Thursday, July 31, 2014


The newest Japanese Bowl Bar in town! 

Yeay, it was Donburi Ichiya, which is located at Lippo Mall Puri, West Jakarta – the newest shopping mall to be opened soon! So, I came here to visit and try their special menu. 

So, let's come and order! And this is how to order your personal Donburi : 
  • Choose the bowl size (Mini or Regular)
  • Choose your Donburi : Guy Don / Yakitori Don / Aburi Salmon Don / Karaage Don
  • Choose your favorite sauce (1 for free and +IDR 4,545 for additional sauce) : Garlic Butter, Soy Honey, Regular Mayo, Spicy Mayo, Wasabi Mayo and Black Pepper.
  • Choose the topping (additional charge apply) : Melted Cheese, Kimchi, Tamagoyaki, Japanese Currying Onsen Tamago
  • You also add some extras : Beef, Yakitori, Aburi Salmon, Chicken Karaage, Extra Sauce or Extra Rice.

They come with minimalist concept, their place was dominant with wood and random Japanese poster - feel so cozy for having lunch or dinner here. In fact, this place was not big enough but you can easily to find it! Donburi Ichiya is really near with Hypermart and find the biggest logo there! Haha. Just stepped in and feel the little Japanese atmosphere here. 

Aburi Salmon with Tamagoyaki and Spicy Mayo Sauce & Melted Cheese

Aburi Salmon with Tamagoyaki and Spicy Mayo Sauce (IDR 52.000), slightly torched chopped salmon on rice, as my lunch! Because I'm a fan of salmon, so I chose and ordered this! And I also put an additional topping : Melted Cheese to make a better portion, haha. The taste was good enough, really worth to try, imho.

Gyu Don with Soy Honey Sauce

Guy Don with Soy Honey Sauce (IDR 48.000), simmered beef and onion on rice, just another simply lunch! The beef was tender and juicy enough. And also put Melted Cheese, as the additional topping. For me, this was good and will come back for this one!

This is what we've choose for our lunch today! We grab some 'crunchiness' from tempura (idk what I should called it, haha) and Kakiage!


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Lippo Mall Puri @ The St. Moritz
LG Floor #80
Instagram : donburi_ichiya

Thursday, July 24, 2014


GanBei Kitchen is a new restaurant in Bandung area. This restaurant comes with Asian menu combined with touches of Japanese style. As I know, many people said this restaurant was quite unique and classic. So, we're taking time to stop by and to taste the menu from GanBei Kitchen.

Yeah! Let's stepped in! It was the main room at GanBei Kitchen, this room was dominated by wood and rattan in white and brown. This place is more suitable for dinner with family and more light in this room.

Okay, this was another side from GanBei Kitchen, feel more rustic yet cozy. Hmm, ya it was perfect for hanging out or a little meeting with your friends. The combination of iron, wood and bricks as the interior can provide the warmth and comfort to the visitors.

Then this was the side area of ​​GanBei Kitchen, this place could be said more romantic because the seat prepared a longer and wider, where you can be more relaxed and comfortable with your partner.

One of the old stuff that you can found at GanBei Kitchen, or sometimes maybe you can feel the classic impression when you enter and stepped into this place.

Get closer! And you'll find this words when you wanna go to the rest room. Did you know about that words? If I'm not mistaken, someone who is quite mature in terms of age or someone who have to be in a happy marriage, they could say with certainty that was so true. Hehe.

Okay, it's time to try and taste the menu that we've ordered!

Stir Fried Mix Asian Vegetables

And now, we started to try something green, called it Stir Fried Mix Asian Vegetables (IDR 42.000) which consist of corns, bean sprouts, tofu, mushrooms, etc. This dish was good and fresh so far, but for me it was less tasty (depends on your personal taste, maybe) Hehe.

Crispy Pork Belly with Nam Pla Prik

Then, we move to something tasty and awesome! Yeah, we never say NO for this, Crispy Pork Belly with Nam Pla Prik (IDR 80.000), just no words can describe how good it was! So damn good and I'm hooked! I've thought that this is the one and a MUST-TO-ORDER when you visit Gan Bei Kitchen. Anyway, Nam Pla Prik is just simply a combination of fish sauce and Thai chillies. Some people were addicted to this sauce and put it on pretty much all foods they wanna eat. 

Wok Fried Sal Chili Pepper Broccoli and Squid Tentacles

Wok Fried Salt Chili Pepper Broccoli and Squid Tentacles (IDR 35.000), another little tasty dishes! Marinade are felt at all and perfectly fried. You can also feel and enjoy the crunchiness in every bite!


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Jl. Hegarmanah No. 12, Bandung
(Near Hotel Grand Serela Hegarmanah)
Phone : (022) 2041133
Instagram : ganbeikitchen

Sunday, July 20, 2014


It's a rainy day! And tonight, me and my family decided to look out for a dinner and looking for something warm. And finally, we stopped at Asoka Rasa to enjoy our dinner. Perhaps many of you already know about Asoka Rasa, which is located in Gading Serpong. And here's our little order!

Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish (Tauge can Ikan Asin)

Bean Sprouts with Salted Fish (IDR 30.000 / small), anyway, I'm not a lover of this menu! Haha. But, it was cooked perfectly well, so the bean sprouts still 'crunch'. And I think, it a little bit pricey for a small portion.

Saklon with Salted Vegetables (Saklon Sayur Asin)

Saklon with Salted Vegetables (IDR 55.000 / small), as my dad's favourite menu hehe. And if you didn't know about saklon, is better known by the name of Kodok Batu (which is famous for its meat that much). For this menu, the vegetables not too salty, but still tasty, especially the broth.

Salted Egg Fried Calamari (Cumi Goreng Telur Asin)

Salted Egg Fried Calamari (IDR 70.000 / medium), it's my favourite menu! Haha. Crisp calamari fried with salted egg and then cooked in savory. I really like the taste of it! And it also served in perfect seasoning. You gonna love it!

Grilled Fish with Ketchup

Grilled Fish with Ketchup (IDR 77.000), it's our last menu and we chose for Kuwe to be grilled with ketchup because I didn't like to eat something spicy, haha. And honestly, when I ordered it, it seems less fresh for a little bit fishy taste that I get when eating it. Hmm, just okay for sure!

Okay, it can be said our express-little-dinner in the rainy day! Hope you can enjoying my post! Hehe


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Jl. Gading Serpong Boulevard Blok BA3 No. 67
Gading Serpong - Tangerang
Phone : (021) 546 9777 / 547 4883

Saturday, July 5, 2014


La Hoya is one of the new restaurants in South Jakarta, precisely in Gandaria City Mall. La Hoya is also one restaurant under the auspices of Arena Gourmet, which is already quite popular with other restaurants, such as  HongKong Cafe, Seribu Rasa, Delika, Tatsuya and Penang Bistro.

On this time, La Hoya comes with the concept of Tex-Mex (Texas - Mexican), so this restaurant contains a touch of American taste. Therefore, you will find a menu like ribs, Hamburgers, BBQ Chicken Wings, Salmon Steaks, etc.

And for the interior, La Hoya has the concept of home-style Mexico, may be seen from the decorations used. In addition, this place is very comfortable to relax with friends or family.

El Ponche, was a mocktail with a mix of orange, lychee, passion fruit, grenadine and soda. The sensation of this reddish orange drink was so fruity and playful flavors. So fresh!

Caribbean Mango, just another sweet mocktail! A sweetness of mango was perfectly blend and topped with a slice of orange and strawberry.

Virgin Lychee Mojito, looks so fresh! In addition for its bright colors and green, the taste is so very refreshing and the mint flavor that can revive your spirit!

Ice Horchata, is the name of several kinds of traditional beverages, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley or tiger nuts. While in some countries the drink is usually tan and "milky", some recipes call for milk and others do not. Other ingredients often include sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. 

Ensalada La Hoya

Ensalada La Hoya (IDR 55.000), the freshness as our starter, a mixture of green leaves, spinach, roasted bell pepper, crunchy cheddar cheese croutons, beef bacon with creamy yellow dressing. And I just found an amazing sauce on it, perfectly served with this salad. And if allowed, I would buy this special sauce! Haha.

Las Quesadillas

Las Quesadillas (IDR 55.000), flour tortilla filled with a savoury mixture of cheese, garnished with sour cream, guacamole and salsa de molcajete. It was better if you enjoy it in warm and surely it's a must to order!

Pasta Al Ajillo / Fettuccine and Shrimps

Pasta Al Ajillo / Fettuccine and Shrimps (IDR 65.000), such a usual fettuccine which is served with shrimps and creamy ajillo sauce. Ajillo Sauce was an easy and quick way to make and this shrimp dish has a wonderful garlic flavor and you can also have it as a main dish over pasta or rice.

Enchiladas Gringas / Fried Burrito

Enchiladas Gringas / Fried Burrito (IDR 60.000 - Chicken / IDR 68.000 - Beef), a deep fried burrito filled with juicy beef or chicken grilled fajitas, savoury Mexican red rice and sautéed mix of bell peppers, garnished with a light salad. And you can also dress it with the sauce of your choice :
Salsa Roja - savory roasted tomato and onion with a hint of smoky Chipotle chilli.
Salsa Verde - creamy green Mexican tom.

Los Nachos

Los Nachos (IDR 58.000), was a crispy tortilla chips dressed with cheddar cheese sauce, home made beef chorizo, jalapeno pickles, sour cream, guacamole and fresh pico de gallo. ME LIKEY but the portion was big enough for two!

Taco de Barbacoa / Beef Taco

Taco de Barbacoa / Beef Taco (IDR 73.000), was a crispy taco filled with pulled beef, beef chorizo, pico de gallo, cabbage and lettuce, dressed with mango chipotle sauce, served with guacamole, sour cream and cheddar cheese. And because I'm a meat lover, so I really like it! HAHA.

Taco de Camaron / Shrimp Taco

Taco de Camaron / Shrimp Taco (IDR 69.000), soft taco filled with cajun style shrimp sauteed in butter, garnished with pico de gallo, crunchy cabbage and lettuce. And also served with the same sauce, such as guacamole, sour cream and cheddar cheese.


Churros (IDR 33.000), such a homemade churros with chocolate as the dipping sauce. Surely I'm hooked with this one, but it was better if serve and enjoy in warm!

El Delicado / Frozen Basil Cream

El Delicado / Frozen Basil Cream (IDR 37.000), it was a basil parfait served over cranberry and pistachio crumble, strawberries and balsamic reduction. This was a unique dessert for me and it's also pretty awesome, you have to taste it!

Pastel de Tres Leches / Sponge Cake

Pastel de Tres Leches / Sponge Cake (IDR 35.000), a sweet mixture of three milks soaks this fluffy sponge cake, topped with mocha frosting and toasted coconut. The sweetness one was really made my day, idk why! Its texture and shape resembles as tiramisu, but this is very tempting!

Frozen La Hoya Margarita! Woosshhaaa! It was a drink that I've been waiting for! Looks so sexy and topped with red cherry. At this time, margarita served as ice shavings that give the impression of its own and is very refreshing.

Mexican Moonwalk and Cocoa Monterrey, just another cocktails from La Hoya! Everything was so good and fresh! Okay, I promise I'll back for this 'sweet-little' things! HAHA


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Gandaria City Mall, South Jakarta
Main street Dining - Level G, Unit MG 31-32
Phone : (021) 2923 6458
Opening Hours : 10.00 - 22.00 (Mon - Sun)