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Hello! This was a good news for pastry lovers!

Yes, it was Sunday's Cooks Affair is a feast of 10 cooks with different specialties and backgrounds. From culinary arts to pastry arts, both with one passion towards their love for foods.

On this edition of COOKS AFFAIR, French Pastry is on focus. Being the Mecca of gastronomy, French technique and style of cooking provides the main guidelines for any other regional cuisine to follow. Conjoined with the location a HYDE Kemang, where the cozy and comforting ambience will be highlighted into this pop-up style event.

Anyway, Sunday's Cooks Affair will bring in selections of pastries from crafty cooks of Chef Nation, who are they?
- Anandita Makes (Passionnee Jakarta)
- Ayu Anjani Rahardjo (Ann's Bakehouse & Creamery)
- Guillaume Lansoy (Hero Group)
- Isaura Theonardy (Iscaketory)
- Mitha Tiara (Thatiara Cakes)
- Odie Djamil (BYOD)
- Putri Miranti (Tree Food Concept)
- Yuda Bustara (Tree Food Concept)
- Ray Janson (Verjus)
- Setiawati Pangestu "Kimmy" (Verjus)

So curious with this event? And because I had a lunch with other fellow blogger before, then let's take a journey with me in quick visit!

Sticky Date Pudding with Toffee Sauce (IDR 30.000)

Sticky Date Pudding with Toffee Sauce by Putri Miranti (@putrimirantiindra), a chef that has received a special note of "extremely talented in pastry art" by The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. That's not enough! She also a Co-Founder and Chef at Tree Food Concept Private Dining, teaching cooking at Lifestyle Studio, Cooking Plus and many more in Jakarta! Anyway, this was good and the top was perfectly enough with toffee sauce.

Zebra Cake (IDR 45.000)

Zebra Cake, one of the catchy colour cake on that day, which is topped with strawberry and raspberry! Such a simply little sweetness for a day.

Salted Caramel Cronuts (IDR 35.000)

Salted Caramel Cronuts by Odie Djamil (@odiedjamil), a founder of Chef Nation and Cooks Affair. And in the beginning of 2010, he made his mark as the top Macaron Guy in Jakarta and expanded his business to more than just macaron under his own Modern Pastry and Dessert Brand. He also hosting on Cake Story (Kompas TV), Dapur Warna (Trans7) and Bittersweet (Kompas TV) which is the first molecular and modern dessert program in Indonesia television programme.  Oh ya, he also registered as dessert consultant at HYDE Kemang.

Salted Caramel Eclair covered with Dark Chocolate Glaze and topped with Peppermint Lips (IDR 35.000)

Salted Caramel Eclair covered with Dark Chocolate Glaze and topped with Peppermint Lips by Kimmy (@kimpangestu), such a cute and yummy eclairs I found so far! Kimmy has worked under various famous pastry shop and restaurant in Australia, such as Peter Doyle - The Quay, Tetsuya by Tetsuya Wakuda, etc. That's why her pastry was really good!

Lemon Meringue Eclair (IDR 35.000)

Another creation by Kimmy, Lemon Meringue Eclair! I have tried this one and directly falling in love with it, was a great one. The texture was soft and perfectly combined with the lemon taste from its meringue. 

Elle & Vire Butter Croissant (IDR 20.000)

Elle & Vire Butter Croissant by French Guy, Guillaume Lansoy - as a National Trainer Manager for Giant, Hero, Star Mart under Hero Management. Previously, he has worked for Maison Kayser at France as Bakery Chef then move to Tokyo, Japan and Taiwan. Anyway, this is a must to try! The best croissant I ever found, look at its layer from the outside but it was really soft and smooth for the inside. And you can also enjoy the taste of French on it, thanks to Odie Djamil for suggesting this one!

Chocolate Baileys Choux Sable (IDR 30.000) and Sticky Date Pudding (IDR 30.000)

Chocolate Baileys Choux Sable by Ray Janson (@rayjanson), which has graduated as a Grand Diplome of Culinary and Pastry in Le Cordon Bleu Paris College of Culinary Arts, and he has studied under the guidance of world's awards winning chefs such as Joel Robuchon and Peter Gilmore. And he also worked as a junior sous chef in Hotel Mulia, Senayan - now as a chef and founder of Verjus Private Dining.

On that day, everyone are welcome to visit, talk to the cooks and share a meal with HYDE Kemang signature dishes. Thanks again to Odie Djamil for assisting us! 

Have a good day and enjoy the pastry!


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