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Another cool place around South Jakarta! I think this place are so popular in nowadays, so I make decision to visit here. And this place was easily to find, really near with KOI Kemang or across Gajetto cafe, but surely this place is quiet awesome! Wanna go inside with me? Here we go . . . !

Stockroom is a concept store that focusses on mens clothing with the assortment of fine selected Indonesian local brands. They want to be the catalyst and the pioneer in the quality escalation movement towards Indonesian local products. Why local brand? So many people think that the local brand was bad (not as a first choice) - because of it, they wanna change the mindset, if it's a local brand isn't inferior to international brands.

As its name stated, Stockroom consist of two : TRADE (store) and DISHES (cafe). There's a good people on a great business, for sure. You wanna know who are they? Let me tell you, there are Jean Tora Thosan, Ahmad Hadiwijaya, Sholahuddin Alrahmani, Ardika Syahputra and Aldo Ferdiansyah. Then they're also have a chef, Ranandya Mayang and their barista, Dwi Andhika who will serve some good foods and drinks to you! :)

As a complementing element to the store, there’s also a place to eat and chill, called Stockroom Dishes with cozy atmosphere.

As I've ever heard, Stockroom has a popular milkshake! Yeay, so we try to order Froot Loops Milkshake (IDR 45.000), just a simple beverage, rich of milk with smooth texture then topped with Froot Loops! Give a try to yourself and it will your day more colourful. And for the right one, Ice Tea (IDR 18.000) I just have nothing to comment with this, just an usual tea.

Cafe Latte (IDR 28.000), I really had a big hope with this cafe latte, but idk why there's no latte art at all. And in my opinion, their coffee was bad enough and they should take improvement for it, or maybe they should hire a barista to make this cafe more better. Because this cafe was good enough for having coffee and relax, but I didn't enjoy with its coffee.

Roast Chicken (IDR 68.000) was marinated well with salt, pepper, rosemary as the herbs and grilled baby potatoes. The chicken meat was juicy and tender, also permeated with a good marinade. And the baby potatoes was good and salty. For sure, it will became one of your favourites, trust me! I'm hooked.

Fish and Chips (IDR 78.000) was a buttermilk battered dory fish served with fries and homemade tartar sauce. This is one of the best fish and chips in town! It was fried well, not too oily and I really loves with its skin, nice texture and feels glaze. And also served with french fries topped with herbs and tartar sauce. Recommended!

After having some meals, you can go upstairs to enjoy with some local products and brands. Surely, this trade was focus for men only, such as shoes, bags, t-shirt, cap, wallet, leather accessories, etc. I'm so happy to be here, like wanna grab all that stuff *if I were a man*! Haha

The picture above are some part of local brands! You also can find another local brands, such as Zevin, Pop Meets Pop, Elhaus, Havehad, Voyej, Esre, Sagara, Monkeycatfish, etc. As I talked with Jean, he said that "Stockroom wished to become a trigger of a movement which could support the local brands and showing to other people that local brands are surely able to compete with international brands." And surely, I'm agree with Jean!

Please take yourself to be here! :)


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Belle Point, Jl. Kemang Selatan 8 No. 55A
Phone : (021) 7190 393 / 0812 9478 3931
Opening Hour : 12.00 - 22.00 
Twitter : @StockroomJkt

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