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Izakaya Issei is the newest Japanese Yakitori and Sake Bar, at Senopati area. It was a fantastic place to enjoy food, great music and escape the bustle of the city. This restaurant really got the hype and quite well-known with their Yakitori. Hmm, don't worry! It was easy to find Izakaya Issei, just next to Cacaote, and it was on the second floor of Apetite Cafe. Or you can see the words 'Izakaya Issei' which big enough on the second floor.

Agedori Negi Sauce

Agedori Negi Sauce, little starter was served! It was deep fried chicken thigh with special sauce and topped with sesame seeds and scallions. Salt and savoury that I've got when taste it and the chicken was soft enough.

Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu (IDR 27.000), as our starter - deep fried tofu served with dashi based sauce, such a usual with chewy skin but I really love with its broth, quite tasty and smooth.

Issei Chicken

Issei Chicken (IDR 27.000), deep fried chicken with spicy sambal. This chicken looks so tiny but the taste was good, savoury and very pervasive. Surely, one bite wasn't enough! 

Sake Berries ISSEI

Are you brave enough to taste it? Hmm, its taste such a 'cute' drinks! HAHA. Well, it was Sake Berries ISSEI (IDR 125.000) was introduced by Jenny (the owner), it looks so pretty enough and consist of fresh mix berry, vodka, sake and strawberry cream. But it's better drink in cold for sure! 

Wakame Salad

And now, we start with something green but health, let's try their Wakame Salad (IDR 45.000), looks simple as usual salad but this was a seaweed salad served with Issei dressing and Japanese mayonnaise. This fresh salad consist of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, watercress, seaweed and served with their special sauce.

Jacko Salad

Jacko Salad (IDR 36.000), looks similar as previous salad but here was using a lot of seaweed and topped with jacko (Japan tiny fish or very well-known as ikan teri). I really hooked with it, well-seasoning!

Oh ya, I just wanna tell you that Izakaya Issei was participated on EAT JKT, a food festival like no other with more than 100 restaurants in Jakarta participating. Each and every one will showcase specially-priced set menus for 28 days (starting from April 21st,  2014). With selections of IDR 100K, 200K, 300K (all in) set menus, it’s the best time of the year to try as many restaurants as you want at affordable prices. And for other details, you can simply click - let's have fun with foods!

Korokke Potato

Korokke Potato (IDR 27.000), just a simple starter! It was a deep fried mashed potato with mix vegetables, this dish was good enough and because because I'm such a potato lover, so anything made from potatoes was easy and fun for me! Anyway, its texture was soft and really enjoy it before we meet with the main course.

Oh gosh! YAKITORI ATTACK! It looks pale but marinated well, juicy and hmmm....! Okay, I'll tell you from right to left : Gyutan - beef tongue (IDR 18.000), Negima - chicken thigh with spring onion (IDR 12.000), Bonjiri - chicken tail (IDR 16.000), Kimo - chicken liver (IDR 16.000), Kawa - chicken skin (IDR 12.000),  Tsukune - minced chicken (IDR 16.000) and Teba - chicken wing (IDR 12.000).

Belive it or not, this yakitori are so tempting and marinated so well! No words can describe how good it was! Okay, let me explain to you and surely it will make you drool! From right to left : Gyutan, Uzura - quail egg (IDR 12.000), Kawa, Bonjiri, Kimo, Negima. The colour looks more black because it served in tare sauce (sweet).

Butabara and Butabara Negi Miso

Butabara (IDR 25.000), one of the very well known when you enjoy Japanese cuisine, I think it a-must-be ordered! And the right one was Butabara Negi Miso (IDR 27.000), it also pork belly but the difference is this butabara served with miso soup and  topped with spring onion.

Salmon Shio

Salmon Shio (IDR 90.000), grilled salmon which is served with ISSEI dipping sauce and fresh tomatoes. It served like satay with mayonnaise on top.

Teba Tsukune

Teba Tsukune (IDR 25.000), looks like chicken wing in general. But, this isn't like general, oh why? Surprise! Because you'll find minced chicken on it, haha. Chicken in the chicken, you've got double hits from Izakaya Issei!

Butabara Don

Butabara Don, or can be said as pork belly, this was my favourite! Yes, I'm a pork lover, maybe it's time to forget the fat for a while. And what about you? I think, you will also love this food! Pork belly was served with rice, in medium level spiciness. 

Gyutan Don

Gyutan Don (IDR 95.000), as their mainstay menu, I've heard a lot about awesomeness of their Gyutan Don. And on this occasion, although I should tried to taste a bit of spiciness, but to be honest I immediately say "WOW, this is so good!" It so moiiiiisssttt! A-MUST-TO-TRY! 

Tori Soborodon

Tori Soborodon (IDR 62.000), was a bigger category from Izakaya Issei, another rice bowl served with minced chicken donburi topped with nori and egg, all so savoury and fits perfectly with my tongue!

Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken Teriyaki (IDR 39.000), least but not last as our dinner! This juicy chicken served with teriyaki sauce which is quite thick and sprinkled with sesame seeds on top. Then you can see from the photo above, the chicken skin was shiny - so tantalizing your tongue.

Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken Katsu Curry (IDR 46.000), breaded chicken cutlet served with curry sauce. Their chicken was crunchy enough but the meat inside still soft. Cooked perfectly!

And now, let's having a little alcohol! Firstly, Rhubarb Lemonade (IDR 110.000) was made by mixing orange wedges, fresh lemon juice, jim beam white, sour rhubarb and sprite on top. Freshness level upgraded!

Tokyo Flush Fizz (IDR 125.000), another their signature cocktails and was made from sake, midori, vodka, soda water and lemon wedges. 

Well, Izakaya Issei will be my recommendation place for you to enjoy your lunch or dinner! And of course, I will be back here in another day!


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