Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Tonight, I was one of the lucky people who was invited by Kahyangan Shabu-Shabu & Teppanyaki Restaurant to join the event of Matua Wine Dinner, that celebrates Japanese Cuisine - as well as to taste the dishes from Chef Haruyama. At the time of this dinner, Chef Haruyama will present 6 courses Japanese Dinner. Everything is worth of IDR 1.000.000++/ person (include free canapé). 

Kahyangan Shabu-Shabu Restaurant has been renowned for many years as the place where Jakarta’s elite and international guests enjoy outstanding dining, service and superb views of Jakarta. Kahyangan shabu – shabu serves a selection of premium quality meats, including imported Wagyu, US Rib Eye and premium Kobe beef which are served with fresh vegetables and the hotel’s famous Ponzu Sauce. And after the success of Shabu – Shabu Restaurant, the legendary Kahyangan opens a new teppanyaki restaurant in April 2012. They provide an intimate dining experience with superb views of Jakarta, where they serve only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Before entering the dinner room which has been prepared, we're the food bloggers and other media gathered in a room in advance, this may be regarded as a pre-dinner, a suitable time to get to know each other and chit-chats while enjoying some little snacks and champagne that has been provided. Looks so romantic and warm on that day! :)

This is a table-setting that has been prepared by a team of Kahyangan Shabu-Shabu and Teppanyaki Restaurant. When entering this room, all the tables are neatly laid out with all the equipment either from our dinner menu to invited guests names that have been placed on each table. 

Pumpkin Soup

And now, we started from Pumpkin Soup as the starter, a soup that is served in a small bowl and then put on a large plate is perfect served with Shingle Peak Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. It can be regarded as a very tasty appetizers, soup is served so smooth and savory. Certainly, a bowl of soup is actually not enough for me. 

SU-Jime Salmon and Tataki Maguro

SU-Jime Salmon marinated salmon 'pomelo' citrus vinegar and Tataki Maguro (seared rare yellow fin tuna with dash jelly) which also perfect accompanied with Shingle Peak Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Both of salmon and tuna were served with perfect freshness. This meal served with a topping that is slightly crisp, but to be honest I forgot what used to add for the sensation of this food.

Kaki Shiromiso Wan and Seared Foie Gras

Kaki Shiromiso Wan, as the next dishes from Chef Haruyama. Kaki Shiromiso Wan was an oyster served with saikyo shiro miso (which is served in a shot glass), also accompanied by a glass of Shingle Peak Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. The oyster was perfectly good and you can smell and find the taste of ginger on their shiro miso.

Seared Foie Gras and Unagi HAKATA

Seared Foie Gras and Unagi HAKATA, just another dishes which can hooked me well. Seared Foie Gras was a pear puree and balsamic teriyaki, which perfectly served with Matua Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Unagi HAKATA was a grill unagi eel and deep fried eggplant (which is served in a small bowl), also served with Matua Marlborough Pinot Noir.

Yaki Niku Ohmi Beef and "Tai Meshi" & Spinach Enoki Namuru Dashi Ae

Yaki Niko Ohmi Beef and "Tai Meshi" was a snapper steam rice and served in a plate with Spinach Enoki Namuru Dashi Ae, topped with some slices of omelet. Rice looks solid, it looks like using Japanese rice. This kinda perfect dish, so tasty and savoury - rice with little touches of snapper when served along with spinach that cooked with enoki mushrooms.

Trilogy Matua

And this is the last, but not the least! HAHA. It was Trilogy Matua as the desserts, consist of Macha Cake, Mangi Pudding and Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream. My favourite one was Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream, served not too sweet but still fresh. 

A little explanation about wine that I've tasted tonight :
------ Shingle Peak Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc - named after the distinctive mountain range looming over the vineyards in Marlborough, Shingle Peak was one of the pioneers in the region and have produced expressive Sauvignon Blanc since 1983. With bold notes of gooseberry, citrus and mouth filling tropical fruits followed by a luscious palate again of sweet tropical fruits. The texture is what sets this wine apart with its Pinot Gris-esque mouth feel with lends itself to great foods.

------ Matua Marlborough Sauvignon Blancthis bottle of wine marks a very special occasion worth celebrating - it’s the 40th vintage of Matua Sauvignon Blanc, and it’s a real doozie. Zesty, tropical, citrus fruits are complemented by those famous bitey herbaceous undertones. Crisp, fresh Marlborough acidity balances with great structure and length - a real New Zealand classic. A mix of fruit from the Awatere and Wairau Valleys were selected for harvesting and the juice separated from the skins before pressing. This super concentrated juice was then reblending into the free run juice. Stainless steel cool fermentation with various strains of yeast helps to enhance the pungent natural aromas we know and love in Savvy.

------ Shingle Peak Marlborough Pinot Noir -  is the red wine grape of Burgundy, now adopted (and feverishly studied) in wine regions all over the world. The variety's elusive charm has carried it to all manner of vineyards, from western Germany and northern Italy to Chile, South Africa, Australia and, perhaps most notably, California, Oregon and New Zealand. It is the patriarch of the Pinot family of grape varieties – so called because their bunches are similar in shape to a pine cone (pinot in French).

------ Matua Marlborough Pinot Noir - Without wanting to overplay things, we reckon this is our best Pinot yet. With a great growing season the fruit is truly ripe and full and the predominant flavour is cherry, which ref lects the wine’s lovely vivid cherry colour. We also get blackberry notes and some lovely sweet smoky oak. Mouthfeel is initially soft and luscious, held up nicely by the supple tannins for a savoury lingering finish.The grapes are mostly Marlborough, but we have also blended a percentage of Central Otago fruit to give the wine more depth and body. An initial cold soak of 3 days prior to fermentation helped maximise both f lavour and tannin extraction.

Phillipe Le Bourhouis, Chef Haruyama, me and Angelina Yuliana

And and we didn't forget to take pictures with the chef Phillipe Le Bourhouis Haruyama and as the General Manager of Pullman Jakarta.

Phillipe Le Bourhouis, me, Chef Haruyama, Angelina Yuliana, Eddy Suryadi

Okay, let's us take a photo again! Anyway, thanks again for Pullman and Kahyangan for having us to enjoy with your event, Matua Wine Dinner! Everyhings was really good for me, as the services and also the perfect dished from Chef Haruyama! WELL DONE!


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Saturday, June 14, 2014


Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta has opened its doors again, marking the rebirth of the Cafe amongst the cuisine and entertainment scene of this vibrant city. And also the famous Rock Shop, with its modern and exclusive retail look and feel, provides a wide array of merchandise, from exclusive designs to t-shirts to the collectible Hard Rock Cafe signature pins.

The Legendary Burger lovers rushed to the Hard Rock Café Jakarta! Today the Hard Rock Café will celebrate their birthday with a party of Legendary Burger, where Hard Rock Café Jakarta will provide free 43 Legendary Burgers to the first 43 visitors as a symbol of its existence in the world for 43 years.

"Happy Birthday hard Rock Cafe Jakarta! On this anniversary event, they intend to give appreciation to those who have been faithful with them for this," said Bayon Alcoseba, General Manager of Hard Rock Café Jakarta. "Legendary Burger is one of his favorite meal and one of the main reasons people visit the Hard Rock Café around the world as well as in Jakarta. Therefore, on the 43rd Anniversary of the Hard Rock Café Jakarta will give Legendary Burger for free for the first 43 visitors."

The 657 square-meter cafe, which includes indoor seating for 145 guests, is located at Pacific Place Mall. 

The interior was classic yet comfy, you like sit around of legendary musician. Sometimes there's a band who accompany your lunch or dinner. I thought, this is one of the best place you can chill with.

Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta also carries on the Hard Rock tradition of presenting some of the most iconic memorabilia from legendary and contemporary musicians alike, including various accessories worn by Black Eyed Peas artists Fergie and Will.I.Am, a costume worn by Slash, Jon Bon Jovi’s guitar, pants worn by Shakira, autographed record of the late Donna Summer, and much more.  

And there, I just found my favourite one, Mr. Big! Mr. Big is an American rock group, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1988. The band is a quartet composed of Eric Martin (lead vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass guitar), and Pat Torpey (drums). The band is noted especially for their musicianship, and scored a number of hits.

On this day, there's a band who joined and sing songs of the famous legendary musicians. And on that day, they performed in the style of 70-80s. In addition, all the waiters and the event organizers are also using the same costume.

While enjoying the songs that sung by the band, this time we were invited to a special tasting menu of the Hard Rock Jakarta. Intrigued by what the menu will be served? Come follow me!

Hard Rock Nachos

Firstly came with such a snacks or light bites in American style! Yeah, it was Hard Rock Nachos (IDR 177.000), a fresh corn tortilla chips which is served with homemade queso, piled high and then topped with cheddar cheese and pinto beans, also served with sour cream, green onions, Pico de Gallo, jalapenos and rockers salsa. Surely, you'll amazed with the portion size!

Jumbo Combo

Just another big portion, Jumbo Combo (IDR 189.000) that you can try five kinds of Hard Rock different appetizers in one big plate! Haha. It was Santa Fe Spring Rolls, Hickory-Smoked Chicken Wings, Onion Rings, Potato Skin and Tupelo Chicken Tenders. And also served with four different sauces, such as mustard, mayonnaise, BBQ and cheese. Just dip as you like! In fact, I'm hooked with their Smoked Chicken Wings! :)

Legendary 10oz Burger

Legendary 10oz Burger (IDR 178.000), the famous and legendary menu at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. Their patty made from the high quality of Angus beef, then grilled to medium well level, topped with seasoned turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, crisp onion ring, lettuce, tomato and pickles. And on this day, I'm out of luck, I got the patty on this burger was too dry, so I don't really enjoy it.

New York Strip Steak

New York Strip Steak (IDR 288.000), this is one of the highly prized cuts of beef. Hmm, ya the portion was big enough and served with garlic mashed potato, homemade gravy and fresh vegetables. Everything was good and well seasoning!

Grilled Bar-B-Que Beef Short Ribs

Grilled Bar-B-Que Beef Short Ribs (IDR 360.000), was a Char grilled marinated beef short ribs basted in Hard Rock special Hickory Bar-B-Que sauce before and grilled to the perfection. It also served with french fries, ranch beans and fresh coleslaw. This menu was really recommended and you should try by yourself, all of us really in love with this, especialy with the juiciness, very tasty and marinated well.

Hot Fudge Brownie

And it's time for dessert! Firstly served, Hot Fudge Brownie (IDR 99.000), which is served with vanilla ice cream from Haagen Dazs, as their premium ice cream. And also topped with chopped walnuts, chocolate sprinkles, fresh whipped cream and little-red cherry! Such a perfect combination, when the sweet ice cream meet the hot fudge chocolate brownie.

Fresh Apple Cobbler

Fresh Apple Cobbler (IDR 80.000), which is made from a mixture of ripe, juicy apples, spices before baked until golden brown. Served warmly with topped of vanilla ice cream, walnuts and caramel sauce. Hmm, this also has a large enough portion, you can share it for two.

And the last come with some fresh drinks, such as Mango Berry Cooler (IDR 65.000), a tropical blend of fresh mangoes, strawberries, pineapple juice, orange juice and sweet & sour mix topped with Sprite. The second, Groupie Grind (IDR 65.000), a mixed of mango puree, pina colada mix and pineapple juice blended with strawberry swirl then served with pint glass. The third,  Berrilicious (IDR 65.000), such a wild berry syrup blended with fresh strawberries and orange juice then garnished with a sweet-fresh strawberry and orange. All the drinks are so refreshing!

Thank you Hard Rock Jakarta for having us on your anniversary party! Also thanks to the staffs who serve us very warm and friendly. 


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


A special package comes from Ouma Boulangerie!

Just came home and found a big-brown-box on my table. Come nearer and see a little sweet letters from Ouma Boulangerie.

Ouma Boulangerie was a local-homemade artisan bakery. And to be in line with the concept, as I know that Ouma Boulangerie was taken from the name of his beloved daughter, 'Uma' and with an additional 'O' in front of it - in order to seem more French which is eventually serve as the brand.

You wanna know the inside?

Plain Croissant

Plain Croissant (IDR 10.000) this is one of my favourite. Look at its beautiful shape, this croissant was on my best list! You can feel the crunchiness at the outside and smooth for the inside, each layers was so smooth and thin.

Smoked Beef and Cheese Croissant

Smoked Beef and Cheese Croissant (IDR 17.500) this also my favourite, idk why, I really enjoyed when eat this croissant. Hmm... I thought, you should try it! :)

Cheese Croissant

Cheese Croissant (IDR 13.000) - I'm not such a cheese lovers, so I gave it to my little friend, Bart! So, let say 'Hi' to Bart! Hehe

Almond Croisssant

Almond Croissant (IDR 17.500) - it became my dad's favourite! He said "This is pretty good and really like it, can I have for two?" Haha. But sorry Dad, you only have one!

Peach Danish

Peach Danish (IDR 12.500) - when sweet meets the smoothness. What do you think guys? No words can describe it, you just eat and feel it by yourself. HAHA!

Cinnamons Danish

Cinnamon Danish (IDR 12.500) - Oh, can't deny! I'm hooked with this one, pretty well. Someday, I should order this for five, so I can enjoy it by myself. Haha. Surely, you can really feels the cinnamons with the smoothness of its bread.

Raisin Danish

Raisin Danish (IDR 12.500) - Even a Barista Lego can enjoy the sweetness of Ouma's Boulangerie. He said, this was very suitable as a coffee companion.

Blueberry Danish

Blueberry Danish (IDR 12.500) - none of which aren't good for me, all the bread was very tasty! Moreover, this time presented along with blueberries, almost perfect.

Mini Raisin Danish

Mini Raisin Danish (IDR 7.500), my minions also like this one! They scramble to eat it. Surely, this is their favourite. They said "Thanks Ouma Boulangerie!"

And here's some tips for you!

How to store your bread :
  • In room temperature, good for up to 3 days
  • In the refrigerator, good for up to 5-7 days
  • In the freezer, good for up to 7-10 days

How to re-heat your bread :
  • Take out from freezer or refrigerator and let it defrost or warm it until it reaches room temperature.
  • Always try to re-heat your bread using oven or oven toaster, never use a microwave.
  • If oven or even oven toaster aren't available, you can always use the top of a bread toaster and flip it to heat both sides half way through.
  • You want to re-heat them at around 180 Celcius degree for about 3-5 minutes.
  • Remember, for bread such as baguette or any other special bread, you want to re-heat them first, then cut / slice afterwards. This will make the outside crusty but keep the inside soft.
  • Let it cool down and enjoy your bread!


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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Immigrant, who has for years matured into becoming one of Jakarta’s iconic nightlife destinations, is proud to rekindle its epicurean roots with the introduction of an all-new The Immigrant Dining Room.

Immigrant and The Immigrant Dining Room are managed by PT Baresto Mitra Maju, the part of the umbrella company who also manages Rustique Grill & Wine, Monolog Quality Coffee & Co, de Luca Trattoria & Bar and Bistro Garçon.

Taking a spot within Immigrant's sprawling block on Plaza Indonesia's 6th Floor, the Dining Room is a new entity birthed from the aspiration to offer valued 'migrants' a better place to eat ad interact, away from the glittery - albeit trendy - club vibes. And now, they come with a new concept!

Okay, lets take a journey with me to the newest place at Jakarta!

This is it! When you enter and set foot in this place, you immediately find a bar that is quite convenient for you to relax or chilling out with your partner. The Dining Room also sports a bar, a semi-private alcove and both smoking and non-smoking area.

And for those of you who like to drink alcohol, do not fear! They also provide it for you. As shown in the picture above, a lot of wine bottles and glasses that adorn this room, which also can give the impression of an elegant yet classic.

This room feels very classic, a blend of wood, leather and marble also gives the impression like home. Furthermore, sash windows overlooking Jakarta cityscape give off that fresh semi-alfresco dining experience whenever weather permits.

It has 140 seats beckon diners and socialites while banquet options are available for groups dining for a more intimate gathering.

And it's time to eat and enjoy the dishes from The Immigrant Dining Room!

Wagyu Beef Burger

Wagyu Beef Burger (IDR 140.000) was a grilled patty of Australian wagyu beef, tomato chutney, jalapeños, cornichon and mozzarella gratin served with leaf salad & chunky potato fries. Hmm, surely this looks a little bit dry so I don't really enjoy with it. And for the dipping sauce,  it was a combination between Thai chili sauce and sour cream, perfect!

Staggioni Pizza

Staggioni Pizza (IDR 80.000), consist of beef bacon, mushroom, garlic and mozzarella. This pizza is served with thin skin, which gives the sensation of crisp and crunchy when it you bite it. 

Staggioni Pizza

And frankly, I love this pizza, it tastes so savory and delicious, then hooked with their slices of pork! When pork is never wrong, haha.

Grandma's Cannelloni Pasta

Grandma's Cannelloni Pasta (IDR 80.000), was an oven-baked cannelloni of chicken, mushroom, garlic, spinach and mozzarella with wood-smoked tomato puree and béchamel gratin.

Grandma's Cannelloni Pasta

Look at it! Is it tempting enough? Hmm, maybe yes, it was pieces of chicken, which is served with becham sauce. In my opinion, the chicken meat is quite tender and juicy, it's just a little bit less on the taste of the food itself, less savoury. 

The last, time for refreshing drinks! B.O.S (IDR 55.000, left) was a mixed of banana, orange and strawberry. This drink is really fresh my mind, maybe one glass isn't enough! And Iced Chocolate (IDR 38.000) just another drink as usual that you can found in any restaurant.

Fresh Orange (IDR 48.000, left) and Apple Mojito (IDR 55.000) just a mixed of red apple, mint leafs and lemon. Both of them was really fresh and make your mood better!

For your information :
Immigrant Club Re-Opening soon! A new, unique lounge and club experience is re-opening soon in Jakarta. And Immigrant will become the only place you want to spend your night and experience a clubbing like never before.


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