Friday, October 31, 2014


This is one of the restaurants or a new hangout spot in South Jakarta, it was 3 Wise Monkeys which is a Japanese Restaurant and Bar specializing in Traditional Kaiseki Omakase and Sake Bar. Hmm, I think it was quite easy to find this place, you can see the logo which is quite big and located opposite the Crematology, a popular coffee shop around there. And now I couldn't wait to blog it for all of you guys!

Here's some photos the inside of this popular restaurant in nowadays. Feels like home and combined with wood, looks so minimalist yet cozy. And you'll find some pictures of monkeys in this room. Haha!

Hahaha! Look at that monkeys, I just found it there! So funny and suddenly I grab my camera only to take a picture of this three cute monkeys character. HAHA! Anyway, it's my time to enjoy what I've ordered, come with me then! :)

California Roll

The first menu : California Roll (IDR 45.000), was consist of kani, tobiko, vegetable, mayonnaise and avocado. For me, it looks a like usual California Roll or because I'm not really love with this kind of sushi, hehe.

3 Wise Monkeys Special Roll

3 Wise Monkeys Special Roll (IDR 72.000), was a salmon roll with special ingredients (cream cheese, kani sticks, takwan and mayonnaise). Hmm anyway, its size a little bigger than a usual sushi roll, maybe because it was a special one, hehe. But, I'm loving it!

Grilled Tongue (Gyutan)

Grilled Tongue / Gyutan (IDR 150.000), maybe you think this menu was a bit pricey, but it would be very worth if you've tasted it. This maybe I can say as one of the best Gyutan I have ever found so far. Hope you agree with me, hehe. This gyutan is very soft and tender, you don't need to feel difficult when chewed it. And it's more perfect when combined with its sauce! Don't say anything if you haven't try it, hehe.

Soyu Butter Beef

Soyu Butter Beef, US Prime (IDR 99.000), this one called as a set menu which include of rice, soup, salad and chawanmushi (well known as egg custard, consist of shiitake mushrooms, kamaboko and chicken meat). FYI, I had the best chawanmushi here! :)

Soyu Butter Beef

And for this menu, you can choose the package : combo platter or ala carte. And this one, I show you more details of the good one. And again, its meat was really soft and you don't feel like eating beef. Hehe.

Steam Salmon with Truffle Sauce

Steam Salmon with Truffle Sauce (IDR 79.000) is one of ala carte menu (there's no set menu for this only). And if I may say, this is one of my favorite menu here. Oh why? You should try it by yourself, because no words can describe it! Haha. It was really really smoooooth and idk why, it feels like melt on your mouth! And for its broth...Oh my goodness, it was really damn good! A-MUST-TO-TRY!

Grilled Salmon Head

Grilled Salmon Head (IDR 39.000), this was the last menu that I should taste for this lunch, because initially there're no plans to order this menu. And however, they said this is also one of the favorites menu from here. And finally, we decided to order and taste it. Surely, it was really good, smooth and juicy! Nyuummm...


And it's time to enjoy some freshness! Here's Kimochi (IDR 45.000), was lychee fruits and pineapple crushed in passion syrup, orange juice and shake hard. Anyway, Kimochi is a Japanese word meaning 'feeling', 'mood' or 'sensation' (don't think about the worst meaning, haha). So, get fun with this sensation of freshness fruits!


The next is Ganbatee (IDR 45.000), such a blended creation of banana, orange juice, fresh lime juice and mooing vanilla. Perhaps by mentioning fruit's name, you can already feel the freshness. And now it's time to enjoy the real freshness!

And overall, every food here was damn good and surely, I'll back here sometimes. Perfect!


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Jl. Suryo No. 26, Senopati
South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 2912 6528
Opening Hours : 11.00 - 00.00

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hello peeps! Today, I just wanna share to you about my awesome night, called it "A Evening of Wines". And last week, I was invited to come and enjoy the wines from Penfolds at Jimbaran Lounge, InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza. And here's some photos from me to you! :)

Before going into the main event, I would like to explain a little about Penfolds to you, so you can enjoy a little journey of mine, hehe. Penfolds is an Australian wine producer that was founded in Adelaide in 1844 by Christopher Rawson Penfold, an English physician who emigrated to Australia, and his wife, Mary Penfold. It is one of Australia's oldest wineries, and is currently part of Treasury Wine Estates. And as I know, Penfolds is one of Australia's oldest and most iconic wineries with a history and heritage that reflects the country's journey from colonial settlement to the modern era. And Penfolds also has played a pivotal role in the evolution of winemaking in Australia and across the world.

And on Nov 22nd, 2014, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) was announce a new partnership with global wine company, Treasury Wine Estates, to offer a premium selection of wine from award-winning Australian marque Penfolds at more than 65 InterContinental hotels and resorts across Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA).

The collaboration will bring a great new selection of fine wines to hotel dinner tables and bars, enhancing dining experiences across the region. InterContinental guests also can expect exciting new programmes and events specially tailored for the wine connoisseur in them, including exclusive wine flights, access to rare and limited wines and a bespoke wine list to match every dining occasion in each hotel.

Mr. Simon Cant (Penfolds Ambassador)

Here's Mr. Simon Cant, as the Penfolds Ambassador. He just give us a little speech in the opening tonight! He was a friendly and funny person, anyway I'm so glad to meet and chat with him. So, it's time to enjoy some tapas and barbecue which is provided by InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza's Team.

Haha! I just found spaghetti here and I choose with tomato sauce, because I hate chilli! It was good enough and I grab cheese to put it on the top, a little melted cheese that I got! *cheers*

And let's move to barbecue area! There's a chef who help us to grill some foods. Are you feel like in the jungle? HAHA! Of course not, this location is a bit behind as part of the park in Jimbaran Lounge. Love to play with nature :)

This is some of the food I've tasted in a barbeque area, including grilled shrimp, grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, and grilled fish! And everything is cooked to perfection!

Look at the beautiful yet a sexy bottles from Penfolds, which also decorated with red roses around it. Make this night more warm with a touch of roses.

This is the one provided for us to taste by Penfolds, Bin 8 Cabernet Shiraz. Bin 8 has been crafted in the traditional Penfolds style. Ripe, balanced fruit flavors are supported by softly integrated oak the resulting in a silky, smooth red wine. It was Introduced in response to an interest in Cabernet Shiraz blends - a classic Australian wine style that caught the attention of the international wine media. Although Bin numbers were originally named after the original binning location after bottling, Bin 8 was given its number Because It uses older oak previously used for Bin 128, Bin 28 and Bin 389 - with '8' obviously providing the common thread. Grape Variety : 57% Cabernet Sauvignon and 43% Shiraz.

After Bin 8 Cabernet Shiraz, I moved to Koonunga Hill Chardonnay 2012. It reflects Penfolds multi-region, multi- vineyard blending philosophy, which enables winemakers to source the best parcels of fruit to produce consistently high quality wines from each vintage. A light to medium bodied Chardonnay with distinctive primary fruit characters and a subtle underlay of moderate oak. And Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay also mirrors its sister red wines as one of Australia's best value white wines, offering quality at an affordable price. Grape Variety : 100% Chardonnay.

And next, I tasted for Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling 2012. Some of Penfolds finest Riesling parcels in the early 1970s were bottled under the Autumn label and the Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling acknowledges the original 1971, by closely adhering to the original packaging with a fitting ‘retro’ label. The Autumn label now sits in the Koonunga Hill tier and like its siblings, it aims to deliver the quality, value and consistency for which Koonunga Hill is renowned. Grape Variety : 95% Riesling and 5% Traminer.

Oh my goodness, there are several wine should I taste for tonight. So, here's I come for Koonunga Hill Seventy Six Shiraz Cabernet 2012. Penfolds Koonunga Hill has always aimed to deliver quality, value and consistency. The original 1976 Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet is a legendary wine that is still drinking well today, with numerous bottles still taken to the Penfolds Red Wine Re-corking Clinics by collectors who know of its quality and longevity. In its short ‘contemporary’ history, the Seventy Six label has already enjoyed multiple show successes and the Penfolds Winemaking Team are confident the 2012 vintage reaches the same quality and expectations as its predecessors. Grape Variety : 76% Shiraz and 24% Cabernet Sauvignon.

You can also relax here, looks so spacious and pleasant. And on this night was more relaxed because I accompanied by Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet 2012 while listening to live acoustic band and the sound of flowing water. Anyway, Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet is very much a reflection of the Penfolds winemaking style and philosophy. Sourced from premium vineyards across South Australia, the wine is known for its full-flavoured style always with impressive Shiraz and Cabernet fruit, firm yet well-rounded structure and balanced oak. Grape Variety : 66% Shiraz and 34% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Look! That night was like a 'sea' of people! More towards the night, more felt fun. We met with new friends and raise up the glass! *cheers*

And again, thank you Penfolds for having me in your awesome night!


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InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 10-11, MidPlaza
Phone : (021) 2510 888

Wednesday, October 22, 2014



Seorae is now open their second branch at Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutera and you can easily to find their second outlet! And if I'm not mistaken, they just opened this branch around the end of July 2014 and Seorae is a franchise that comes directly from Korea.

Seorae in Indonesia comes with lux style but still affordable, they come with their own style. Here they have a signature dish, Galmaegisal - which is listed as an expensive meat, because it can only be obtained 250gr from an adult pig.

And it's time to stepped-in and take a little journey at Seorae! Here's the first room (not really a spacious place) but here are brighter because a lot of lights and not feel so cramped. Hehe. And I'm happy to be invited here to taste their menu and seated here, yeah!

Here's the second room from Seorae, less of light but still comfortable for you to enjoy their dishes.

And while waiting for the main menu, they present 6-7 small bites which better known as "Banchan" which is often served in a variety of Korean restaurants.

Frozen Beers

Hooraaaay! Just got two glasses of frozen beers from Seorae as a complimentary, yeay I'm so happy for having beer during the sunny day, haha! I thought, this could be said to be one of the uniqueness from Seorae. Feel so fresh! And now, I'm ready for pork! Deuseyo!

King Spicy Galmaegisal

King Spicy Galmaegisal (IDR 149.800) was a large portion of their world famous spicy Galmaegisal and suitable for 3-4 persons. This maybe known as Skirt Meat! Looks so tempting, isn't it?

King Spicy Galmaegisal

It's time to grill! WHOOP! And for pork lovers, I'm sure you guys will like this food! And can't wait to enjoy it with beers, haha. Anyway, it was marinated with Seorae's secret recipe, wow!

King Spicy Galmaegisal

And tadaaaa, it's done! Now, it's time to devouring all the pork *grin*. Did you know? Galmaegisal is the specialty from Seorae, each fully-grown pig only produces 250 grams of this sirloin-extension. Surely, it's so juicy and tender, this rare part was reserved strictly for Korean royalties in olden days.

Spicy Samgyeopsal

Next, just another pork, Spicy Samgyeopsal (IDR 79.800) was a pork belly and marinated with their special spicy sauce. Apparently, this is the menu that you should order when you visit to Seorae. idk why, I really in love with this one.

Spicy Samgyeopsal

Okay, let's back to grill again! See, how tempting when the pork was grilled! Omagaaah, I couldn't resist my 'lust' for this pork. HAHA!

Spicy Samgyeopsal

Whoaaa, it's done perfectly! For me, it so juicy enough and not too spicy as I imagined before. And for those of you who don't like spicy, I'm sure you are able to taste it, because its less spicy, hehe.


Hangjeongsal (IDR 89.800) was pork neck and marinated with Korean spices, then grilled to crisp. Very soft with just the right amount of juice. Just a simply marination but still awesome!


Grill, griiiill and griill! I think, grilling is something that kind of sucks, because I have to wait for the meat cooked and ready to eat. HAHA. So sorry, I can't stand for the pork. *happy face*


Neat rows of pork! They look so ask to be eaten by me. And this one become my favorite menu, maybe you can see on the outside is crisp, but the meat is still soft and juicy. I need two servings, not one. HAHA.


Bulgalbi (IDR 179.800), was a Korean Beef Ribs with simply marination. Anyway, it was a new menu from Seorae and it's worth for you to try, umm!


Perfectly well done! HAP HAP! Hmm, no words can describe, why pork is always good in any condition? Anyone of you can gimme a reason why? HAHA. 

Kimchi Bento Box

Kimchi Bento Box (IDR 54.800) was an authentic Korean kimchi from Seorae. Surely, I didn't know if they also provide Bento Box, haha. It was kimchi fried rice and topped with fried egg and nori seaweed. 

Kimchi Bento Box

You may wonder why the Bento Box looks so messy? Haha. Don't worry, because the proper way to eat this Bento Box is just SHAKE as you like, until quiet perfect. But the taste was good enough and you should try for once. IMHO, it was perfect for quick meal on-the-go!

Sundubu Jjigae

And finally, we meet with the soup, Sundubu Jjigae (IDR 54.800) was a spicy tofu stew mixed with tender pork, fresh vegetables, mushrooms, seafood and Omega-3 eggs. And this Sundubu Jjigae is my favorite among the other Korean restaurants, idk why. :)


Tteokkochi (IDR 79.800), tteok and bacon stick, another new menu comes from Seorae, Alam Sutera. Perhaps you're more familiar with topokki, but this time, the topokki was rolled with bacon and served like satay. Anyway, the topokki was a little bit hard to chew, maybe due to undercooked.

And we are back again with something green yet healthy, called it with 'lettuce'. Maybe you already know why eating pork sometimes served with lettuce? Because lettuces can reduce your cholesterol when you eat this porky! Haha.

Special Pat Bing So

Then a bowl of sweetness for the last, Special Pat Bing So (IDR 50.000) which consist of grapes, kiwi, bubble, watermelon and mango. And it also served with shaved ice with sweet red bean and creamy ice cream. The taste is so refreshing!

And overall was really good, especially for the Spicy Galmaegisal, Samgyeopsal and Hangjeongsal! Surely, we'll back again for pork :)


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SEORAE Alam Sutera
Flavor Bliss Ext. Kav 3A
Alam Sutera, Tangerang
Phone : (021)  2900 5055