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SAY HELLO to the newest place at Kemang!

FYI, they're still on their soft opening but since the photos from Odie Djamil's, Six Pratama's and HYDE's instagram has made me very curious about this place, in everytime they upload the photos. And exactly, I can't wait any longer!

HYDE is located at Taman Kemang, near to Umbra or Common People and don't worry, they've enough space for parking area. And when you arrived, you'll instantly fall in love with its exterior, looks very  simple and minimalist with using of glass windows around it.

And I just wanna say sorry for all the photos I've took weren't good enough, because this place less lights / dark, since they started opened at 6PM. I wish, I can visit here during the day, so I can enjoy the ambience as their photos.

When you stepped-in, you'll see a large bar with a huge rack of bottles. They will serve you some alcohol drinks, just ask the waiters! :)

This place was quite romantic for dinner, especially for a couple!

And for more private in groups, they're providing a special room-space for you. Really nice, they definitely add an artsy vibe to the place.

Well, you don't need to worry about this place because they has Odie Djamil as their chef consultant. No wonder all the foods that I've tried here almost perfect. Here they are!

Pasta A La Vodka

Pasta A La Vodka (IDR 65.000), just penne served in pink sauce made from grated beets, beef bacon and vodka. It sound so interesting in serving pasta with vodka, but when I tasted for it, I can't feel the vodka at all, but its penne are well-cooked. And for me, this dish wasn't quiet amazing because I can't feel something special from it, but delicious enough to try.

Crackling Pork Belly

Crackling Pork Belly (IDR 125.000), it was honey glazed crispy pork belly served with caramelized roasted apples, carrots and roasting jus. Yeay, it was perfect and be my favourite dish from HYDE! Oh why? Firstly, they used caramelized roasted apple as the side dish (which is usually often found was mashed potatoes). And for the pork belly was also perfect, soft, tasty and juicy! Surely, I'll order this for the next visit. I'm HOOKED at all.

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Mashed Potato and Lemongrass Velouté

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Mashed Potato and Lemongrass Velouté (IDR 89.000), served with side dish selection of potato duchess, french fries or mashed potato and lemongrass velouté. For me, the chicken meat wasn't good enough, it still a lil'bit dry. And one thing that makes me quite surprised was the filling of this pan fried chicken is minced chicken! So the conclusion is there's a chicken in the chicken. What do you think, uh? There's no something special when you ate this dish, no distinct flavor when eaten. Then for the mashed potatoes was good enough, but it still need more seasoning - based on taste. Surely, this dish need more improvement and to be tasted.

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Lava Cake

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Lava Cake (IDR 55.000), another uniqueness from HYDE, wanna know why? This dessert may have been frequently found in a variety of restaurants, but this time it could be quite different from the others, why? Because for its filling they used chocolate and peanut butter sauce. So when you take a slice, directly came out the melted chocolate and peanut butter sauce. Hmm, so perfect combination and idea! And its also serve with vanilla ice cream, peanut crumbles and raspberry jelly (Initially, I expect that it was raspberry ravioli, probably will add the 'beauty' of this dessert if using molecular gastronomy techniques).

Srikaya Butter Honey Bread

Srikaya Butter Honey Bread (IDR 45.000), just toasted butter honey bread and pandan chiffon served with srikaya sauce, chocolate caviar and homemade coconut ice cream.  Every component was really good, especially for the srikaya sauce! And surely, this was a compliment dessert from Chef Odie Djamil, which is one of the famous pastry chef in Indonesia. And of course, he was also a pastry chef at HYDE, so there's no doubt for each dessert here, certainly surprising from his touches.

Chocolate Soil (IDR 45.000), was the last uniqueness from HYDE and yeay, I found molecular gastronomy techniques here! Okay, I'm just a really-big fans of molecular gastronomy, when science meet with foods. Okay, let me tell you, it wasn't a really soil, everything here was edible. The 'soil' was made from chocolate crouton, baileys chocolate mousse, chocolate dirt and garnished with micro herbs. Then when you put the 'soil' on your mouth, it will be instantly transformed into melted chocolate! And for the 'worm' was made from jelly, HAHA! It makes your lips and teeth look dirty when you're eating it, but totally worth it. Lastly, I suggest you to try and enjoy this, then you'll get a new experience! Haha

Finally, can meet up and talked with my favourite chef, Odie Djamil at HYDE Kemang. He was so friendly and nice to meet you!

(left to right) : Briggita Veggy, Angelina Yuliana, that's me, Chef Odie Djamil, Filipus Verdi, Aline, Stanislaus Hans.

And the last, we took a photo with Chef Odie Djamil. And who are they? They're my partner in hunting some new cafe, restaurant, foods, etc. We're a food hunter!


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Jl. Taman Kemang 1A No.8
Kemang - South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 56103888 / 0817 170 399
Opening Hours : 18.00 - 00.00 (Sun - Thur) & 18.00 - 02.00 (Fri - Sat)

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