sauce (if I'm not mistaken, hehe).

Hamburg Steak with Ebi Furai

Hamburg Steak with Ebi Furai (IDR 72.000) as our last main course for that day, haha! I'm feeling so full but we still continue our food journey, haha. Okay, it served in sizzling pan with ebi furai, french fries, corn, beef patty and topped with fried egg. Get hot in the hottest day!

Manic Maccha with Maccha Ice Cream

And now, let's move to dessert! Finally we got something fresh from here. It's Manic Maccha with Maccha Ice Cream (IDR 40.000), a shaved ice-based dessert with jelly, mixed nut, stuffed mochi, almond and matcha ice cream. Anyway, every ingredient here is a home-made! FYI, I'm in love with their stuffed mochi! *grin*

Bailey's Kanten

Bailey's Kanten (IDR 36.000), this looks funny and a little bit different among others dessert. This is a Japanese gelatin served with baileys and matcha soft cream. Perhaps, there are no specific 'rules' on how to eat this, so do it as you love, hehe! Or maybe you can mix the baileys with matcha soft cream, then dip jelly there!

And a little information for you, for pushing-out the jelly is a bit harder, maybe you can ask for help to the employee there, this technique takes a little skill, haha.

Maccha Affogato

Maccha Affogato (IDR 35.000), time to get sweet in bitterness, haha! Here's matcha soft cream and served with affogato. Anyway, you've to try the matcha itself, not too sweet, but the taste is very strong.

Chocolate Honey Toast

Chocolate Honey Toast (IDR 39.500), served with double scoop of chocolate ice cream and looks cute in their presentation. Surely, I really enjoy with this one, when crunchiness meets something sweet - and this is perfect for chocolate lovers.

Warabi Kashoku Parfait

Warabi Kashoku Parfait (IDR 37.000), just another little sweetness which is served with warabi mochi, cocoa rice, ogura, coffee jelly, crystal jelly and marshmallow with kashoku soft cream.

Yukidaruma Matsuri

Yukidaruma Matsuri (IDR 58.000), the newest and happening iconic dessert from Shirayuki! And now, I choose for Premium Milky, consist of jelly, mixed nuts, stuffed mochi, almonds and half of ice mochi and served with chocolate sauce, Premium Viva La Cocoa Yukidaruma. And if I may say, I think this menu is good enough, nothing so special and snowman shaped ice shavings is difficult to destroy. Haha. TOO-CUTE-TO-BE-EATEN!

Watanoki Matsuri

And another cuteness, Watanoki Matsuri (IDR 37.000) served with cotton candy tree, warabi mochi, espresso and soft cream (you can choose for vanilla / matcha / combo soft cream). And the picture above is White Winter Wonderland!

Lychee Ice Tea and Exotic Lychee Grapefruit Ice Tea

Finally, we did it! Eat a lot in a day, hahaha! And the last is comiiiiing, Lychee Ice Tea (IDR 26.000) and Exotic Lychee Grapefruit Ice Tea (IDR 24.000). FYI, both of them is served with popping boba and basil seeds. Freshness level upgraded! :)

And last but not least, I wanna say Congratulations Shirayuki Japanese Desserts for the opening! We love all the foods here and see you again in the next visit, cheers! :)


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Rukan Emerald No. 10, Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Phone : (021) 2408 0570
Opening Hours : 12.00 - 22.00 (Mon-Wed) & 12.00 - 23.00 (Fri-Sun), CLOSED on Thursday
Instagram : shirayukipik

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