Sunday, June 1, 2014


Three Buns Burgers and Cocktails, was one of which being famous these days, located in the Senopati area. Maybe it's too many cafes and places to eat/hangout at this area, but Three Buns have a slightly different concept to the others. 

And at this time, finally me and other bloggers can visit this place which is being crowded in a variety of social media. Perhaps, from a variety of delicious burger photos that you can find in social media, this time I and others bloggers want to prove, whether it is appropriate to my expectations and what the real sense and taste. Come follow me!

Because the weather is quite hot and sultry, we immediately ordered a refreshing drink. According to the info as I know, Three Buns has a very distinctive coke / sodas drinks, because it's homemade, which produce flavors that are quite different from the usual. And unfortunately, at this time we can't taste the Bare Roots Cola because the stock runs out.

Sherbie Hancock and Ginger Ninja

And finally we ordered Sherbie Hancock (IDR 30.000), was citrus sherbet lemonade and the pieces of lemon and orange make the mixture of soda feel more fresh. And next, Ginger Ninja (IDR 30.000), was a ginger fizz that packs a punch! Both drinks are included in the category of Jerks, homemade sodas made with natural ingredients and no preservatives. So refreshing, but the glass was too small for me, hehe.

Four Floors and Burning Man are ready to hit by us! Which one do you wanna try firstly? Okay, we're eating both now! HAP.

Naughty Fries

Naughty Fries (IDR 45.000), it may look a bit messy and filled with various materials such as béarnaise spiced, chilli beef, crisp shallots, Parmesan & sesame seeds. However, it looks a bit messy behind earlier, these fries are very tasty and delicious! Totally, I'm hooked!

Burning Man (IDR 110.000) which consists of prime 150g beef patty, cheese, roasted jalapeño relish, ketchup and hot dashi mayo. And because of many people said that burger has a spicy sensation when eating it, so I didn't dare to order this. But after I try to taste it, the burger isn't spicy as I thought before. Hehe.

Four Floors

Four Floors (IDR 125.000), this is the mainstay burger from Three Buns, 100g prime beef patties double, double cheese, triple onions, lettuce, pickles, ketchup and den miso mayo. Look how big and delicious this burger. How not, all presented in double sizes, make your tongue is so tempting. HAHA.

In my opinion, overall was good enough, such as good services, good place and ambience, but I think it feels mediocre and quite expensive for one serving burger, idk for sure. Oh ya, though the parking lot can be said very limited, but they provide valet parking services and not subject to special pricing.


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