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An advocate of the fragrance of Chinese culture, Shangri-La’s signature restaurant Shang Palace showcases traditional Cantonese cuisine and provincial specialties in an elegant and tranquil setting.

In the early 2014, the Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta offers their latest promo, which is All You Can Eat Dimsum Weekend Brunch. This promotion can you get easily, just with IDR 208.000++ (already included with some options of A la Carte menu and drinks, Chinese Tea / Lemon Tea - free flow). This can be a perfect time to spend your day with family or friends here. Hooraaay....Really worth at all!

Anyway, just got a little surprise! In 2014, Shang Palace was nominated as one of Indonesia's best restaurant by Indonesia Tatler. And now, let's start for having brunch here! Keep drooling and stay there foodie! HAAAP...

Oven Baked Mini Egg Tarts

Oven Baked Mini Egg Tarts, the type of food that caught my attention. Perhaps the look and shape as egg tarts can be said in general, but the egg tarts here is quite tasty, not too sweet for me.

Sesame Balls

Sesame Balls, as usual, that you find everywhere. Perhaps here the shape looks nice and crisp.

Chilled Coffee Pudding

Chilled Coffee Pudding, another sweetness of the day! Its layers looks very neat and appetizing. It's quite refreshing me then.

Almond Bean Curd with Mixed Fruits

Almond Bean Curd with Mixed Fruits, as my favourite! I took this dessert as much as two servings. Ooops! This might be too good for me and the fruits was really fresh, so that one portion becomes not enough. Hehe.

Chilled Mango Pudding

Chilled Mango Pudding. I'm not a lover of mangoes, so this time I didn't come to taste it. However, according to my other bloggers friend, they said that it was very tasty and refreshing.

Mixed Fruits Salad

Mixed Fruits Salad, this also perfect! Fresh fruits was served in cold with mayonnaise. Me likey!

Chinese Red Bean Pancake

Chinese Red Bean Pancake, the last light bites that I can't taste. Because I'm feeling full enough, but the 'journey' still going on. Hhhhh...!

Crispy Fried Eel with Salt and Pepper

Crispy Fried Eel with Salt and Pepper, just good enough as little snack, or can be said as starter? Hehe.

Deep Fried Mushroom with Salt and Pepper

Deep Fried Mushroom with Salt and Pepper, very very likey! Just another crunchy snacks, but surely you can't stop to grab it! Haha.

Stir Fried String Bean, Celery and Dried Shrimp with XO Sauce

Stir Fried String Bean, Celery and Dried Shrimp with XO Sauce. It's tme to be a vegetarian for a while. Enjoy the string beans which is sauteed to savory and quite crisp.

Marinated Smoked Duck with Peanut

Marinated Smoked Duck with Peanut, such as a little heaven! The duck meat was very tender, soft and juicy. In addition, the marinade was also permeated perfectly. The disadvantage only on the portion, the portion is too small for a good meal. Hehe.

And now, let's enjoy the fresher! Ice cream and sorbet sensation! Just picking your favourite flavour and topped with any topping that you can choose as you want.

Then, we should enjoy the Chinese dishes here. So, here it goes!

In addition to Chinese Tea which is included in the package, Shang Palace also provides several choices of Signature Blooming Tea (IDR 68.000++/pot) that can be enjoyed alone or both. And on this occasion, I tasted it, such as Enchanted Beauty, Rising Star and First Kiss Tea.

Enchanted Beauty Tea
Sophisticated Oolong Tea are handcrafted into a bouquet with amaranth and orange lily. This tea composition will bloom in the teacup.

Rising Star Tea
Elegant black tea leaves are handcrafted and shaped into a bouquet of Jasmine flowers. This tea composition will bloom in the teacup.

First Kiss Tea
Beautiful white tea leaves are handcrafted into a bouquet of hibiscus and amaranth blossom. A sweet and enchanting tea creation.

Perhaps this is a bit different from other Chinese Tea. This tea has a color, aroma and distinctive properties derived from tea flowers that bloom in the water. Soaked the longer, the more blooming flower tea and tea color became more dark. It is suitable for you, tea lovers!

Dimsum called! The picture above was some dim sum I've tasted, such as Ha Gao, Steamed Pork Ribs,  Crystal Prawn Dumpling, Steamed Beef Ball with Bean Curd Skin, Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken wrapped in Lotus Leaf and Steamed Chicken Feet with Black Pepper Sauce. All was really good and well done! Have a good brunch with good foods.

Sometimes, I just curious with their porridge. So, I should try it, and it really awesome! There are two kinds of porridge (if I'm not mistaken) such as the BBQ Pork Porridge and Chicken Porridge. Both of these types of porridge served with fried into crisp cakwe, which gives the impression of crunchy when eaten with porridge.

It seems there is less, if you go to a Chinese restaurant and not order Xiao Long Bao. Now, we should ordered 3 types of Xiao Long Bao was in Shang Palace : Crab Meat, Beef XO and Pork Xiao Long Bao. Oh, my goodness! IT-A-MUST-TO-ORDER!

And at the last, we met with the Executive Chinese Chef, Benson Fok. His dedication and style has taken him to several countries around Asia, including Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia. He believes in creating authentic Chinese delicacies by combining the freshest ingredients and cooking techniques to retain the flavours, scents and textures, all to delight diners. Thanks again to Chef Benson for making beautiful dishes for us!


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Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1, Level 1
Phone : (021) 2939 9562
Operating Hours :
- Lunch (Monday to Saturday) : 11.30 - 14.30
- Brunch (Sunday only) :11.20 - 14.30
- Dinner (Monday to Sunday) : 6.30 - 22.30

Smoking is not permitted in Shang Palace.

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