Thursday, February 13, 2014


HELLO again to all my readers and I just wanna say "Welcome to the lovely month!" Surely, this month will fun and full of love, especially on the Valentine's Day. And what will you do on that day? Nothing to do? Don't worry, I'll suggest to you this sweetest place, ELICXIR Artisan Gelato. In here, you'll get some sweet-tooth for completing your sweetness day.


Before I give you the surprise of the newest menu from Elicxir, I wanna introduce the two people above, they're Jenifer Patricia and Jansen Karyadi, as the owner of ELICXIR Artisan Gelato. And on this occasion, I could immediately taste the gelato which is made ​by Jansen, so perfectly yummy!

Do you feel 'strange' with this gelato menu's name? Maybe so, why? Because this gelato was made from a mix of bananas and specula as biscuits. And can you imagine what it feels like? I think this is really good, I love the taste of this. The sweet and smoothness gelato are combined with speculaas biscuits, where you can feel the taste of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, etc.

And this was ELICXIR's favourite menu for this month! It was a mix of smooth gelato with marie biscuit, who doesn't know marie biscuits? I think all of you are very well-known about it, which is have very distinctive aroma , so you can guess without having seen it. Surely, I love this too! 

The Special Flavor for this month : LOVE ON TOP (IDR 60.000), was made of red rum and strawberry milk gelato with cream cheese foam and love velvet cookies on top. The taste was quite good enough, not too sweet, the taste like bubblegum hehe. But remember, spread your love and eat this quickly because it was melted easily. (Available only until March 14th, 2014).

The Seasonal Flavour :  TOAST MY JAM (IDR 45.000), was made of french toast gelato with a shot of srikaya jam. Its taste was really unique, you can feel the texture and taste of french toast in the gelato. I'm hooked with this! (Available only until March 14th, 2014).

Another-newest-creation from Elicxir Artisan Gelato, now they're serving Eclair and Choux, as your light-sweet bites! For now, they're available in two flavours : Milo Dinosaurs and Banana Nutella. And because I'm such a fan of nutella, I vote for it! 


SPECIAL CAMPAIGN FROM ELICXIR ARTISAN GELATO : Photo Competition for all Elicxir Lovers out there. So easy to join this campaign just SNAP - SEND - WIN. And how to win, please read the steps below :
  • Capture a picture of you and your Loved Ones (can be your couple, friends or family) with your Favourite Elicxir Gelato.
  • Register at or send your picture to our email : or WhatsApp : +6281366666690 including your "Name", "Address", and a caption of your picture.
  • Get as many friends to vote for your photo.

Most Voted photo will get one voucher (IDR 250.000) and three vouchers (IDR 100.000)

Jury's vote photo will get 1 cup of Premium Gelato



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