Monday, February 3, 2014



Located on the 4th floor, just across Aksara, this outlet is simple and modern yet comfortable. The place isn't large enough, fit around 5 - 6 tables only. I loved the minimalist homey concept and also their creative words on each packaging and decoration. 

Pannacotta Etc has 11 flavours that you can taste, let me tell you about the menu : (IDR 30.000)
- Infatuation, classic with butterscotch
- Addiction, classic with baileys
- Berrylicious, classic with mix berries
- Pleasure, mint with dark chocolate
- Obsession, espresso de creme
- Delight, tiramisu with coffee
- Confession, double chocolate
- Sensation, cheese with raspberry
- Seduction, banana with hazelnut choco
- Balance, green tea with white cream
- Pannacotta Affogatto, classic with freshly brewed espresso (IDR 37.000)

Beside pannacotta, they also served some side dishes, such as Chicken Caprese Panini, Lemon Chicken Panini and Fish Taco Panini.

I really love and enjoy with this place for chilling out with friends, but imho - this is wasn't the real pannacotta, I meant for its texture. The texture should smooth and easy to 'melt' when you eat, but in here, the texture looks like a jelly, rather chewy. 


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Pacific Place, 4th floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman No. 52-53
Instagram & Twitter : @pannacottaetc
Phone : (021) 5797 3540

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