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Before I start to review, I just wanna say thank you to Zomato for treating us here with another fellow foodies. I just had a lot of fun at #ZomatoMeetUp event and met with new foodies who loves to take a picture before they're eating. HAHA!

Brentwood Grill is one of a casual fine dining around South Jakarta, precisely across of the Dharmawangsa Square. Are you curious about this warm place? Let's take a little journey!

This place is dominant with wood so diners easily feel comfortable and relax upon entering the restaurant, among the dim lights and the warm ambiance.

And before he start to cook, he was inviting us to step into their kitchen! Wow, this really surprised me! Because we are rarely allowed to go into the kitchen when the chefs are cooking.

And before exiting the kitchen, I saw some of his collection which is also a favorite things, some knives. There appears some kind of knife that he used when cooking.

Then before starting, we were introduced by William (from the Zomato) regarding to Mr. Adriano Mazek, owner of brentwood Grill, is also known as Chef Adri. He's both the owner and sous chef, what a crazy! He works like this because his passion for food and cooking, as seeing you a good food in good quality. SALUTE!

Okay, before start to the appetizer menu, let's take a glass of wine and cheers to the others foodies. And tonight is gonna be awesome!

Let's start with something fresh and green! Say yes to SALAD! This was one of the unique salad, they put some slices of strawberry to make it look attractive and refreshing, such a good presentation! And for the sauce, a lilt sour but I love it!

Escargots a L'ail et au Echalotes

Escargots a L'ail et au Echalotes, its taste was really good, I couldn't resistor the appetiser menu like this! Haha. It was escargots seared with butter, garlic, shallot and provincial herbs. It’s got well-balanced seasonings and this is the star for tonight!

New England Clam Chowder

New England Clam Chowder as the second course which is consist of clam, potato cream and herbs. For me, it has a good and also its creamy consistency, but I haven’t bitten a single clam when I slurp it. And one more thing, I wish it was served in warmer condition, so the taste will be better.

Hokkaido Pentocles, Safran Nage, Les Yeux Noirs et Petits Pois

Hokkaido Pentocles, Safran Nage, Les Yeux Noirs et Petits Pois, just the next course served in petite portion, haha. Surely, it wasn't enough with just one! I love with the softness of that scallops and also perfect served with crisp, something crunchy. And if you want to enjoy a bit of a sweet sensation, you can eat that cherry tomato. Hehe.

Chateaubriand Angus Steak

Chateaubriand Angus Steak, looks very striking when served! It was Australian angus tenderloin, mushroom terrine, tomato confit and red wine jus. I think it's too many items in a plate, so it looks a bit 'difficult' when you want to eat it. And at this time, I ordered medium rare but they presented to me was the medium well. But its okay for me, also good!

Earthy Coffee Crunchy Almond

And for the last, time for dessert : Earthy Coffee Crunchy Almond! I thought the white chocolate banana choux was perfect, chewy! I'm in love with the blend of banana and white caramel, perfectly balanced for me. And for the chocolate-coffee mousse, it was really great! Rich and bold for its taste and texture, so damn good. You can also enjoy the mixture of sweet and bitter. The last but not the least, I also like the white caramel coated cream puff, really like it like I want more for that one, haha!

Overall, the food served here is very good, but it would be better if it was served in a warmer temperature.


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