Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hello Chocolate Lovers! I've invited here to celebrate the Halloween party! And on Nov 1st, 2014 Pipiltin has a unique event called Ghostly Get Together All You Can Eat Chocolate Buffet. Anyway, this event held at Pipiltin Cocoa, Barito (their first branch) and worth to IDR 100K for all the chocolate!

Play trick-or-treat and stuff yourself with delicious chocolate and only available during Pipiltin Cocoa's Chocolate Festival, this chocolate buffet includes a variety Pipiltin Cocoa's signature chocolate and spooky Halloween desserts. And the photos below are some chocolate that I've tasted!

Be scary, be spooky and be sweet!

Another cuteness halloween! Found a cake which is made from marshmallow and its shape look-a-like teeth! I'm so in love with this one. Hehe.

And this one is of Pipiltin Cocoa's signature, Tabanan Chocolate but for this time, it was served in a small portion and in a little bit different way. Surely, it will become your favourite!

And the last, I found some 'cute' cookies here! That was vanilla and chocolate cookies which decorated in Halloween theme and served in a cute way!

And the last, look at the 'scary' one! Just another creation from Pipiltin Cocoa! And I just wanna say thanks to Pipiltin Cocoa for making me a good Halloween celebration!


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