Sunday, October 19, 2014


Whoaa, I just got a box of sweetness from Champs Patisserie - I'm so excited because I really in love with their mille crepes (especially for the Original, haha). And for today, I've 12 slices of mille crepes, yeah! And did you know what is Mille Crepes? Mille means a thousand in France, a cake which is a  crepes layered. But in fact, the layers aren't really layered in thousands, haha! Their cakes served in 20 layered crepes with fresh ingredients.

Well, I can not wait to taste it! It really is so tempting me with their soft layers. And just information, this cake should keep refrigerated under 4°C and best served in 3 days! Anyway, you can also request for size and portion such as 10 slices / 12 slices / 20 slices (per 20cm/diameter).

Okay, it's time to eat a lot, HAHA! And let me explain a little for their best seller. They also have 4 flavors as their best seller :
  • Original Vanilla - a Champs Patisserie's signature mille crepes, is a handmade crepes layered with vanilla pod-infused light cream and caramelized layer on top for the finishing touch
  • Cheese - Cream cheese filling with lemon jam inside and icing sugar on top
  • Chocolate - Chocolate cream filling blended with lots of chocolate bits
  • Oreo - Light cream filling mixed with chunks  of Oreo cookies

And beside that, they also have some of Chef Recommendations, are you curios about what flavour are they? Here they are :

  • Caramel Chocolate - A homemade caramel paste with dark chocolate
  • Green Tea - Imported Matcha and Red Beans, a perfect match with caramel topping
  • Tiramisu - Classic Tiramisu with homemade lady finger and lots of mascarpone cheese

And the good news for you, this time they have some that will tempt your tongue! Here's some of them :
  • Rum Raisin - Cream blended with real rum soaked California raisins (contain of Alcohol)
  • The Black - A combination of vanilla, oreo and chocolate
  • Triple Happiness - A combination of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate

Overall, I really love with their mille crepes, I love their softness layers and I love for the Original Vanilla! Surely, I'm hooked and can't get enough for this one, haha. Anyway, thank you Champs Patisserie for giving me a sweetness treat!


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