Saturday, February 1, 2014


Another delightful place for coffee lovers in Jakarta! As you know, there's so many coffee shop, one of a kind place that continues to grow around you. But today I found a new coffee shop with a good ambience and also its coffee. And no doubt, I really like to be here with lots of open space, feel a bit rustic and stay in minimalist concept, and also the concrete floor make you feel warm. I didn't know what should I said, the lighting was good, the natural lights from the outside glass walls was really beautiful. Surely, I'm in love with this comfy place.

Crematology is the result of a deeply rooted belief that a coffee company can stay true to a collective vision and grow with passion and pride in its product as well as its people. They source the best coffees we can find throughout the islands of vibrant Indonesia, and strive to maintain deep and mutually beneficial relationships with local farmers sharing their dedication for quality. Through their commitment to detail at every step of the way from dedicated quality control in our cupping labs, meticulous roasting profiles and extensive barista education, they nurture their beans with love into amazing coffee.

Because today is Saturday, I and Andreas are so curious about one of coffee shop that was much discussed lately. Then finally, we also agreed to visit this place, and when we got here, we're quite surprised with the room setup in very comfortable way. And what a coincidence, we can meet with the owner of the coffee shop, Alexis Purnama. She told about her love for coffee and crematology want to develop its menu, especially for the food menu.

Caramel Latte

Flavor Latte (IDR 37.000), surely you can choose what flavour that you wanna drinks, but today he ordered for Caramel Latte. He said that this was a good latte, enjoy the smoothness from its.

As I said before, because the love of the owner to its coffee, in this time we got a chance to taste the coffee that is quite unique. This coffee if you drink in hot, it would feel like tea. However, if the coffee is already cold, it will feel like a ginger drink. I didn't know about the details, but you can ask the details to Alexis Purnama, and she will answer your question about coffee kindly.

Nutella Frappe

Nutella Frappe (IDR 44.000), this was the best nutella frappe I ever found! It was really good and it's a must-to-order. No words can describe for this nutella. I'm hooked!

And for the snacks, I ordered Peanut Butter Cupcakes to accompany my drinks. Overall, this cupcakes was good enough and served in two flavours : Peanut Butter and Nutella Cupcakes. For the next step, you'll find more for the food menu, don't worry! :)

In fact, I really love this place and will come back soon!

Note : Photo was taken by Andreas Hartanto (@akuaha)


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