Saturday, March 15, 2014


Hello! This time, me and Soya got the chance to collaborate with Zomato ( and Lotte Shopping Avenue in the event FOODTAINMENT Sense of Asia. We'll give you a unique experience from us, in the theme of "Maximalize Your Smartphone Camera to Make Food Porn".

On this occasion, I and Soya will discuss about tips and tricks about food photography using a smartphone camera. Perhaps, taking picture of your food before eating was hits everywhere in nowadays. To that end, this time we will be sharing some of our excitement experiences about taking picture of food before eating.

And still curious about the tips and tricks on us? Okay, you can see the tips and tricks below : 
  • Get to know the character of your gadget that you use. 
  • Look for places that have enough light when you want to capture your food. 
  • Don't be shy to move your food to a more light places (to get the maximum quality of your photo). 
  • As much as possible don't use the flash on your smartphone's camera, because it would eliminate the original texture and color of the food that you're going to capture. 
  • Then, you can edit the photos using applications  which is available on your gadget, for example Photoshop express, Snapseed, Fotor, etc. And one more thing, when editing photos, not to change the original color of the food, for example using the sepia colour or use existing filters on instagram or other.

And now, we were given the opportunity to be judges and give ratings to the food photography from the visitors. Many of them were very enthusiastic and participated in this event, one by one onto the stage while showing one of their best food photos to us. A lot of fun here!

And thank you to my fellow bloggers for coming, especially Aline Chandra, Filipus Verdi, Angelina Yuliana, Brigitta Veggy, Yenny Widjaja, etc. Thanks a bunch! :)


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