Saturday, August 2, 2014


Woodpecker Coffee is another invention from Common House team, which also manages the popular one, Mama Goose Restaurant & Bar. Okay, it's time for me to explore this place, coffee and snacks!

It was one of the new coffee shop in the area of Panglima Polim, located just next to HolyGyu! and also located opposite to Mangia, Taco Local and Orbis Store. Probably, it was pretty easy to find this place, but maybe you missed this place, because there's no signage that you can see through, only the 'woodpecker bird' logo that you'll find near the entrance.

Since the very beginning, their love for coffee is very strong and it was an easy decision for them to provide coffee enthusiasts in Jakarta a proper neighborhood coffee shop. And Woodpecker Coffee will become a-must destination and hang out place both for locals and others.

And don't be surprised! You can also find some imported magazines here and this can be said to be one of my favorite magazines. Besides monocle, you can also find some Japanese magazines here, or maybe you can use it as a property when you want to capture your coffee / food. HAHA.

While waiting for the coffee, you can also directly see the baristas who are preparing for your coffee. And if you're curious, you can directly ask them, they're so friendly.


And this time, I want to taste their Affogato (IDR 20.000), I think the coffee here is quite good, but on this menu, its coffee was served with quite high acid content, but it would be very suitable if eaten with vanilla ice cream.

Caffe Latte

And the next, my partner from Eshtravaganza was choose for Caffe Latte (IDR 25.000). He said this coffee was good enough and I try to taste it, okay! I got the smoothness from its! Cheers! :)

Oreo Waffle with Nutella

Tadaa! We save the best for the last! NO WORDS CAN DESCRIBE! It was Oreo Waffle (IDR 15.000) and topped with Nutella (IDR 10.000). Can you imagine how it taste? If you don't, you should come here and taste it by yourself! Perfectness level upgraded!


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Jl. Panglima Polim V No. 23
South Jakarta
Opening Hours : Wed - Mon (10.00 - 22.00), closed on Tuesday
Instagram : @woodpeckerjkt

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