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Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho (H5) such a unique and long enough for a restaurant name, the which located in Grand Indonesia, level 5 beside Yellow Fin exactly. Anyway, Hello Hola Hey Howdy Ho is a new restaurant and bar managed by OPCO Indonesia Group that has been reliable in the world of food & beverages, they will serve you in Authentic South East Asian street food.

When you enter this restaurant, you will feel a slight touch of vintage, visible from interior design, such as dining chairs made ​​of wood / rattan. Impression of wood always feels good to me, as well as others.

And not just a touch of vintage in it, this restaurant also offers a variety of old games (located on the shelf, which is at the center of the restaurant) that you can play together with friends / family. Just pick it one!

After enjoy the game, now it's time to taste the food from H5. Curious about the foods? Or whether the food is as unique as the name of the restaurant? Come, let us taste together!

Son-in-Law Eggs

Son-in-Law Eggs (IDR 18.000), as the starter from H5, was deep-fried and soft-centered eggs served with tamarind and caramel sauce. And you better enjoy it in warm to get the perfectness! Oh My God, this was so delicious! And I think this-is-a-must to try from Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho.

Mr. Phat

Mr. Phat with Pork (IDR 50.000) / with Beef (IDR 55.000), this was a favorite menu from H5! A slow-cooked pulled pork/beef with zesty fresh Asian slaw and sunny side-up egg stacked on a toasted roti! It will also be more palatable when it is still warm.

Uncle Ho's Crunchy Wings

Uncle Ho’s Crunchy Wings (IDR 32.000), was a marinated chicken wings, fried and tossed in caramelized fish sauce, crunchy garlic and herbs. Perhaps from its shape is slightly different than chicken wing in general. In this menu, chicken wing was given a special seasoning then fried until crisp on the outside.

Red Beef Curry (IDR 80.000), a tender beef cubes served in a creamy curry, thai with purple and pea eggplant, basil, topped with crispy lotus and lychee! Maybe a little bit strange if you find lychee in the bowl of curry. But don't be mistaken, it's something unique and a perfect combination for me, when sweet meets spicy. A MUST TO TRY!

Vietnamese Chicken Chop Rice

Vietnamese Chicken Chop Rice / Com Tam Chicken (IDR 55.000), romatic rice which is served with honey-glazed chicken, house chicken meatloaf, sunny side-up egg, pickles and nuoc cham dressing. How to get the best of it? Just eaten with a bit of everything in one bite! HAP! Just try it, if you can't imagine. Hehe. 

*Nuoc Cham is a common name for a variety of Vietnamese 'dipping sauces' that are served quite frequently as condiments. It is commonly a sweet, sour, salty and spicy sauce.

Roast South-East Style Chicken

Roast South-East Style Chicken (IDR 70.000) - whoooa, such a big bite for me! It was half-chicken in front of you, has brined for 24 hours, stuffed with fragrant herbs, oven-roasted and finished with a honey and fish sauce glaze, served with Green Nam Jim sauce and purple sweet potatoes. Anyway, the chicken was tender enough!

Mango Mania

Mango Mania (IDR 40.000), was a Thai sticky rice served with fresh mango slices, mango-cream icy bar and sesame brittle. FYI, this menu was seasonal only. 

Grass Jelly Delight

Grass Jelly Delight (IDR 49.000), just another dessert in bowl which is happening in nowadays, consist of grass jelly, sweet potato ball, pearl, black tea jelly, selection of ice cream. But for today, we choose for green tea ice cream! Sluurrpp.... Oh ya, I'm not a big fan of dessert but luckily I enjoy with it, not too sweet enough or you can added some sugar into it.


The last was : Avogato (IDR 35.000), a twist on the good of favourite ‘avocado juice’ – creamy avocado pannacotta served with dark chocolate shards + hot espresso coffee. It was really good but I need a bigger glass, fosho! :)

Thank you Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho for inviting me here! I really enjoy with all the foods, the place is really fun and also the services was good enough! Mazel Tov!


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Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall - 5th floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1, Central Jakarta
Phone (021) 235 80045
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  1. I'm craving for those food! All looks so yummy indeed :9:9 I want to try the one with pork :P