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Sandwich is one of the world's largest food categories. Nowadays, more and more people are looking for the original taste of the bread makers with quality fresh ingredients. And on this time, you'll find Yo'Panino which also comes with freshness and provide 8 flavours of Cold Pressed Juices.

"Made Great Sandwich" is the tagline of Yo'Panino and bring subs to Jakarta is the ambition of Yo'Panino to provide an alternative for the people of Jakarta. And to ensure the subs in accordance with local flavor and international standards, Yo'Panino also involves a cake-maker of Baker & Pattiserrie, Dean Brettschneider - which is also known as the Global Baker.

And now it's time to sample some of the menu Yo'Panino! Come and join with me!

Java Tempe Salad

Java Tempe Salad (IDR 49.000), it was a uniqueness from Yo'Panino. Maybe a salad usually served with a western style, but this time, I tasted the salad with Indonesian style. How it was? Surely, it was pretty good and make me hooked! Just simply consist of crispy tempe, spiced java slaw and chopped romaine lettuce. You should try! :)

Avo-Mango Prawn Salad

Getting healthy for awhile? Hmm, I don't think so! But I just tried Avo-Mango Prawn Salad (IDR 69.000), looks so greenish and also really fresh, served with grilled prawns, slices of avocado and mango, spiced lime dressing and freshly chopped mesclun & arugula. Overall, this salad can be quite good, but there's a sense that it's just too strong in the seasoning, idk what it was. Hehe.

And for the sauce, Yo'Panino provide 5 different flavors to accompany your favourite menu, such as : Yo Aioli, Yo Angry, Yo Java, Yo Wasabi, Yo Barbecue. Pick one as you like!

Fresh Cut Fries and Chick Pops

Now, start with something small, called it as sidekicks! Yeah, it was Fresh Cut Fries (IDR 15.000) and Chick Pops (IDR 24.000), a small portion wasn't enough, because 'me so likey!' You can feel the crunchiness but the meat still tender.

Buffalo Wings

NEXT! Buffalo Wings (IDR 27.000 for 4 pcs), hmm ya, it looks like a usual chicken wings. I'm sure, you already know how the taste of this food. Haha. For me, it a lil bit spicy. 

Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe (IDR 69.000), one of a new menu and it become my favourite! I love it from the first bite, haha. Surely, it was a ground beef with their special sauce, cheddar melt and served on Toasty Farmhouse White.

Philly Cheese Steak

Philly Cheese Steak (IDR 69.000), a menu comes from Yo'Legendary list. It was consist of sliced rib-eye, caramelized onions, cheddar melt lettuce, tomatoes, garlic chips, Yo'Aioli sauce and Toasty Farmhouse White as the bread. Such a big bite for you!

Big Daddy Patty Melts

Big Daddy Patty Melts (IDR 69.000), just another new menu from here! Take a bite which consist of minced patty beef, cheddar melt, fried egg and served on warm Turkish Pide as the bread. Love it and you should try!

Hot Java Chick Wrap

Hot Java Chick Wrap (IDR 49.000), this is one of Yo'Signature which consist of grilled chicken, edamame, spiced java slaw, crispy wontons and wrapped with tortilla. This one was good enough and the uniqueness is I can find edamame on it, haha! :)

Yo'Pressed Juices

Cold pressed juices are one of love and patience. The fresh fruits and vegetables are pressed using a hydraulic press juicer that applies a tremendous amount of pressure to extract the nectar directly from the pulp. Yo’Pressed Juice (IDR 39.000) is simply the closest thing to raw, pure fruit or vegetables and allows you to get a concentrated amount of nutrients. And because of this process, Yo’Pressed Juices should be enjoyed within 2 days of purchase and always keep refrigerated. Once opened to be consumed within 24 hours.

Yo’Pressed Juice are available in 4 flavors :
  • Liquid Sunshine (coconut water and orange)
  • Tropical Greens (coconut water, pineapple, spinach, lemon and mint)
  • Berry Fabulous! (strawberry, coconut water and honey)
  • Aloha Yo! (coconut water and pineapple)

Coconut Squares Cake

Coconut Squares Cake (IDR 18.000), may at first glance look like a brownies, but this is a coconut cake! And you will really feel pretty strong of the coconut aroma. In addition, this cake is very tasty and smooth. Me likey!

Banana Cake

Banana Cake (IDR 18.000), just another cake from Yo'Panino before we went home. Yeay! The last we're having a banana cake! Smooth sponge cake and enjoy the banana aroma.

Fresh Baked Cookies

And for the last, it's time to enjoy some sweet kicks from Yo'Panino! Yeay, time for fresh baked cookies : Chocolate Mint, Almond and Chocolate Chip (IDR 12.000). 

Of course, I'll be back here again for a Sloppy Joe! HAHA


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