Monday, January 20, 2014


Greetings from Bandung! 

This is my OOTD when got a little escape to Bandung. All what I've wear are local brands. Why local brands? I thought local brand was good for me, many people was thought that local brand has bad quality, but you should be selected in choosing local brand. So, what I wear for today?

Top by Colorbox, Bottom by Gaudi, Watch by Casio, Hand/Shoulder Bag by Noche and Shoes by Amble Footwear.

Today, I just wear my favourite shoes. It bought it from Amble Footwear, was one of my favourite local brand for shoes. As I know, they established on August, 2009. They think that leather shoes will be popular among young folks with a new touch which make different than before. By combining traditional manufacturing process and modern technology, they made a comfortable shoes. And they believe that the leather shoes and boots can be as comfort as a sneaker when you wear it.

In the end the people will love the shoes that isn’t just good looking, but also comfortable.


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