Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello readers! Have you visited the newest dessert place at Pantai Indah Kapuk? If you haven't, sometimes you should come and visit the newest dessert place, called SUMoBoO! Another competitor of Hong Tang, Tofu, Blackball, etc! But surely, I'm hooked with this sweetness things!

And you can easily to find this place, located inline with carnivor - looks in yellow from the outside then have a combination with pastel colour, and what's more? When you step-in, you'll feel the Japanese touches and concept there.

Boo! Kakigori Vanilla & Boo! Kakigori Strawberry

Boo! Kakigori Vanilla & Strawberry (IDR 30.000) these are the popular and uniqueness menu from SUMoBoO! That cute menu was served with egg pudding, shaved ice, ears by fresh strawberry and nose by one scoop of ice cream and three pieces of milo cereal. Both are too addictive to be eaten!

Boo! Kakigori Matcha

Boo! Kakigori Matcha (IDR 30.000), another flavours should I try. In fact, I'm not a big fan of matcha, but when I try to taste, I really love this one - bitter yet not too sweet, but you can still enjoy the taste of matcha.

Sumoboo's Dessert (IDR 30.000), another dessert in a bowl! Love to eat something sweet? Yeah, this is the one - served with bomb ball, big boba, mochi, vanilla ice cream, red beans, egg pudding and taro! And if you need fresh milk to be added, don't worry! They will serve it for you. 

Kakigori Menu (IDR 30.000), such a simple dessert - served with mango, mochi, shaved ice and strawberry sauces. Its mango was really fresh!


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Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Phone : (021) 9662 8677
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  1. you have to try the nutella bomb! anw I put your blog on mine yaaa ;)

    1. Hello Jessica, I've already added you back! :)