Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hello December! This is my first posting for this month and sorry it's a late post! Haha. Anyway, this was the time when Carnivor launch their breakfast menu (maybe around October, 2014). And on that day, we were invited by Mr. Adriantomo and hosted by Mr. Ridwan as the managing director from Carnivor PIK to try their new creations of breakfast menu.

And here's the ambience and the interior of Carnivor, which most dominated with wood to give the impression of warm, relaxed and homey to the visitors or may be said they've used the concept of rustic restaurant. And after walking around there, it's time for get some brunch! haha

Croque Monsieur

Croque Monsieur, there's an option of white toast or yeast toast and also topped with tomato or cream sauce with melted mozzarella cheese.

Meat Lover (IDR 55.000) : cream sauce, onion, mushroom, sausage, ham and streaky bacon
Bacon And Egg (IDR 48.000) : cream sauce, onion, mushroom, slice boiled egg, and streaky bacon
Pepperoni (IDR 48.000) : tomato sauce, slice tomato, pepperoni and sausage
Mix Cheese (IDR 48.000) : tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese cream

A Croque Monsieur is often used as a simple breakfast menu, which is perfect to start your day! This menu has 4 options for their toppings (as I mentioned above). And the one that I've tried was the bacon and egg - yeah, there's a pork on it! And I'm in love with the mozzarella cheese, get melt!

Puff Pastry Sandwich

Puff Pastry Sandwich, such a unique menu because they use puff pastry instead of a bun. And that surprised me is none of us who ordered this and the menu was also not in the list menu, haha! Then, besides it looks so beautiful yet fancy, it's pretty good served with crispy puff (while still warm).


Shakshouka (IDR 68.000), a sizzling pan of homemade tomato, onion, studded with sausage, ham, crowned with two eggs, toasted bread & mesclun salad. This is an ample menu caught my attention, because in addition to its red color, this menu is also served with two sunny-side-up. And surely,  it's very tasty with a lot of sausage and ham in the presentation. Haha.

Spanish Hash

Spanish Hash (IDR 65.000), consist of poached egg, hollandaise sauce, diced potato, sausage bratwurst, pork ham and toasted bread. This menu is become my favourite one, because there's a lot of potatoes and pork! HAHA! Anyway, I also love their hollandaise sauce. My lovely breakfast menu!

Egg Benedict with Smoked Ham

Egg Benedict, another popular menu for breakfast and you can easily find it in the breakfast menu! I'm not an egg lovers, but this time I can enjoy this menu especially when poached eggs presented in perfectly way and looks so creamy! Anyway, they have 3 choices for your topping : Streaky Bacon (IDR 49.000), Smoked Ham (IDR 45.000) and Salmon (IDR 65.000). Choose you favourite one!

Carnivor Big Breakfast

Carnivor Big Breakfast (IDR 69.000), served with two eggs cooked to your preference, baked beans, streaky pork bacon, sausage bratwurst, sauteed mushroom and white toast. Huaaa! Yay, there's pork again, pork everywhere! This can be said a simple, complete and perfect breakfast menu for you to start a day.

Avocado Affogato

And now, let's move to dessert and something fresh, here's Avocado Affogato (IDR 21.000), this is also one of my favorite, because the avocado is served with vanilla ice cream and shaved chocolate sprinkles. And especially when added with espresso, tastes good and I really like it! Maybe it somewhat looks weird, but you can try if you're curious. Haha.

Chocolate Waffle

Waffle, can be used as a sweet breakfast menu but simple.And waffle never goes wrong to be used as a menu choices! The warm crispy waffle served with chocolate syrup and a little bit of sprinkled cheese on top, and also served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream! Anyway, they also provide some flavours : Original (IDR 30.000), Chocolate (IDR 35.000), Strawberry (IDR 35.000) and Hazelnut (IDR 35.000)

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding (IDR 32.000), a warm oven baked bread with raisin served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It's BEST DESSERT OF THE DAY! Love the soft texture of it and will better eaten while it still in warm.

Apple Crumble

Another dessert is served for you, Apple Crumble (IDR 35.000), such a lovely caramelized apple with crumbles and vanilla ice cream. Anyway, the apple is a little bit undercooked but loves their crumbles!

Molten Chocolate Lava

Molten Chocolate Lava as the last desserts on that day! Always love when warm meets cold which gives a unique impression for me. Haha. Are you ready to get melt? :)

Anyway, everything here is good and thank you for having me in your "Breakfast Menu Launching", especially for the great foods and experiences.


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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hello! Peek-A-Boo! I just found another newly opened cake shop at PIK (there's always new place popping up every week) and now it's Cake-A-Boo, it’s all about delightful surprises. Where you will find unique selection of fine cakes and desserts to indulge your sweet cravings. Cake-A-Boo invites you to embark on a journey and experience sweetness at a whole new level. 

This is outwardly, quite exciting, isn't it? And when you enter this place, you will see a big-red-sign that reads Delightful Surprise and feel the excitement when you're here.

See it, this place is very cute and fun! You may feel as we're in the playground, like the movie of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, haha!

In here, you're also able to choose a cake that you want through existing chiller near the cashier. They have quite a lot of funny cake provided and if you're confused, you can directly ask the shopkeeper. They're very friendly!

And the uniqueness from here is you can choose a cake that you want through the conveyor belt (which is usually used in Japanese restaurants, especially for sushi). So, you can feel a bit different atmosphere with the other cake shop.

Cheese Trap (IDR 30.000) traditional baked cheesecake with peanut butter selection on top and the outside is made of white chocolate, a little bit hard to cut, just bite it! :)
Officialy Tiramisu (IDR 30.000) vanilla sponge layered with coffee syrup and mascarpone. It's good and I'll order this (again) in the next visit, haha! (look at the white sylinder, beside Miko's Cake)
Raspunzel (IDR 35.000) raspberry mousse infused with pistachio brûlée (the red one with ribbon)

Dice Cake, Nutty Hazel and Nutella Burger

Next, I will tell you another sweetness from here :
  • Dice Cake (IDR 25.000), just a vanilla sponge paired with marshmallow and oreo. I'm so in love with this one! :)
  • Nutty Hazel (IDR 35.000), hazelnut mousse filled with chocolate brûlée. It also appealed to me! Haha.
  • Nutella Burger (IDR 35.000), red velvet bun layered with nutella patty and assorted fruits. It's such a unique combination between buns and fruits, me likey!

Miko's Cake, Apple Trouble and Volcano
  • Miko's Cake (IDR 35.000) caramel mousse, crunchy caramel and melted salted caramel sauce. It's very suitable for you, caramel's lovers!
  • Apple Trouble (IDR 25.000) vanilla tart baked with caramelized apple and almond crumble
  • Volcano (IDR 35.000) chocolate rum mousse, chocolate crumble, strawberry sauce and erupted chocolate sauce

Watermelon Cake

And here's Watermelon Cake (if I'm not mistaken, this is a signature cake from Cake-A-Boo), consist of watermelon, sponge cake, cream and topped with fresh fruits. And you'll got the freshness!

Watermelon Cake

Look at it! A slice of Watermelon Cake! Is it quiet tempting for you? And if you're curious, just try to order this cake.

Mighty Green Parfait

Mighty Green Parfait (IDR 37.000), which is consist of green tea ice cream, biscuits, vanilla sponge, augur brûlée ang green tea tiramisu. I'm feeling so fresh and unconsciously, I scooped again and again! HAHA.

Overall, this cake is quite good, especially for Nutty Hazel, Dice Cake and Mighty Green Parfait! I would order it again when I come back here. Hehe.


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Monday, November 24, 2014


Hey, lovely couple!
Today, I wanna share about my dream photographer, especially for
Pre-Wedding. And frankly, I think pre-wedding is much more enjoyable. Why? Because, this is where we're able to 'play' and feels more fun, like the photo's location, photo's angle and the atmosphere around the team. And I had quite a long idolized Axioo as my (future) pre-wedding photographer.

Here's about who they are and why I'm so in love with them! They’re really in love with love and in constant affair with life. They love bold colors, Simpson clouds, bright lights and happy people. It’s where their paths cross professionally that touch their lives personally. It’s where freedom is encouraged and relationship is inspired. It’s where they feel at home.

And this is one of my dream nor wish list to visit and walking around in Paris with my only one, my life-partner and my love! Or maybe, this will be my best place for Pre-Wedding photoshoot. Idk why, this place is so identical with love and romance. And someday I'll fall in love, go shopping, drink coffee, get lost and having fun in Paris.

We'll meet soon, Paris! :)

And these are also photos that I love, looks casual but still in romantic. It also looks like a candid with soft colors, this one  that I love from Axioo.

And if you want to see more photos or want to find some ideas for your
Pre-Wedding or Wedding, you just can simply visit and hope you'll find the best one!

Life is about creating your own story!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Such as those being discussed in nowadays, Shirayuki Japanese Desserts and Bistro. Perhaps you would be quite easy to find this place, just in line with a Fresh Market PIK. And if you remember, once this was Kabocha, you got it? Hehe.

And I came here to share with you about the hippest place! Or maybe, some of you already know about it through instagram, because a lot people comes here for the snowman!

Look at...!! This place is so crowded by visitors. Oh why? Because this is one of the newest dessert place at Pantai Indah Kapuk and in here where they can find something funny but iconic, haha! And frankly, they're willing to queue in long line enough! And now, it's the time to take a food journey!


Let's start with Kushikatsu Set B (IDR 41.000) consist of prawn, chicken, spicy lotus root, spicy shiitake chicken and sweet potato, also served with their special dipping sauce. Anyway, did you know what's kushikatsu? It's a Japanese style of skewered, deep fried kebab. Kush refers to skewers or kebab whilst cats refers to a deep-fried cutlet of meat or seasonal vegetables.

Bolognese Gratin

Bolognese Gratin (IDR 38.000), such an usual presentation which is consist of baked cheese with tomato sauce and served with minced beef and chicken. This is my favourite one, looks so simple but tasty!

Cabe Ijo Bianco

Cabe Ijo Bianco (IDR 41.000) as one of the recommendation main course from Shirayuki. What do you think when Italian meets Indonesia? You might feel a little weird, I guess. But for you who really like and enjoy spiciness, you should try this, an ultimate interpretation of modern Indonesian-style spaghetti.

Crab Spaghetti in Tomato Cream Sauce

Whoaaaa, crabby! Yeah, it's Crab Spaghetti in Tomato Cream Sauce (IDR 65.000), looks so pretty enough when you found a crab as the topping! But in that time, I can't taste its crab because it's not mine but I love their sauce, a little too sweet and slightly sour. And the spaghetti is cooked perfectly! Nice one for you to try!

Omuspa with Chicken Topping

Omuspa with Chicken Topping (IDR 43.000), just another unique main course here, when spaghetti wrapped with omelette and cooked in tomato sauce. I thought, the sauce used here is similar to the Spaghetti Crab's sauce (if I'm not mistaken, hehe).

Hamburg Steak with Ebi Furai

Hamburg Steak with Ebi Furai (IDR 72.000) as our last main course for that day, haha! I'm feeling so full but we still continue our food journey, haha. Okay, it served in sizzling pan with ebi furai, french fries, corn, beef patty and topped with fried egg. Get hot in the hottest day!

Manic Maccha with Maccha Ice Cream

And now, let's move to dessert! Finally we got something fresh from here. It's Manic Maccha with Maccha Ice Cream (IDR 40.000), a shaved ice-based dessert with jelly, mixed nut, stuffed mochi, almond and matcha ice cream. Anyway, every ingredient here is a home-made! FYI, I'm in love with their stuffed mochi! *grin*

Bailey's Kanten

Bailey's Kanten (IDR 36.000), this looks funny and a little bit different among others dessert. This is a Japanese gelatin served with baileys and matcha soft cream. Perhaps, there are no specific 'rules' on how to eat this, so do it as you love, hehe! Or maybe you can mix the baileys with matcha soft cream, then dip jelly there!

And a little information for you, for pushing-out the jelly is a bit harder, maybe you can ask for help to the employee there, this technique takes a little skill, haha.

Maccha Affogato

Maccha Affogato (IDR 35.000), time to get sweet in bitterness, haha! Here's matcha soft cream and served with affogato. Anyway, you've to try the matcha itself, not too sweet, but the taste is very strong.

Chocolate Honey Toast

Chocolate Honey Toast (IDR 39.500), served with double scoop of chocolate ice cream and looks cute in their presentation. Surely, I really enjoy with this one, when crunchiness meets something sweet - and this is perfect for chocolate lovers.

Warabi Kashoku Parfait

Warabi Kashoku Parfait (IDR 37.000), just another little sweetness which is served with warabi mochi, cocoa rice, ogura, coffee jelly, crystal jelly and marshmallow with kashoku soft cream.

Yukidaruma Matsuri

Yukidaruma Matsuri (IDR 58.000), the newest and happening iconic dessert from Shirayuki! And now, I choose for Premium Milky, consist of jelly, mixed nuts, stuffed mochi, almonds and half of ice mochi and served with chocolate sauce, Premium Viva La Cocoa Yukidaruma. And if I may say, I think this menu is good enough, nothing so special and snowman shaped ice shavings is difficult to destroy. Haha. TOO-CUTE-TO-BE-EATEN!

Watanoki Matsuri

And another cuteness, Watanoki Matsuri (IDR 37.000) served with cotton candy tree, warabi mochi, espresso and soft cream (you can choose for vanilla / matcha / combo soft cream). And the picture above is White Winter Wonderland!

Lychee Ice Tea and Exotic Lychee Grapefruit Ice Tea

Finally, we did it! Eat a lot in a day, hahaha! And the last is comiiiiing, Lychee Ice Tea (IDR 26.000) and Exotic Lychee Grapefruit Ice Tea (IDR 24.000). FYI, both of them is served with popping boba and basil seeds. Freshness level upgraded! :)

And last but not least, I wanna say Congratulations Shirayuki Japanese Desserts for the opening! We love all the foods here and see you again in the next visit, cheers! :)


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Monday, November 17, 2014


Hello! This time I was invited again by Zomato to attend and join the event of Zomato Foodie Meet Up. And this time held at Spanky's Ribs and Martinis, Kemang. Its location adjacent to the Dim Sum Inc., so easy to find.

Anyway, Spanky's concept is an American BBQ, which was inspired by the 1920's to 40's children's TV series "Our Gang" and "Little Rascals". Interior artwork is full of fun photos, quotes and the stars from the bygone era.

Spanky's interior almost full of white, wood and cheerful, and also with touch(es) of red and gray with a casual dining feel, feels so warm and friendly. Spanky's also welcomes families, couples and friends for having lunch and dinner.

And today's event is very special, why? Because at this time, the foodies had the opportunity directly to learn how to make cocktails and of course the enthusiasm is very high from the foodie. And let's make some cocktails and cocktails before going to the main menu.

Lychee Martinis and Bitter Tiramisu Martini

Lychee Martinis (IDR 95.000) is a classic delicious lychee martini done in Spanky's way, so refreshing and and the drink is very suitable for beautiful women, haha! And the next, Bitter Tiramisu Martini (IDR 110.000) such a Martini of the month, especially in November. For me, it's quite nice for its taste because consist of infused herbs, campari bitter, coffee liqueur, myers white rum layered melted baileys tiramisu.

Pina Colada, Tequila Sunrise and Virgin Mojito

Pina Colada (IDR 85.000), Tequila Sunrise (IDR 85.000) and Virgin Mojito (IDR 45.000) just another cocktails from Spanky's! Anyway, all were made by the foodie!

SPANKY'S Caesar Salad

SPANKY'S Caesar Salad (IDR 60.000) looks like a caesar salad as usual, but this time added with bacon. Caesar Salad generally contains of crusty bread, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and grated cheese.

Miso Orange Salad

Miso Orange Salad, one of the newest salad menu and If I'm not mistaken, this menu isn't included in the list of their menu. It's also a refreshing salad, served with orange and chicken breast then doused with miso dressing sauce.

Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers

Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers (IDR 69.000) filled with a creamy cheese mixture and wrapped in bacon, also served with home-made french fries. Okay, I really in love with that bacon, haha! But don't worry, this isn't spicy at all! Anyway, you should eat it while it still warm.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings (IDR 55.000), spicy buffalo served with blue cheese sauce. For me it's quiet good but I felt a lil bit sour for its marinade but the meat is juicy enough! :)

Maple Miso Glazed Salmon

Maple Miso Glazed Salmon (IDR 119.000) served with baby bok choi and shiitake mushrooms. If I may say, this is my favorite menu for today! The salmon was cooked perfectly, soft and juicy. And I also love with its marinade and sauce :)

Crispy Roasted Pork Belly

Crispy Roasted Pork Belly (IDR 90.000) served with mashed potatoes, caramelized apple cabbage and rosemary mushrooms. This is one of the special menu from Spanky's and you should have this in your lunch/dinner, haha! The pork is so crisssppppp, makes me drool!

SPANK Me Sandwich!

SPANK Me Sandwich! (IDR 79.000), a Spanky's Signature Hawaiian Kalua pulled pork and also served with BBQ sauce and potato wedges. Anyway, this menu is also served with pulled chicken (just choose your favourite one, but I vote for pork!). But the meat was a little saltiness. 

Spicy Ginger Miso Chicken

Here's the last main course, Spicy Ginger Miso Chicken (IDR 85.000), a pan fried chicken thighs with white rice and bok choi. Hmm, for you who don't like spicy, don't be afraid! It's not as spicy as the food's name and as I know, this is one of the newest menu here. But I didn't really like the sauce, because it's too ginger.

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie as the dessert from Spankys! Yeah, it's lime, haha! Oh surely, I can't eat much because felt too sour and my eyes feel so flickers when eating this cake, HAHA! *grin*

And overall, the menu are quite good, but there are some things that need a little attention, especially in terms of spice(s) in cooking, because some of the menu feel too salty or too sour.


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