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This is one of the restaurants or a new hangout spot in South Jakarta, it was 3 Wise Monkeys which is a Japanese Restaurant and Bar specializing in Traditional Kaiseki Omakase and Sake Bar. Hmm, I think it was quite easy to find this place, you can see the logo which is quite big and located opposite the Crematology, a popular coffee shop around there. And now I couldn't wait to blog it for all of you guys!

Here's some photos the inside of this popular restaurant in nowadays. Feels like home and combined with wood, looks so minimalist yet cozy. And you'll find some pictures of monkeys in this room. Haha!

Hahaha! Look at that monkeys, I just found it there! So funny and suddenly I grab my camera only to take a picture of this three cute monkeys character. HAHA! Anyway, it's my time to enjoy what I've ordered, come with me then! :)

California Roll

The first menu : California Roll (IDR 45.000), was consist of kani, tobiko, vegetable, mayonnaise and avocado. For me, it looks a like usual California Roll or because I'm not really love with this kind of sushi, hehe.

3 Wise Monkeys Special Roll

3 Wise Monkeys Special Roll (IDR 72.000), was a salmon roll with special ingredients (cream cheese, kani sticks, takwan and mayonnaise). Hmm anyway, its size a little bigger than a usual sushi roll, maybe because it was a special one, hehe. But, I'm loving it!

Grilled Tongue (Gyutan)

Grilled Tongue / Gyutan (IDR 150.000), maybe you think this menu was a bit pricey, but it would be very worth if you've tasted it. This maybe I can say as one of the best Gyutan I have ever found so far. Hope you agree with me, hehe. This gyutan is very soft and tender, you don't need to feel difficult when chewed it. And it's more perfect when combined with its sauce! Don't say anything if you haven't try it, hehe.

Soyu Butter Beef

Soyu Butter Beef, US Prime (IDR 99.000), this one called as a set menu which include of rice, soup, salad and chawanmushi (well known as egg custard, consist of shiitake mushrooms, kamaboko and chicken meat). FYI, I had the best chawanmushi here! :)

Soyu Butter Beef

And for this menu, you can choose the package : combo platter or ala carte. And this one, I show you more details of the good one. And again, its meat was really soft and you don't feel like eating beef. Hehe.

Steam Salmon with Truffle Sauce

Steam Salmon with Truffle Sauce (IDR 79.000) is one of ala carte menu (there's no set menu for this only). And if I may say, this is one of my favorite menu here. Oh why? You should try it by yourself, because no words can describe it! Haha. It was really really smoooooth and idk why, it feels like melt on your mouth! And for its broth...Oh my goodness, it was really damn good! A-MUST-TO-TRY!

Grilled Salmon Head

Grilled Salmon Head (IDR 39.000), this was the last menu that I should taste for this lunch, because initially there're no plans to order this menu. And however, they said this is also one of the favorites menu from here. And finally, we decided to order and taste it. Surely, it was really good, smooth and juicy! Nyuummm...


And it's time to enjoy some freshness! Here's Kimochi (IDR 45.000), was lychee fruits and pineapple crushed in passion syrup, orange juice and shake hard. Anyway, Kimochi is a Japanese word meaning 'feeling', 'mood' or 'sensation' (don't think about the worst meaning, haha). So, get fun with this sensation of freshness fruits!


The next is Ganbatee (IDR 45.000), such a blended creation of banana, orange juice, fresh lime juice and mooing vanilla. Perhaps by mentioning fruit's name, you can already feel the freshness. And now it's time to enjoy the real freshness!

And overall, every food here was damn good and surely, I'll back here sometimes. Perfect!


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Jl. Suryo No. 26, Senopati
South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 2912 6528
Opening Hours : 11.00 - 00.00

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