Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A special package comes from Ouma Boulangerie!

Just came home and found a big-brown-box on my table. Come nearer and see a little sweet letters from Ouma Boulangerie.

Ouma Boulangerie was a local-homemade artisan bakery. And to be in line with the concept, as I know that Ouma Boulangerie was taken from the name of his beloved daughter, 'Uma' and with an additional 'O' in front of it - in order to seem more French which is eventually serve as the brand.

You wanna know the inside?

Plain Croissant

Plain Croissant (IDR 10.000) this is one of my favourite. Look at its beautiful shape, this croissant was on my best list! You can feel the crunchiness at the outside and smooth for the inside, each layers was so smooth and thin.

Smoked Beef and Cheese Croissant

Smoked Beef and Cheese Croissant (IDR 17.500) this also my favourite, idk why, I really enjoyed when eat this croissant. Hmm... I thought, you should try it! :)

Cheese Croissant

Cheese Croissant (IDR 13.000) - I'm not such a cheese lovers, so I gave it to my little friend, Bart! So, let say 'Hi' to Bart! Hehe

Almond Croisssant

Almond Croissant (IDR 17.500) - it became my dad's favourite! He said "This is pretty good and really like it, can I have for two?" Haha. But sorry Dad, you only have one!

Peach Danish

Peach Danish (IDR 12.500) - when sweet meets the smoothness. What do you think guys? No words can describe it, you just eat and feel it by yourself. HAHA!

Cinnamons Danish

Cinnamon Danish (IDR 12.500) - Oh, can't deny! I'm hooked with this one, pretty well. Someday, I should order this for five, so I can enjoy it by myself. Haha. Surely, you can really feels the cinnamons with the smoothness of its bread.

Raisin Danish

Raisin Danish (IDR 12.500) - Even a Barista Lego can enjoy the sweetness of Ouma's Boulangerie. He said, this was very suitable as a coffee companion.

Blueberry Danish

Blueberry Danish (IDR 12.500) - none of which aren't good for me, all the bread was very tasty! Moreover, this time presented along with blueberries, almost perfect.

Mini Raisin Danish

Mini Raisin Danish (IDR 7.500), my minions also like this one! They scramble to eat it. Surely, this is their favourite. They said "Thanks Ouma Boulangerie!"

And here's some tips for you!

How to store your bread :
  • In room temperature, good for up to 3 days
  • In the refrigerator, good for up to 5-7 days
  • In the freezer, good for up to 7-10 days

How to re-heat your bread :
  • Take out from freezer or refrigerator and let it defrost or warm it until it reaches room temperature.
  • Always try to re-heat your bread using oven or oven toaster, never use a microwave.
  • If oven or even oven toaster aren't available, you can always use the top of a bread toaster and flip it to heat both sides half way through.
  • You want to re-heat them at around 180 Celcius degree for about 3-5 minutes.
  • Remember, for bread such as baguette or any other special bread, you want to re-heat them first, then cut / slice afterwards. This will make the outside crusty but keep the inside soft.
  • Let it cool down and enjoy your bread!


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