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Hello! Peek-A-Boo! I just found another newly opened cake shop at PIK (there's always new place popping up every week) and now it's Cake-A-Boo, it’s all about delightful surprises. Where you will find unique selection of fine cakes and desserts to indulge your sweet cravings. Cake-A-Boo invites you to embark on a journey and experience sweetness at a whole new level. 

This is outwardly, quite exciting, isn't it? And when you enter this place, you will see a big-red-sign that reads Delightful Surprise and feel the excitement when you're here.

See it, this place is very cute and fun! You may feel as we're in the playground, like the movie of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, haha!

In here, you're also able to choose a cake that you want through existing chiller near the cashier. They have quite a lot of funny cake provided and if you're confused, you can directly ask the shopkeeper. They're very friendly!

And the uniqueness from here is you can choose a cake that you want through the conveyor belt (which is usually used in Japanese restaurants, especially for sushi). So, you can feel a bit different atmosphere with the other cake shop.

Cheese Trap (IDR 30.000) traditional baked cheesecake with peanut butter selection on top and the outside is made of white chocolate, a little bit hard to cut, just bite it! :)
Officialy Tiramisu (IDR 30.000) vanilla sponge layered with coffee syrup and mascarpone. It's good and I'll order this (again) in the next visit, haha! (look at the white sylinder, beside Miko's Cake)
Raspunzel (IDR 35.000) raspberry mousse infused with pistachio brûlée (the red one with ribbon)

Dice Cake, Nutty Hazel and Nutella Burger

Next, I will tell you another sweetness from here :
  • Dice Cake (IDR 25.000), just a vanilla sponge paired with marshmallow and oreo. I'm so in love with this one! :)
  • Nutty Hazel (IDR 35.000), hazelnut mousse filled with chocolate brûlée. It also appealed to me! Haha.
  • Nutella Burger (IDR 35.000), red velvet bun layered with nutella patty and assorted fruits. It's such a unique combination between buns and fruits, me likey!

Miko's Cake, Apple Trouble and Volcano
  • Miko's Cake (IDR 35.000) caramel mousse, crunchy caramel and melted salted caramel sauce. It's very suitable for you, caramel's lovers!
  • Apple Trouble (IDR 25.000) vanilla tart baked with caramelized apple and almond crumble
  • Volcano (IDR 35.000) chocolate rum mousse, chocolate crumble, strawberry sauce and erupted chocolate sauce

Watermelon Cake

And here's Watermelon Cake (if I'm not mistaken, this is a signature cake from Cake-A-Boo), consist of watermelon, sponge cake, cream and topped with fresh fruits. And you'll got the freshness!

Watermelon Cake

Look at it! A slice of Watermelon Cake! Is it quiet tempting for you? And if you're curious, just try to order this cake.

Mighty Green Parfait

Mighty Green Parfait (IDR 37.000), which is consist of green tea ice cream, biscuits, vanilla sponge, augur brûlée ang green tea tiramisu. I'm feeling so fresh and unconsciously, I scooped again and again! HAHA.

Overall, this cake is quite good, especially for Nutty Hazel, Dice Cake and Mighty Green Parfait! I would order it again when I come back here. Hehe.


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