Sunday, March 2, 2014


Bene Ristorante, is a casual Italian restaurant, also one of the newest restaurant at Alam Sutera, exactly at Living World - this restaurant was presenting the Italian fusion menu. Their interior is rich of Italian ambience, with the green colored wood chair for the outdoor area (smoking area), and red colored sofa for the indoor area (non-smoking area). And on that occasion, I got the chance to taste their main menu. So, are you curious about what I taste? Okay, let's drool!

Ice Strawberry Caipiroska (IDR 39.000), it was fresh enough during the day. It was consist of mint leaves, mixture of soda and chopped strawberries. And for me, this drink wasn't good enough, I can't feel the 'fresh' from mint leaves.

Blue Orange Soda (IDR 36.000), was consist of blue hawaiian soda, orange jungle, orange syrup, orange concentrate. This drink was more fresher than previous drink, imho.

Funghi Fritti

Funghi Fritti (IDR 39.000), such as the opening menu : breaded deep fried mushrooms topped with melted mozzarella cheese served with marinara sauce. The menu was presented in a small-hot skillet, in order to keep warm the mushrooms. Then for its texture was quite crunchy and savoury but only a little less cheese melted. And for a typical Italian sauce that was made ​​from tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and onions.

Carbonara di Salmone Pasta

Carbonara di Salmone Pasta (IDR 59.000) was pasta tossed with with sautéed salmon, mushrooms, garlic and onion with homemade cream sauce. I think this pasta was quite tasty, but only its salmon still feels fishy.

Bene Classico Pizza

Bene Classico Pizza (IDR 71.000 - SF) was a homemade tomato sauce, grilled chicken breast, jalapeño pepper, pineapple, onion, melted mozzarella cheese, drizzled with mayonnaise and garnished with chopped beef bacon. This portions was large enough to be eaten for two, with quite thick pizza bread with lots of toppings and savory. And this was one of the specialty menu from Bene Ristorante, a pizza with a variety of sizes, there are three different sizes : 
Single Fighter IDR 71.000 (for 1 - 2 people)
Gosipper IDR 124.000 (for 3 - 4 people) 
1 meter Pizza IDR 250.000 (can be mixed with 3 different toppings for 5 - 6 people).

Pettole Con Gelato

Pettole Con Gelato (IDR 31.000) was an Italian Christmas traditional doughnut garnish with sugar powder and chocolate syrup then served with one scoop vanilla ice cream. This was be my favourite! 

Panna Cotta al Cioccolato

Panna Cotta al Cioccolato (IDR 35.000) was a sweet and silky chocolate flavour panna cotta served with homemade vanilla sauce. In my opinion, its taste was good enough - both of the flavour and sweet, but the texture wasn't good, it more like pudding than panna cotta, less smooth.

Overall, all the foods were good but their need to concern in some details, so all the foodie can enjoy it well. 


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Living World, Alam Sutera G-71
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard Kav .21 
Phone (021) 29239570
Twitter : @BeneRistorante


  1. gilaaaa enak banget...boleh tau pake camera apa?

    1. Hmm, ini pake DSLR kok, 500D with fixed lens 50mm hehe