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Immigrant, who has for years matured into becoming one of Jakarta’s iconic nightlife destinations, is proud to rekindle its epicurean roots with the introduction of an all-new The Immigrant Dining Room.

Immigrant and The Immigrant Dining Room are managed by PT Baresto Mitra Maju, the part of the umbrella company who also manages Rustique Grill & Wine, Monolog Quality Coffee & Co, de Luca Trattoria & Bar and Bistro Garçon.

Taking a spot within Immigrant's sprawling block on Plaza Indonesia's 6th Floor, the Dining Room is a new entity birthed from the aspiration to offer valued 'migrants' a better place to eat ad interact, away from the glittery - albeit trendy - club vibes. And now, they come with a new concept!

Okay, lets take a journey with me to the newest place at Jakarta!

This is it! When you enter and set foot in this place, you immediately find a bar that is quite convenient for you to relax or chilling out with your partner. The Dining Room also sports a bar, a semi-private alcove and both smoking and non-smoking area.

And for those of you who like to drink alcohol, do not fear! They also provide it for you. As shown in the picture above, a lot of wine bottles and glasses that adorn this room, which also can give the impression of an elegant yet classic.

This room feels very classic, a blend of wood, leather and marble also gives the impression like home. Furthermore, sash windows overlooking Jakarta cityscape give off that fresh semi-alfresco dining experience whenever weather permits.

It has 140 seats beckon diners and socialites while banquet options are available for groups dining for a more intimate gathering.

And it's time to eat and enjoy the dishes from The Immigrant Dining Room!

Wagyu Beef Burger

Wagyu Beef Burger (IDR 140.000) was a grilled patty of Australian wagyu beef, tomato chutney, jalapeños, cornichon and mozzarella gratin served with leaf salad & chunky potato fries. Hmm, surely this looks a little bit dry so I don't really enjoy with it. And for the dipping sauce,  it was a combination between Thai chili sauce and sour cream, perfect!

Staggioni Pizza

Staggioni Pizza (IDR 80.000), consist of beef bacon, mushroom, garlic and mozzarella. This pizza is served with thin skin, which gives the sensation of crisp and crunchy when it you bite it. 

Staggioni Pizza

And frankly, I love this pizza, it tastes so savory and delicious, then hooked with their slices of pork! When pork is never wrong, haha.

Grandma's Cannelloni Pasta

Grandma's Cannelloni Pasta (IDR 80.000), was an oven-baked cannelloni of chicken, mushroom, garlic, spinach and mozzarella with wood-smoked tomato puree and béchamel gratin.

Grandma's Cannelloni Pasta

Look at it! Is it tempting enough? Hmm, maybe yes, it was pieces of chicken, which is served with becham sauce. In my opinion, the chicken meat is quite tender and juicy, it's just a little bit less on the taste of the food itself, less savoury. 

The last, time for refreshing drinks! B.O.S (IDR 55.000, left) was a mixed of banana, orange and strawberry. This drink is really fresh my mind, maybe one glass isn't enough! And Iced Chocolate (IDR 38.000) just another drink as usual that you can found in any restaurant.

Fresh Orange (IDR 48.000, left) and Apple Mojito (IDR 55.000) just a mixed of red apple, mint leafs and lemon. Both of them was really fresh and make your mood better!

For your information :
Immigrant Club Re-Opening soon! A new, unique lounge and club experience is re-opening soon in Jakarta. And Immigrant will become the only place you want to spend your night and experience a clubbing like never before.


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Plaza Indonesia, 6th Floor (next to XXI Studio)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Opening Hours : 11PM until late (Monday - Sunday)
Phone : (021) 299 24 125 / 0812 99 3000 99

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