Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello readers! I'm back for introducing the newest flavour, especially for this month - reminiscent of the Chinese New Year. Stay there!

Who's that guy? He's one of the man behind the scene! He was a coffee master and also a molecular gastronomy chef. And he also love to create something new and different than others, called him Ronald Prasanto. And on this occasion, he would like to introduce the newest flavor of gelato creations, Nastar. Why nastar? Because according to him, nastar was remind us of Chinese New Year, and that's why this flavour only available on January.

Tonight, Ron has prepared three flavours of gelato to be tasted, one of which was the Peanut Butter and Jelly (IDR 55.000), peanut butter swirl was stirred with gelato then served with strawberry 'injection'. The combination of sour and sweet are so perfectly good and you'll got the soft texture.

The second flavour, The Breakfast (IDR 60.000) as my favourite gelato, because it was served with nutella swirl and cornflakes. As I know, this was also a favourite menu! And this was perfect for you who like to eat something sweet.

And the third was Movie Night (IDR 55.000), served with caramel swirl and topped with popcorn. Initially, I felt a bit weird eating popcorn with gelato, but after tasting it, the taste was quite good and got me hooked!

Surprise! This was the newest flavour - Nastar, served with pineapple jam stirred with gelato and topped with nastar cookies crumble! Can you imagine how it taste? If you don't, you can grab it at Ron's Laboratory start from January 15th, 2014. I really suggested you to order this flavours!

As I said before, Ron is also a coffee master, his love for coffee is so huge, and on this night he found one of the best coffee, comes from Tanamera Coffee (located in the Sudirman area) that have been roasted in accordance with his wishes. This coffee beans are used to be practiced on Manual Brewing, and what's Manual Brewing? Please read my review at [New] Rons Laboratory, for the explanation of Manual Brewing.

And that was called, Espresso Ravioli, its shaped like a popping bubble. How about the process? A liquid espresso put in Sodium Alginate and Calcium Fluoride solvent, then the espresso quickly coated. After the outside becomes hard, dip first into the water and then Espresso Ravioli can be directly tasted. Espresso Ravioli is so soft and when it goes into your mouth or bitten, it will immediately 'splash' evenly. And for you who don't like coffee, this was also perfect to be served with fresh milk.


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