Thursday, July 31, 2014


The newest Japanese Bowl Bar in town! 

Yeay, it was Donburi Ichiya, which is located at Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta – the newest shopping mall to be opened soon! So, I came here to visit and try their special menu. 

So, let's come and order! And this is how to order your personal Donburi : 
  • Choose the bowl size (Mini or Regular)
  • Choose your Donburi : Guy Don / Yakitori Don / Aburi Salmon Don / Karaage Don
  • Choose your favorite sauce (1 for free and +IDR 4,545 for additional sauce) : Garlic Butter, Soy Honey, Regular Mayo, Spicy Mayo, Wasabi Mayo and Black Pepper.
  • Choose the topping (additional charge apply) : Melted Cheese, Kimchi, Tamagoyaki, Japanese Currying Onsen Tamago
  • You also add some extras : Beef, Yakitori, Aburi Salmon, Chicken Karaage, Extra Sauce or Extra Rice.

They come with minimalist concept, their place was dominant with wood and random Japanese poster - feel so cozy for having lunch or dinner here. In fact, this place was not big enough but you can easily to find it! Donburi Ichiya is really near with Hypermart and find the biggest logo there! Haha. Just stepped in and feel the little Japanese atmosphere here. 

Aburi Salmon with Tamagoyaki and Spicy Mayo Sauce & Melted Cheese

Aburi Salmon with Tamagoyaki and Spicy Mayo Sauce (IDR 52.000), slightly torched chopped salmon on rice, as my lunch! Because I'm a fan of salmon, so I chose and ordered this! And I also put an additional topping : Melted Cheese to make a better portion, haha. The taste was good enough, really worth to try, imho.

Gyu Don with Soy Honey Sauce

Guy Don with Soy Honey Sauce (IDR 48.000), simmered beef and onion on rice, just another simply lunch! The beef was tender and juicy enough. And also put Melted Cheese, as the additional topping. For me, this was good and will come back for this one!

This is what we've choose for our lunch today! We grab some 'crunchiness' from tempura (idk what I should called it, haha) and Kakiage!


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Lippo Mall Puri @ The St. Moritz
LG Floor #80
Instagram : donburi_ichiya

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