Saturday, August 23, 2014


Hello sweetness!

Now, I just got a package from Sicacilla, an online dessert shop as a homemade-tart-specialist that provide sweet tarts, bake tarts daily and only use fresh ingredients, which believe to deliver the best flavour of each. Yeay! I'm so excited for having this sweet treats!

And today, I woke up earlier to take some photo of this. Here they're : SIX SWEET SINS! It was Original Coconut Cream, Lemon, Chocolate with Caramelized Banana, Greentea & Red Bean, Cheesecake and Mocha with Salted Cream and I also put a little angel beside the sweetness. HAHA.

And now, I enjoyed this pie-tart (Mocha with Salted Cream, Cheesecake and Original Coconut Cream) while reading and looking on XOXO 'Axioo's booklet', which is enough to inspire me in the field of photography. This may be said to be a beautiful day, accompanied with something sweet and inspiring.

And this time, something sweet will be accompanied by something sweet as well. This time : Lemon, Green  Tea & Red Bean and Chocolate with Caramelized Banana which will accompany me while enjoying this morning to see the photos prewedding from Axioo that so inspired me. Everything was good and have a nice day ahead!


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