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From the beginning, Blümchen set out to be a different kind of coffee shop. One that not only celebrated the heritage and flavours of Indonesian coffee but also provided a unique, sophisticated venue for customers to relax in.

Did you know, the owner was a Korean? He is Lee So Wang, a Korean native, moved to Jakarta in 1988 to work as a lawyer. On arrival, he quickly developed a passion for the richness and quality of Indonesian coffee.  As the capital of a nation that produces more than 10% of the world’s coffee, it surprised him how difficult it was to find good quality coffee.  After travelling to Germany he became captivated with the European coffee culture and the romance of the coffee experience. On his return, he decided to combine his business acumen with his passion for Indonesian coffee to open the first Blümchen cafe in Fatmawati in 2008. 

Blümchen means 'flower' in German and he hoped that Indonesians love and pride for their coffee would bloom just as as a flower does. Due to growing demand, the cafe moved to Fairgrounds in the heart of SCBD in 2012 and now presides in a prominent space on the ground floor.

The interior of Blümchen is designed to offer an original and unique coffee experience. Large windows applied to the cafe so that natural light coming into the room and leather sofa which can give the impression and comfort to the costumer, and also wooden tables that can be used to relax with friends, meetings, study or work.

Antiques from Lee So Wang’s travels adorn the walls including a vintage Vespa and a typewriter giving the space an artisanal ambience. And you can also find British impression on decoration, this is because the owner likes a touch of European style.

The cafe is also the exclusive distributor of Ascaso coffee machines, imported from Spain these retro-looking machines offer the very best in espresso technology. 

Lee So Wang travels across the archipelago to source the finest beans to meet his exacting standards. They are then roasted on the premises twice a week, before expertly trained baristas transform them into a pure, fresh, steaming cup of coffee. 

Here also available various options of coffee you want, either in the form of grains or powder. For more details, you can directly ask the waiters there, they are very well in serving the costumer.

Having coffee in the morning is always good, or can be said there's no life without coffee! Hehe. Now, let take a hot coffee with me here. Hmm okay, just take a sip of their special now! Rolo Way Latte (IDR 35.000 - left), was a Blümchen 'house branded', chocolate and caramel. French Kiss Coffee Latte (IDR 35.000 - middle), was also a Blümchen 'house branded' combined with milk and vanilla-chock syrup and whipped cream on top. True Love Latte (IDR 35.000 - right), just another Blümchen 'house branded' with hazelnut and caramel. This one is the most favourite menu!

And now, let's enjoy the cold drinks! Anyway, their frappe is a combination of the "Espresso Special" combined with ice cream, biscuit and served with whipped cream. Then, let me explain you from the left to right : Oreo Blend (IDR 36.000), the only one as my favourite - in fact, I can't deny everything made with oreo. Ooops! Haha. Next, Iced Chocolate (IDR 36.000), just a simply refresher, most people like to have this in the morning. And the last, Iced Coffee Caramel (IDR 35.000) that you can really taste the mixed of coffee and caramel. It would make your day more fresh!

Chocolate Croissant (IDR 15.000) was made fresh each day, using the finest artisan techniques and ingredients. The dough is very soft and slightly chewy, I like it!

And don't worry! Blümchen also serve for special house sandwiches which are made with organic and fresh throughout the day. Available in Smoked beef (IDR 28.000) and Tuna (IDR 28.000). Enjoy your breakfast here!

As well as offering take-away, all Blümchen’s coffee beans are available to purchase, allowing customers to recreate the aroma and sophistication of Blümchen in the comfort of their own home. 

And for your information, as well as over 30 different blends of coffee, Blümchen also serves a range of freshly baked cakes and pastries supplied by Convivium, the high-end bakery and delicatessen.

Blümchen is also the exclusive outlet for Pomona Syrup in Indonesia. These high-quality flavoured syrups offer an unparalleled fresh, sweetness which perfectly compliments the strong flavours of Indonesian coffee.


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Fairground Plaza, SCBD lot 14
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53
South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 994 613 57
Twitter : @blumchencoffee

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