Saturday, May 3, 2014


Today is a rainy day and I still working around Kemang area with my office-mate. We think to go nowhere, but suddenly we choose to stay at KOI Kemang for having lunch yet or snacks.

KOI has established itself as one of the Jakarta’s prime eateries, offering both Asian and European cuisines. Headed by Chef Benoit Claeys, the cuisine is created with the utmost care and attention to provide you with premium quality at reasonable prices. You can enjoy the option of distinctively “French Brasserie” food or authentic Asian dishes, while tasting a glass of the wine of the month or choosing one of the numerous international wines or beers that are available.

For your comfort, sit even in the smoking or non-smoking areas that are physically separated. And if you’re seeking for more privacy to suit a business or family lunch or dinner, book one of their private rooms at the 2nd floor and appreciate the full KOI restaurant catering quality.

Rosemary Beef Bacon Potatoes

Rosemary Beef Bacon Potatoes (IDR 20.000) as the side dishes! Hmm, overall it looks good and yummy, enjoying with the 'crunchiness of garlic' and with the bacon also. Haha.

Salmon Ravioli

Salmon Ravioli (IDR 65.000), it can be said as starter in stuffed pasta if consist of 3 pcs, or you can choose as main course (served in 5 pcs). The pasta was smooth and well cooked! 

Crispy Garlic Enoki Mushroom

Crispy Garlic Enoki Mushroom (IDR 40.000), was chosen as our snacks and become my favourite! It's so additive and can't stop to eat it! When crunchiness meets salty, perfect!

Banana & Honey Smoothies

And for the drinks, I choose Banana & Honey Smoothies (IDR 35.000), overall was good but too sweet for me, a the glass small enough.


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Jl. Kemang Raya No. 72 
Phone : (021) 719 5668
Business Hour : Mon - Sun (08.00 - 24.00)

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