Saturday, February 1, 2014


Tangerine is the newest brand launched by Eaton Bakery & Patisserie in Eropean character-style. All bread-products was made ​​from natural yeast without chemical ingredients or essentialism and other dyes. Tangerine's priority was in low-calorie bread and low fat good for health. Oh ya, Tangerine also provide Japanese ramen & coffee.

 The outside area, also perfect to be stayed here, but surely not in noon!

Another side of the outside area!

And I was quite surprised to see Japanese LINE characters here, especially for Brown and Sally! So without hesitation, I immediately ordered it, and because in addition to the cute shape, both character was my favourite. YEAY!

Mini Sweet Roll Cake Chocolate & Mini Sweet Roll Cake Lemon (IDR 18.000) was served in cute way, with Japanese LINE character on top as macaron, Brown and Sally. Surely, it was too cute to be eaten!

Galetto Brownies (IDR 20.000) & Mini Sweet Roll Cake Pandan (IDR 18.000), all of them was too pretty to be enjoyed! Look at Galetto Brownies, so pretty sweet - the cake was soft and not too sweet but the chocolate (bottom) was bitter enough, I thought they used dark chocolate for this. But overall was good, the sweet from vanilla custard perfectly meet with chocolate.

Spicy Pork Karaage (IDR 42.000), I thought you already familiar with this snacks, ya surely it reminds you to Shihlin. Maybe it was a little bit pricey but it was better than Shihlin, imho. It was spicy fry pork served with Japanese spice. And to be honest, I'm hooked and can't stop to pick and eat!

All breads which are sold here mostly in the form of Taiwan-style pastry, not as usual breads. As I know, these breads was made with natural yeast that's good for your body, it's quite unique and interesting indeed. Because most of the bread sold here was made ​​from wheat, its appearance looks a bit 'harsh' but the appearance is quite deceptive because when you try, it was very fresh and soft.

Beside that, Tangerine also sold many variants of cookies in unique packaging. It was perfect for you as a gift! 


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  1. Hii, mau tanya, di Tangerine ada karakter Cony jg ga ya roll cake nya? Thanks. Nice post anyway! :)

    1. Untuk yang Cony gak ada sih kayaknya ya, mungkin bisa request by order hehe. Thanks anyway :)