Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey, lovely couple!
Today, I wanna share about my dream photographer, especially for
Pre-Wedding. And frankly, I think pre-wedding is much more enjoyable. Why? Because, this is where we're able to 'play' and feels more fun, like the photo's location, photo's angle and the atmosphere around the team. And I had quite a long idolized Axioo as my (future) pre-wedding photographer.

Here's about who they are and why I'm so in love with them! They’re really in love with love and in constant affair with life. They love bold colors, Simpson clouds, bright lights and happy people. It’s where their paths cross professionally that touch their lives personally. It’s where freedom is encouraged and relationship is inspired. It’s where they feel at home.

And this is one of my dream nor wish list to visit and walking around in Paris with my only one, my life-partner and my love! Or maybe, this will be my best place for Pre-Wedding photoshoot. Idk why, this place is so identical with love and romance. And someday I'll fall in love, go shopping, drink coffee, get lost and having fun in Paris.

We'll meet soon, Paris! :)

And these are also photos that I love, looks casual but still in romantic. It also looks like a candid with soft colors, this one  that I love from Axioo.

And if you want to see more photos or want to find some ideas for your
Pre-Wedding or Wedding, you just can simply visit and hope you'll find the best one!

Life is about creating your own story!

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  1. Their staff was amazing, lovely and truly professional. I could go on and on about these guys. All of the wait staff at San Diego Wedding venues were great at their jobs but very warm and nice people. There is no better place in the city to get married and no better guide than their manager.