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Seorae is now open their second branch at Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera and you can easily to find their second outlet! And if I'm not mistaken, they just opened this branch around the end of July 2014 and Seorae is a franchise that comes directly from Korea.

Seorae in Indonesia comes with lux style but still affordable, they come with their own style. Here they have a signature dish, Galmaegisal - which is listed as an expensive meat, because it can only be obtained 250gr from an adult pig.

And it's time to stepped-in and take a little journey at Seorae! Here's the first room (not really a spacious place) but here are brighter because a lot of lights and not feel so cramped. Hehe. And I'm happy to be invited here to taste their menu and seated here, yeah!

Here's the second room from Seorae, less of light but still comfortable for you to enjoy their dishes.

And while waiting for the main menu, they present 6-7 small bites which better known as "Banchan" which is often served in a variety of Korean restaurants.

Frozen Beers

Hooraaaay! Just got two glasses of frozen beers from Seorae as a complimentary, yeay I'm so happy for having beer during the sunny day, haha! I thought, this could be said to be one of the uniqueness from Seorae. Feel so fresh! And now, I'm ready for pork! Deuseyo!

King Spicy Galmaegisal

King Spicy Galmaegisal (IDR 149.800) was a large portion of their world famous spicy Galmaegisal and suitable for 3-4 persons. This maybe known as Skirt Meat! Looks so tempting, isn't it?

King Spicy Galmaegisal

It's time to grill! WHOOP! And for pork lovers, I'm sure you guys will like this food! And can't wait to enjoy it with beers, haha. Anyway, it was marinated with Seorae's secret recipe, wow!

King Spicy Galmaegisal

And tadaaaa, it's done! Now, it's time to devouring all the pork *grin*. Did you know? Galmaegisal is the specialty from Seorae, each fully-grown pig only produces 250 grams of this sirloin-extension. Surely, it's so juicy and tender, this rare part was reserved strictly for Korean royalties in olden days.

Spicy Samgyeopsal

Next, just another pork, Spicy Samgyeopsal (IDR 79.800) was a pork belly and marinated with their special spicy sauce. Apparently, this is the menu that you should order when you visit to Seorae. idk why, I really in love with this one.

Spicy Samgyeopsal

Okay, let's back to grill again! See, how tempting when the pork was grilled! Omagaaah, I couldn't resist my 'lust' for this pork. HAHA!

Spicy Samgyeopsal

Whoaaa, it's done perfectly! For me, it so juicy enough and not too spicy as I imagined before. And for those of you who don't like spicy, I'm sure you are able to taste it, because its less spicy, hehe.


Hangjeongsal (IDR 89.800) was pork neck and marinated with Korean spices, then grilled to crisp. Very soft with just the right amount of juice. Just a simply marination but still awesome!


Grill, griiiill and griill! I think, grilling is something that kind of sucks, because I have to wait for the meat cooked and ready to eat. HAHA. So sorry, I can't stand for the pork. *happy face*


Neat rows of pork! They look so ask to be eaten by me. And this one become my favorite menu, maybe you can see on the outside is crisp, but the meat is still soft and juicy. I need two servings, not one. HAHA.


Bulgalbi (IDR 179.800), was a Korean Beef Ribs with simply marination. Anyway, it was a new menu from Seorae and it's worth for you to try, umm!


Perfectly well done! HAP HAP! Hmm, no words can describe, why pork is always good in any condition? Anyone of you can gimme a reason why? HAHA. 

Kimchi Bento Box

Kimchi Bento Box (IDR 54.800) was an authentic Korean kimchi from Seorae. Surely, I didn't know if they also provide Bento Box, haha. It was kimchi fried rice and topped with fried egg and nori seaweed. 

Kimchi Bento Box

You may wonder why the Bento Box looks so messy? Haha. Don't worry, because the proper way to eat this Bento Box is just SHAKE as you like, until quiet perfect. But the taste was good enough and you should try for once. IMHO, it was perfect for quick meal on-the-go!

Sundubu Jjigae

And finally, we meet with the soup, Sundubu Jjigae (IDR 54.800) was a spicy tofu stew mixed with tender pork, fresh vegetables, mushrooms, seafood and Omega-3 eggs. And this Sundubu Jjigae is my favorite among the other Korean restaurants, idk why. :)


Tteokkochi (IDR 79.800), tteok and bacon stick, another new menu comes from Seorae, Alam Sutera. Perhaps you're more familiar with topokki, but this time, the topokki was rolled with bacon and served like satay. Anyway, the topokki was a little bit hard to chew, maybe due to undercooked.

And we are back again with something green yet healthy, called it with 'lettuce'. Maybe you already know why eating pork sometimes served with lettuce? Because lettuces can reduce your cholesterol when you eat this porky! Haha.

Special Pat Bing So

Then a bowl of sweetness for the last, Special Pat Bing So (IDR 50.000) which consist of grapes, kiwi, bubble, watermelon and mango. And it also served with shaved ice with sweet red bean and creamy ice cream. The taste is so refreshing!

And overall was really good, especially for the Spicy Galmaegisal, Samgyeopsal and Hangjeongsal! Surely, we'll back again for pork :)


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