Thursday, July 24, 2014


GanBei Kitchen is a new restaurant in Bandung area. This restaurant comes with Asian menu combined with touches of Japanese style. As I know, many people said this restaurant was quite unique and classic. So, we're taking time to stop by and to taste the menu from GanBei Kitchen.

Yeah! Let's stepped in! It was the main room at GanBei Kitchen, this room was dominated by wood and rattan in white and brown. This place is more suitable for dinner with family and more light in this room.

Okay, this was another side from GanBei Kitchen, feel more rustic yet cozy. Hmm, ya it was perfect for hanging out or a little meeting with your friends. The combination of iron, wood and bricks as the interior can provide the warmth and comfort to the visitors.

Then this was the side area of ​​GanBei Kitchen, this place could be said more romantic because the seat prepared a longer and wider, where you can be more relaxed and comfortable with your partner.

One of the old stuff that you can found at GanBei Kitchen, or sometimes maybe you can feel the classic impression when you enter and stepped into this place.

Get closer! And you'll find this words when you wanna go to the rest room. Did you know about that words? If I'm not mistaken, someone who is quite mature in terms of age or someone who have to be in a happy marriage, they could say with certainty that was so true. Hehe.

Okay, it's time to try and taste the menu that we've ordered!

Stir Fried Mix Asian Vegetables

And now, we started to try something green, called it Stir Fried Mix Asian Vegetables (IDR 42.000) which consist of corns, bean sprouts, tofu, mushrooms, etc. This dish was good and fresh so far, but for me it was less tasty (depends on your personal taste, maybe) Hehe.

Crispy Pork Belly with Nam Pla Prik

Then, we move to something tasty and awesome! Yeah, we never say NO for this, Crispy Pork Belly with Nam Pla Prik (IDR 80.000), just no words can describe how good it was! So damn good and I'm hooked! I've thought that this is the one and a MUST-TO-ORDER when you visit Gan Bei Kitchen. Anyway, Nam Pla Prik is just simply a combination of fish sauce and Thai chillies. Some people were addicted to this sauce and put it on pretty much all foods they wanna eat. 

Wok Fried Sal Chili Pepper Broccoli and Squid Tentacles

Wok Fried Salt Chili Pepper Broccoli and Squid Tentacles (IDR 35.000), another little tasty dishes! Marinade are felt at all and perfectly fried. You can also feel and enjoy the crunchiness in every bite!


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Jl. Hegarmanah No. 12, Bandung
(Near Hotel Grand Serela Hegarmanah)
Phone : (022) 2041133
Instagram : ganbeikitchen

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