Friday, January 31, 2014


Hello Readers!
I just wanna say "Happy Chinese New Year 2014"
for you who celebrate it
and wishing you a very happy and prosperous year!

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Monday, January 20, 2014


Greetings from Bandung! 

This is my OOTD when got a little escape to Bandung. All what I've wear are local brands. Why local brands? I thought local brand was good for me, many people was thought that local brand has bad quality, but you should be selected in choosing local brand. So, what I wear for today?

Top by Colorbox, Bottom by Gaudi, Watch by Casio, Hand/Shoulder Bag by Noche and Shoes by Amble Footwear.

Today, I just wear my favourite shoes. It bought it from Amble Footwear, was one of my favourite local brand for shoes. As I know, they established on August, 2009. They think that leather shoes will be popular among young folks with a new touch which make different than before. By combining traditional manufacturing process and modern technology, they made a comfortable shoes. And they believe that the leather shoes and boots can be as comfort as a sneaker when you wear it.

In the end the people will love the shoes that isn’t just good looking, but also comfortable.


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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello readers! I'm back for introducing the newest flavour, especially for this month - reminiscent of the Chinese New Year. Stay there!

Who's that guy? He's one of the man behind the scene! He was a coffee master and also a molecular gastronomy chef. And he also love to create something new and different than others, called him Ronald Prasanto. And on this occasion, he would like to introduce the newest flavor of gelato creations, Nastar. Why nastar? Because according to him, nastar was remind us of Chinese New Year, and that's why this flavour only available on January.

Tonight, Ron has prepared three flavours of gelato to be tasted, one of which was the Peanut Butter and Jelly (IDR 55.000), peanut butter swirl was stirred with gelato then served with strawberry 'injection'. The combination of sour and sweet are so perfectly good and you'll got the soft texture.

The second flavour, The Breakfast (IDR 60.000) as my favourite gelato, because it was served with nutella swirl and cornflakes. As I know, this was also a favourite menu! And this was perfect for you who like to eat something sweet.

And the third was Movie Night (IDR 55.000), served with caramel swirl and topped with popcorn. Initially, I felt a bit weird eating popcorn with gelato, but after tasting it, the taste was quite good and got me hooked!

Surprise! This was the newest flavour - Nastar, served with pineapple jam stirred with gelato and topped with nastar cookies crumble! Can you imagine how it taste? If you don't, you can grab it at Ron's Laboratory start from January 15th, 2014. I really suggested you to order this flavours!

As I said before, Ron is also a coffee master, his love for coffee is so huge, and on this night he found one of the best coffee, comes from Tanamera Coffee (located in the Sudirman area) that have been roasted in accordance with his wishes. This coffee beans are used to be practiced on Manual Brewing, and what's Manual Brewing? Please read my review at [New] Rons Laboratory, for the explanation of Manual Brewing.

And that was called, Espresso Ravioli, its shaped like a popping bubble. How about the process? A liquid espresso put in Sodium Alginate and Calcium Fluoride solvent, then the espresso quickly coated. After the outside becomes hard, dip first into the water and then Espresso Ravioli can be directly tasted. Espresso Ravioli is so soft and when it goes into your mouth or bitten, it will immediately 'splash' evenly. And for you who don't like coffee, this was also perfect to be served with fresh milk.


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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


P A U L  I S  N O W  O P E N  A T  J A K A R T A !

Have you ever known about Paul? I thought some of you already know about it, you can easily find Paul at Singapore. But for you who didn't know about Paul, I'll explain it in a little. 

PAUL, founded in 1889, offers a selection of country-style and fancy bread, viennoiserie (croissants, brioche, etc.) pastries, cakes and desserts, snacks and sandwiches.

The PAUL tea-rooms offer a French style of snack lunch : savory and sweet pastries, a selection of French pancakes, simple dishes and a selection of salads, etc and all prepared on the premises. The perfect stop for a lunchtime break, dinner date, or a casual time with friends and family. 

PAUL is now developing across the world, on all five continents and now PAUL will open its first store in Jakarta! At PAUL, get a little taste of France through good products and rustic-chic ambience that will take you beyond the limits of breads! Because of my curiosity is quite large to taste, we finally tried to approach this place. From the outside, this place looks so comfortable for enjoying brunch. However, don't be surprised, because when you come here, you've to wait in queue to enjoy their food and the price is quiet expensive, fosho! 

Tartelette Citron Meringuée

Tartelette Citron Meringuée (IDR 55.000), is one category of Nos Tartelettes which made with a sweet pastry and filled with the tastiest ingredients, lemon cream tartlet with soft meringue.

Nos Sandwichs (all served with salad), is one of the menu that you should try when you come to Paul, their sandwiches is so popular!

Ham & Cheese Croissant

Ham & Cheese Croissant (IDR 75.000), with turkey ham, emmental cheese, béchamel sauce, croissant and served in warm. This croissant was good enough with melted cheese inside, but idk why this croissant taste a little bitter.

And the for the last, Jus de fruits frais : Orange Juice (IDR 40.000) and Watermelon Juice (IDR 40.000) are become our drinks. IMHO, the juice are served with too much water, so tasteless.

Look at me! What I've ordered are too much to be eaten, because we've another culinary before visiting here. And don't worry, we ordered for two! Haha.

And this is my culinary partner, +angelina yuliana from, we had much fun today and ready for getting fat soon!


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Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello readers! Have you visited the newest dessert place at Pantai Indah Kapuk? If you haven't, sometimes you should come and visit the newest dessert place, called SUMoBoO! Another competitor of Hong Tang, Tofu, Blackball, etc! But surely, I'm hooked with this sweetness things!

And you can easily to find this place, located inline with carnivor - looks in yellow from the outside then have a combination with pastel colour, and what's more? When you step-in, you'll feel the Japanese touches and concept there.

Boo! Kakigori Vanilla & Boo! Kakigori Strawberry

Boo! Kakigori Vanilla & Strawberry (IDR 30.000) these are the popular and uniqueness menu from SUMoBoO! That cute menu was served with egg pudding, shaved ice, ears by fresh strawberry and nose by one scoop of ice cream and three pieces of milo cereal. Both are too addictive to be eaten!

Boo! Kakigori Matcha

Boo! Kakigori Matcha (IDR 30.000), another flavours should I try. In fact, I'm not a big fan of matcha, but when I try to taste, I really love this one - bitter yet not too sweet, but you can still enjoy the taste of matcha.

Sumoboo's Dessert (IDR 30.000), another dessert in a bowl! Love to eat something sweet? Yeah, this is the one - served with bomb ball, big boba, mochi, vanilla ice cream, red beans, egg pudding and taro! And if you need fresh milk to be added, don't worry! They will serve it for you. 

Kakigori Menu (IDR 30.000), such a simple dessert - served with mango, mochi, shaved ice and strawberry sauces. Its mango was really fresh!


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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hello! Another Japanese restaurant that I've been visited, this place called Shuchan (next to Bakmi Aloi). Then don't judge! I just have a bit obsession on trying every single restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk. But I suggested to you, it's better to visit Pantai Indah Kapuk on weekdays, because weekend is too crowd to enjoy your day, haha.

Have you ever heard before about Shuchan? Maybe the restaurant was founded by the group of Japanese, because when I came here, there was a manager and also a chef who came from Japan. I think Japan really keeping quality. All equipment used there comes from Japan. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it all can affect the price, and the price of food here is really quite expensive.

And I visited here on Friday, for having lunch with my office team. Wanna know what we've order? Here we go!

 Porky are always the best!

Hiroshima Modern (IDR 58.000), it was noodles and shredded cabbage that was put on a sheet (like a kebab skin, thick enough) with slices of pork on top and then coated with egg.

Okonomiyaki (IDR 59.000), it looks like a Hiroshima Modern, but the difference : this menu was cooked directly in front of us and coated by the egg to the top and bottom. Oh ya, the price is for two toppings and IDR 53.000 if you want for one topping only. Yummy!

Tonpei (IDR 58.000), one of a Teppanyaki menu - it was fried pork wrapped with egg. This is the best pork ever! I think you should order this menu when you visited Shuchan! Recommended! 


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